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    [New Monster Hunt Edition] May's List

    [New Monster Hunt Goals]
    May's List: Story Line Edition
    During this month Azurians will have to hunt some of the most epic and dangerous villains of Azuria. Those who have shape the story of our continent, and lead the adventures we took part. How to forget Brian, the first envoy we met?... Was Reinhardt an evil man, or just blinded by love? How could Victoria's father change so much? Which sins brought those treasures into their evil transformations? And most important... How does Augus always get away? Revisit Azuria's Story by facing some of the most memorable Bosses.

    Server Challenge:
    Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
    1. Treasure <Sin of Violence> on Crystal Vault (Hell Mode) x1000
    2. Treasure <Disaster of Jealousy> on Temple of Ancestors (Hell Mode) x1000
    3. Treasure <Scourge of Avarice> on Flooded Forest (Hell Mode) x1000
    4. Treasure <Vice of Gluttony> on Land of Frost (Hell Mode) x1000
    5. Augus on Nightmare Time Library Floor 15th "Blizzard Day" x1000

    Prizes for Server Challenge will remain the same:
    1. Unlocking First Tier: Hunters Proffesional Boost - 100% extra prof experience for seven days.
    2. Unlocking Second Tier: Hunters Blessing of Greed - 50% discount in all gear crafting for seven days.
    3. Unlocking Third Tier: Hunters Experience Boost - 100% extra experience from monsters for seven days.
    4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Hunters Sign of Power - +3% to all stats for seven days.
    5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Hunters Charm of Luck - 2 extra treasures from all bosses for seven days.

    Guild Challenge:
    Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
    1. Brian on Nightmare Time Library Floor 1 "Duality" x50
    2. Envoy of Gaia Sonjuno on Time Library Party Chapter Three x50
    3. Ruth on Time Library Floor 14th "Charming Thorns" x50
    4. World Boss Keres on Viridian Steppe x20
    5. Loki on Silent Castle (Hell Mode) x60

    Prizes for Guild Challenge stays the same:
    1. Unlocking First Tier: Guild Contribution Points x500
    2. Unlocking Second Tier: Guild Contribution Points x1000
    3. Unlocking Third Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
    4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
    5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Guild Contribution Points x2000

    Solo Challenge:
    Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
    1. Reinhardt on Frozenlea Plains (Solo) x50
    2. Winston on Chronowood Cavern (Solo) x50
    3. Delfonia on Hell Void (Solo) x50
    4. Augus on Ancient Ruins of the Cult (Solo) x50
    5. Flokja on Nightmare Time Library Floor 10 "Lord of the Wind" x50

    Prizes for Solo Challenge will be the following:
    1. Unlocking First Tier: Unique Dark Ring - Shadow Knight x1
    2. Unlocking Second Tier: Unique Scarlet Ring - Winston x1
    3. Unlocking Third Tier: Unique Locket Delfonia x1
    4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Augus's Unique Ice Dragon x1
    5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Oathbound: Sky Dragon King, Flokja

    If you need for more information regarding the Monster Hunt mechanics, you can check for all details here.

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