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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] February 11th

    New Astral Puzzle and Promotions on February 10th.

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Crystal Butterfly Edition]
    This week's Astral Puzzle is inspired by the gorgeous creatures of the forest. With blossoming dresses to look like a flower, and new ornaments filled with beads, flowers and colors.
    - Release of Crystal Butterfly Wings.
    - Custom Lady Butterfly Dress.
    - Butterfly Ornaments Hair Accessories.
    - Psykhe and Novia Senshi Contracts.
    - Flower and Love Guns.
    - Love Cages.
    - Summer Butterfly Wings.
    - Spring Wings, Pompon Wings.
    And much more!

    New Promotions:

    AP Store: Bat Edition
    Our AP Store is gettin dark and scary this week. With the release of the new shadow gliders, your glide ingame will have a totally new appearance. Of course, we wouldn't talk about bats without mentioning some of the darkest senshis, like Lord Vladimir. Dark Mounts ready for battle, warrior-type costumes, and much more!

    LP Store: Wolf Edition
    In our Loyalty Store, we will see the release of two cute thunder wolfs ready to take you places. Red Leaf, Amber and other dangerous creatures with a great bite will also be available! Together with costumes, accessories and more.

    AP and LP Promotions will become available this Tuesday (February 11)and they will last for one week.

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    thank you very much Aura and developer for continuing to support the game

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    Thank you Aura! <3 So many pretty shiny glittery things. *~* I WAN!

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