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    Oct 2019

    [Valentine's Forum Event] ♥ From Me To You ♥

    ♥ From Me To You ♥
    February is a month of showing your special someone how much you adore them.
    It's time to confess your love with a letter!

    Be it a cherished friend, a player you have a crush on, or even an eidolon or NPC you simply find adorable, write them a letter!

    The content of your letter may include:
    - a list of things you appreciate about them.
    - the special memories you have with them.
    - your feelings when you knew you wanted to be with them always.

    - Your entry must have your IGN.
    - Your entry must be related to Aura Kingdom.
    - Your entry must have a minimum of 100 words with a maximum of 500 words.
    - The content must adhere to the forum rules. Keep it SFW.
    - Only one entry per player.

    Entries can be submitted/edited until February 19, 2020.

    Custom Groom's Handsome Tux or Custom Bride's Elegant Wedding Gown
    + Golden Hero of Gaia - Curse of the Spring
    + 5,000 Rose Honoraria

    Custom Groom's Handsome Tux or Custom Bride's Elegant Wedding Gown
    + 3,000 Rose Honoraria

    1,000 Rose Honoraria

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    Red face Event letter

    IGN: HajimeNagum_

    I love your way of being so free, I love the smile you put on when you are happy and it makes me want to comfort you when you put on those watery eyes.
    You are a wonderful girl who won my heart.
    I appreciate you as a great companion, as a woman, and as my partner, I can not be happier with you, thanks for all the happiness you have given me. This is something of me, for you.
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    Ode To Cyanea

    IGN: LORDGIGAS/Whale/Whalebait

    Hello Cyanea,

    i love u like hamburger
    when i say carry me pls u put me on shoulders and run down mid
    u say don't worry i solo sth for u
    ur bow debuff boss so nobody else has to
    i leech and hope 4 good drop
    I hope 2 one day be as strong as u so I can carry u too

    u r also best game helper
    when I say game helper help me pls u say delete game.bin sir
    it works
    thank u gm cyanea
    I hope 2 one day delete game.bin 4ever to be with u
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joan View Post
    - Your entry must have a minimum of 100 words
    Damn, minimum word requirements, people have a hard enough time with the Christmas wish list rules, and now you are going to require a certain number of words? GL
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    IGN: Annethynna

    Sonnet for Little Sister

    Hey MsAnneliese, should'st I compare thou to something?
    no. thou art the only one and one only giveth,
    a rough gale is piercing under the 2nd crescent moon lighteth this year
    I might not but ne'r take thy shines aroint mine baby
    sometime difficult became thy portrait of thou
    and oft spoils thou when bid for items or carry thou to dungeons
    for every fair 'i fairness of thou i shall ne'r forget
    for thou are the most essence of mine existence
    I shalt did grant all thee wanteth and nor needeth inside Azuria
    keep whatever thou art 'i this eternal sphere
    for death shall ne'r finds thou 'i this realm of Azuria
    for in my eternal music to time thou grow'st;
    So longeth as people hark to mine own music,
    So thee shall liveth f'rev'r in this lyric.
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    ~ A Love Letter From Aiyah (Ephaxy renamed ok?) - To GM Joan ~

    My Dear,

    I apologize sincerely for not answering thee.
    I hadst presumed there was a sparketh between us and yet I ignored thy confession. Thee were right, I hath broken the rules by repressing my feelings.
    With this letter, I hope to pardon my faults and catch up to lost time with thee.
    Thy dedication to work, thine heart warming words and thy smile upon your face.
    It is truly like sunshine through the rain of life.
    Everything that makes me whole is everything that thee are.
    Know'st thou not I can't be without you ?
    That reason my heart still beats is just the hope that we shall be united forever.
    I know I broke the rule, but I implore thou, mayst thou not break my heart.

    Eternally yours, Ephaxy.

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    To the Lord and Savior Gigas (or LORDGIGAS, because he yells),

    Were you expecting poetry? Nah man, you get a letter. I appreciate you being one of three guards that I've seen do a proper mob lure in Aquwua. Others may call you useless and trash, but I call you treasure. Your heals are fulfilling and are all a party really needs. Sure you cannot provide braincells to help your party dodge, but you soak up each hit making it look like you are one very fluffy pillow that no one can resist. You are a DPS party's dream, assuming they know to not walk the red carpet. No, that red carpet mobs and bosses lay out is for you and only you. Take that status of royalty and walk them with pride. Anyone else who tries to walk your path will simply end up eating rocks, and that's the harsh reality we face and why we look up to you so. So, carry us all through aquwua and we will repay, maybe. Okay it's a hard maybe on the repayment, but you get the point.

    From the one who really should be sleeping and instead writes,

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    [Valentine's Forum Event] ♥ From Me To You ♥

    ING: LeilaScarlet

    To my dear Morrigan

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    IGN: Kiiea

    Dedicated to my FRIENDS on,

    because YOU are the reason i came here.
    I made my journey from japanese server to
    First we shared our passion for videos and screenshots.
    We met on youtube on was a place to be together instead of being seperated on different servers.
    After a while we figured this is more than just a videoteam. It's friendship. Love has different meanings, but it can also mean true friendship.

    Time has gone by so far and everyday seems fun that i don't want to miss it anymore.
    I appreciate that you are there for me everyday and for the time we spent TOGETHER.
    Let's continue sharing our passion together, because that is what creates a bounding.

    THANK YOU everyday!

    Your friend Kiiea ♥

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    IGN: YataRena

    My dearest Akreos! ♥

    Once upon a time… NO NO NO – tbh. It's been almost 3 years now. May in year 2017, u remember? Our paths crossed on the German Aura Kingdom Server "Aurora". For me, you were the first contact and friend in my new guild. I was so happy, as u wrote to me and ask for Guardian Knight. However, you only wanted me as a means to an end. Guardian Knight to Lv6. Pah!!! No No, we spent more and more time, sometimes for hours in housing and only talk... and we made Guardian Knight on Lv10! TAHAHA.

    Ok. Noo. Staph.

    Finally we became a couple and our big adventure began.

    » From now on, you are the words to my tune.

    You annoy me sometimes, but if you didn't annoy me, I would very worry ... You always want me to get better, you give me tips or complain when I want costumes or other decorations. I understand that, really i appreciate that about you.

    It's so much fun to get stronger together, I'm so greatful for the time we've had, and will have. I don't want to miss anything, do you hear my dear? (*smirk*)
    We had a lot of problems, but we solved them all, I'm very temperamental and you are a Baka, we both still know that. I feel so good and safe when I think that we'll be together forever.

    »You are like a shadow always by my side.

    » You are my knight, you are my lifesafer, because you always safe my back, when i am too nice to bad guys or my temper drives me crazy.

    » We are like two pieces of a puzzle, only together we are complete.

    But everytime, everywhere, everyday i still love you, thanks for being my „Baka“ since we met us those years ago....

    In love, your Waifuuu for laifuuuu ♥

    YataRena~ ♥

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