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    [Screenshot Contest] Eidolon Selfie

    [ScreenShot Contest]
    Eidolon Selfie!
    Eidolons can be sentimental entities and they love to keep memories of their time in Azuria. They can also be quite vain for a God, and they certainly have a temper. Taking care of your partners is an important path of your journey, so on this screenshot contest you will be given an opportunity to pamper them.

    Event Details:
    - This is a Screenshot Contest.
    - Help your favorite Eidolon to take the perfect selfie.
    - You can appear in it, as long you don't spoil the shot.
    - Your eidolon likes to be the center of attention, or he can share the spotlight?
    In your screenshot can appear only one eidolon or more, with the help of friends. NPCs, and other ingame elements are also allowed.
    - Edition is allowed, up to a point: Eidolons might enjoy a good filter, but you cannot add external elements to the screen.
    You can only enhance the screenshot quality by editing the picture.
    - Choose the perfect spot: the scenery will certainly taken into account during the judging process.
    Where the beauty of your eidolon would look better?
    - Taking a selfie is one thing; having a full album speaks of a self-centered character.
    You can only submit one entry to participate in this event.

    Event Deadline:
    - You will have time until November 15th to submit or edit your entry.

    Event Prizes:
    - We will select a total of 3 winners.
    - Each winner will receive an Eidolon of choice upgrade pack:
    3 Keys of Gaia + Eidolon Accessory + Ring of Oath.

    Good Luck to All!

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    Gigas Family Photo

    Gigas Family Photo
    Ign: Verguenza

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    Remember you can use an image hosting site ( and posting the link here.

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    ING : Kazumma

    Cerberus taking time with his mates hounds, always here for them.

    But if you want to see other (don't count them for the event) :
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    Beautiful Girl beautiful kisses

    IGN: KillerKitten

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    Seiryuu being tsundere

    I am a man of culture.
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    under your pillow

    Beautifull goddess

    Chressy: Sorcerer/Bard S15

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    Little did I know, I was the meal

    IGN: HyperDrive

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