[Halloween Event]
Endora's Trick Or Treat
It's that time of the year already? Time flies when you are playing with your little girl. But just because you have a new little girl to play with, doesn't mean you have forgotten about the first little girls that stole your heart. And of course, we're talking about Endora! Like it should happen in every Halloween, she will be coming back to Navea to deeply transform you. And to handle gifts!

Since this Thursday and until October 31, Endora will be right at the centre of Navea ready to play games with you. She will have two different games ready for you! And if you decide to play, you will get amazing prizes as reward.

Endora's Trick Or Treat
Is the witch giving you some candy, or playing some mind games on you?
When you choose the Trick Or Treat option from Endora, she will gift you with one very special random bag.
You can only claim the bag once a day, and your character needs to be at least level 90 to receive it.
There is a total of 10 available bags, filled with all kind of different consumables.

Endora's Halloween Disguise
Endora is also willing to lend you one of her many costumes for this Halloween, for the price of 5 gold.
If you choose this option, Endora will transform you into an Azurian monster for 40 minutes.
Not only you will look spookier than ever, but you will also receive a random amazing buff to improve your grinding!
But remember: you cannot receive Endora's Blessing if you are on a mount. If you do, you won't get anything in return, but the penalty!
Endora might transform you into any of the 11 available monsters.
Each monster will also have an unique buff:

<Fiery Branch> Ignis Buff: Max HP + 5%, DMG dealt +5%
<Dream of Death> Scarecrow Buff: Max HP + 5%, DMG Taken -5%
<Soul Reaper> Hades Buff: DMG dealt by skills +3%, DMG Taken -5%
<Demon Apostle> Angel Buff: ATK SPD +10%, MOV SPD +20%
<Mischievous Imp> Buff: Damage dealt +10%, and a triple chance to trigger double strike, dealing 50% additional dmg
<Evil Wizard> Diver Buff: 1% of DMG dealt is absorved to HP
<Hell Mud Demon> Buff: Damage against all elements +3%
<War Ghost> Flauros Buff: All Stats +5%
<Twilight Blood Lord> Euronyme Buff: Damage of Ice, Fire and Lightning Skills +10%
<Otherworld Demon Queen> Delfonia Buff: Damage of Storm, Holy and Dark Skills +10%
<Mysterious Surprise Monster> Buff: DMG +4075, and a 20% chance to trigger double strike, 90% additional damage

Also, remember you can only transform yourself once an hour.