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    [Halloween Event] Spooktacular Suits

    🎃 Pumpkin spice and everything nice
    Autumn leaves fall, but not without price 🍬

    👻 Decked out in garb all meant to spook
    Scaredy cats scrambling too afraid to look 😱

    🦇 As the night falls, the music is a sign 🦉
    ♬ "Spooky scary skeletons...
    send shivers down your spine..." ♫


    Event Details:

    - This is a Forum Screenshot Event. All entries must be uploaded in this thread.
    - You must take a screenshot of your own character.
    - The outfit, situation, and surroundings must fit the Halloween theme.
    - Enhancing your screenshot is allowed but should have no external elements, besides text and speech balloons.
    - Only one entry per player. If there are other players appearing in the entry, only the person who submits the entry will be rewarded.

    Judgement Criteria:

    - All elements in the screenshot will be taken into account. Make sure to note your outfit, situation, and surroundings.
    - The entry must be visually pleasing. Make sure it not only looks spooky, but spooktacular too.


    - You can submit and/or edit your entries until October 31, 2019. Winners will be announced on November 4, 2019.


    - 3 Winners are able to choose their prize from below.

    I present to you...

    The Deathly Hallows

    The Elder Wand
    May you know power beyond any other.
    - 5x 30th-Order Weapon Fortification (Non-Tradable)
    - 5x 30th-Order Armor Fortification (Non-Tradable)
    - 5x 30th-Order Accessory Fortification (Non-Tradable)
    - 3x Azurian Grilled Meat
    - 3x Fantasy Mapo Tofu

    The Resurrection Ring
    Do you have one you wish to see by your side?
    - 3x Key of Gaia of an Eidolon of your choice (including Halloween Medjed) + Accessory + 1 Ring of Oath

    The Cloak of Invisibility
    Hide from Death, blend into the shadows.
    - Head Costume + Body Costume + Ornament of your choice (Except Production/Guardian Knight/STH Costume)

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    ING: Lutz

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    IGN: Fore

    The Vampire Bunny Ojou-sama

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    How to avoid getting trick-or-treated during Halloween

    Blending in Pumpkin-style
    Ign: Verguenza
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    Hears Ocean Waves wherever I go
    IGN Gaelhane

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    IGN: Grimnir
    Come my lady, leave everything to this butler of yours~
    Will it be a sweet trick or a sweet treat of your

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    ご自分だけがヒーロー 世界の真ん中で

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    potato farm
    IGN: Venusu

    Fear the Mistress of the House.
    for she lives in the veil between this world and the next

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    IGN: Diodo

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    Happy Halloween everyone !

    IGN: Kaerimichi

    When you thought celebrating Halloween would be better in the underworld.

    Let's sneak away from this boring halloween party...
    Bonus :

    Few minutes before sneaking out, trying to spread joy and fun.

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    Ign : Eseilenna

    Brewing loli for elixir of youth

    Take care of your loli!

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