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    [Screenshot Contest] A Little Girl in Azuria

    [Screenshot Contest]
    A Little Girl in Azuria
    This week we just had discovered the existance of a completely new race, hiding in the Western Continent and afraid of the dangers of the world. But with the break through of a true Envoy of Gaia among their lines, Lilians shouldn't fear this world anymore. We want to follow you through this path of adventure and explore Azuria with you. So we will ask you to document your journey!

    Event Details
    - This is a Screenshot Contest.
    - You need to own at least one Dragonista character in order to participate.
    - You will have to take an original screenshot of your dragonista.
    - Scenery, situation, is completely up to you.
    - Screenshot can be edited but no external elements can be added to the image, with the exception of text/speech balloons.
    - Players can only submit one entry.
    - In the screenshot it can appear one or several characters, but only the person who submits the entry will be rewarded.
    - Use the world as your prop: choose carefully your outfit, colors, the map and elements you decide to have in your screenshot to "complement" each other.

    Judgement Criteria
    - We are looking for the best overall outcome: we will judge how your screenshots looks, the pose your choose, the surroundings, the situation that is presented to us.
    - Your editing skills and/or the graphic optimization won't be judge. Regardless, keep in mind screenshots are visual events, the better the screenshot looks, the best are your chances.
    - We are looking for original situations: try to tell a story with just one image.

    - You will have time to submit and/or edit your entry until October 4th (until midnight). Players will be announced on October 7th.

    - We will choose a total of 5 winners. Each winner will be able to choose between:
    Prize 1: Bastet's Bag of Love and Harmony (contains x3 Key of Gaia, Accessory and x1 Ring of Oath).
    Prize 2: Dragonista Costume of own selection and x50 Magic Water Restructuring Solutions.

    * Special Credit to Fore for the beautiful banner!

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    Wanted to do something less serious this time ... cuz yeah.... totally not cuz i wanted to stare and those guys in the pic.... absulutely not.

    Also cuz i forgot IGN: Nowali
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    My Participation

    There has been a confusion, Verdandi is in search of new dolls for his collection I visit the island of the Lilians and I think it has been confused a bit!

    Participating Character: SukiSama

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    Being a superpowered Lilian is a big responsibility! Thankfully, Alice and her gang are there for our heroine to help her in battle!

    IGN: LillyPutty

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    Finaly the Fairy and Little creatures arrived in Aura Kingdom to help defend from all demons attacking. The Snow Fairies asked me to call the snow to make the world silent and freezing demons keeping them from using curses incantation. Frozen and muted, will bring victory and peace in the Kingdom.

    IGN: Xuehua
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    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    Being Envoy isn't that easy. Winning a battle might be hard, but winning everyone's heart? That's another thing entirely! Sometimes you need extra dance lessons from the master of art and music Muse!

    ...I'm Blue – da ba dee da ba dye...

    IGN: Tyno

    “Just what I needed—a necromancer with an attitude.
    Oh, wait, I was a necromancer with an attitude.”

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    The Innocent Lilian

    One bright day in the Crescent Hill..... A Suspicious Rhodri try to approach a little lilian to ask her to play together. Without realizing.... There is an FBI agent lurking somewhere, Ready to capture him for attempting to seduce the little lilian....

    IGN : _Yume_

    Visit my Drawing thread CLICK

    IGN : _Yume_(Duelist-20)
    Other Classes : Crusader-12, Ninja-15, Wizard-20, Sorcerer-20, Lancers-20, Grenadier-15, Necromancer-10, Gunslingers-10, Performer-7, Warbow-15, Bard-1, Ravager-10, Tachi-1, Brawler-99, Guardian-10, Dragonista-20


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    "May the blessings of the sea guide you in your journey, my child."

    IGN: Jellyfish

    Jewel Rozelle
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    Jewel Sapphire
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    One story with a single image

    as for the details... I'll leave it to your imagination...

    Loli character IGN: XiaoMeng

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    "My world"

    IGN : Siskaeee

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