[New Monster Hunt Goals]
October's List: Halloween Edition
Once again is that time of the year in which things can get quite scary, or exciting. And to celebrate the month of death, we will bring you a special collection of monsters to our Monster Hunt To Do List. Dark and dangerous eidolons; horrible monsters, seductive but deadly ladies. Each challenge will bring you a new adventure and exciting prizes!

Server Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1.<Mirage of Destiny> Envoy of Gaia Sonjuno in Nightmare Time Library x500
2.<Wings of Sin> Edlow in Gates of Hell (Party Mode) x600
3.<Mirage of Destiny> Gainey in Nightmare Time Library x700
4.<Bloody Mudpile> Dengapa in Nightmare Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen x800
5.<Deep One> Zanotas in Sky Tower Hell x200

Prizes for Server Challenge will remain the same:
1. Unlocking First Tier: Hunters Proffesional Boost - 100% extra prof experience for seven days.
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Hunters Blessing of Greed - 50% discount in all gear crafting for seven days.
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Hunters Experience Boost - 100% extra experience from monsters for seven days.
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Hunters Sign of Power - +3% to all stats for seven days.
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Hunters Charm of Luck - 2 extra treasures from all bosses for seven days.

Guild Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1.<Night Striker> Nighogg in Gaia's Nightmare x30
2.<Underworld Guardian> Cerberus in Gaia's Nightmare x30
3.<Night Dreamemr> Morrigan in Gaia's Nightmare x30
4.<Lord ot eh Underworld> Hades in Gaia's Nightmare x30
5.<Moonlight Maiden> Artemis in Guild Hall x5
* You can obtain her summoning devices on Guild Wishing Fountains.

Prizes for Guild Challenge stays the same:
1. Unlocking First Tier: Guild Contribution Points x500
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Guild Contribution Points x1000
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Guild Contribution Points x2000

Solo Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1. <Otherworld Soul Shatterer> Keres in Otherworld: Twilight Forest (Hell Mode) x60
2. <Otherworld Charm Queen> Ruth in Otherworld Titan's Root (Hell Mode) x60
3. <Otherworld Lightning Baroness> Fatima in Otherworld: Marsh of the Damned (Hell Mode) x60
4. <Otherworld Demon Queen> Delfonia in Otherworld Hell Void (Hell Mode) x70
5. Treasure - Sin of Violence in Crystal Vault (Hell Mode) x90

Prizes for Solo Challenge will be the following:
1. Unlocking First Tier: 20th Order Weapon Scroll x1
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Superior Accessory Scroll x10
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Superior Armor Scroll x10
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Superior Weapon Scroll x10
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: 30 Order Weapon Scroll x1

If you need for more information regarding the Monster Hunt mechanics, you can check for all details here.