Greetings. I've come to bargain, and by "Bargain", I mean offer a spot in House Capricious. House Capricious is a small Guild of people who know eachother, and sometimes not because they're from different places, yet all meet one critical requirement: They know the Leader of House Capricious on a whole different level.

This kind of recruitment is particular-meaning, it's not as open and openly-accepting as most guilds, and I am most keen on ensuring bad elements do Not linger anywhere near the Guild. By all means, thus bringing us to why I am opening this Recruitment, and what I look for in someone who has chosen to pledge their allegiance to House Capricious:

  1. Must be able to speak English in an understandable way. If you cannot speak English to a decent level, there is a very high chance I am unable to help you, then.
  2. Must respect others' beliefs, personalities, ideals, and whatnot. There is no tolerance with those who break this rule. Joking is okay, but overdosing on it? No.
  3. Use. Common. Sense. I shouldn't need to explain this any further.
  4. Aid will be granted if you've demonstrated you're worth the effort. You're not forced to aid a member of House Capricious, but they're not forced to help you either.
  5. This is no Guild focused on competition. Though it does feel nice sometimes, to have pride in one's accomplishments, this is no race. This is not casual playing either. The Guild hangs in the Balance of both aspects. Easily understood as "We have our style and we like all of it equally."

The reason for opening up a recruitment of this type is that as I've returned from a full Hiatus, with friends on my back and in my care, I'd like to give them an incentive to stay and enjoy themselves by my side as it happened many years ago, elsewhere.

If this interests you, don't bother replying to this post. Chances I'll stumble upon responses over here are low, send a Message via In-Game Mail to the names listed below, and remember: This recruitment is not open to everyone, to ensure every Member has a jolly good time. Do note the Guild plans to dive into Sky Tower alone at some point in time. Not just yet, but in the near future.

Signed, the Leader of House Capricious

List of Banned people from the Guild:
~Currently no one. Easily subject to Change.