View Poll Results: What should be our next Nightmare?

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  • Frozenlea Plains

    11 7.75%
  • Landing of the Sky Dragon King and Nightmare Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen

    65 45.77%
  • DawnClif Path

    1 0.70%
  • Twilight Forest

    6 4.23%
  • Otherworld Candetonn Hills

    3 2.11%
  • Frozen Ruins of Zaar-Kazaal

    4 2.82%
  • Avarice Abyss

    3 2.11%
  • Infernal Abyss

    10 7.04%
  • Nightmare Revelations

    1 0.70%
  • Dormance Castle

    38 26.76%
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    [New Nightmare Dungeons Nomination] Time to Pick our Next Challenge!

    New Nightmare Dungeon Nomination
    What will be our next Nightmare Dungeon? Players already gave some of their suggestions, and we brought some of our own. In this thread, you will find the different options you can choose within for our next nightmare dungeon. We have also added some details on how the dungeon will be planned and which audience we will be aiming to with that dungeon, so make sure to read the little description before submitting your vote.

    - Frozenlea Plains: A long dungeon mostly build as a Nightmare Lament. A party based dungeon in which players will have to defeat both monster and bosses for a big gain exp and gathering crafting materials, available for characters at SLV5+.

    - Landing of the Sky Dragon King (SVL1) and Nightmare Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen (SLV5) to complete our Nightmare Laments collection. Both dungeons will be heavily sided towards exp gained, both dungeons will be released at the same time, and the SLV1 Nightmare Lament will be presented as Solo Mode.

    - DawnClif Path: One of players worse nightmares turned into a SLV5 dungeon to give a new party challenge where both power and strategy should be combined. The dungeon will be heavily sided towards material gathering and drops, and will give players a new farming option for SLV10 gear and accessories.

    - Twilight Forest: Presented as an SLV1 (Solo Dungeon) Nightmare Mode. Targeted towards materials and an extra gold farming source.

    - Otherworld Candetonn Hills: A daily SLV5 (Solo Dungeon) to hit monsters in mass and prove your standing potential, heavily targeted to Loyalty and Superior Scrolls.

    - Frozen Ruins of Zaar-Kazaal: A long dungeon mostly build as a Nightmare Lament. A party based dungeon in which players will have to defeat both monster and bosses for a big gain exp and gathering crafting materials, available for characters at SLV5+.

    - Avarice Abyss: A party SLV5 dungeon that will combine both power and strategy and will be mostly focused on materials farming and drops.

    - Infernal Abyss: A party SLV5 dungeon mostly focused on survival. Each upcoming wave of monster will be stronger and add different debuffs to the area. It will be mainly focused on consumables.

    - Nightmare Revelations: TW's take on Nightmare Dungeons customized to our liking. SLV5 party dungeons that will be released together. The system of tokens exchange of the original dungeons will be sustained, but it will include more custom drops and consumables.

    - Dormance Castle: A customized experience using an unused map that will look entirely new to our players. A cool new scenery with hand picked Bosses for a more custom experience, heavily focused on drops.

    You will have time to vote until May 30.

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    OwO Candetoon sound neato
    (☞゚∀゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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    Honestly thinking about it, I would love to experience party runs in the Infernal Abyss again. If anything is a classic dungeon that needs a revamp and a difficulty adjustment, that's gotta be it.

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    Lol, even Dawn cliff path is here. Running from the carts in nightmare gonna be the topmost fun. Seriously, 3D and 4D dungeons are most appropriate for nightmare mods. New generation lava stones from Nightmare PP when?

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    いけいけ 気持ちいい
    Sl1 + Sl5 laments? (Thinks of all that EXP..)
    Charmant (Duelist|Crus)-??
    Elrich (Lancer|Bard)-Slv13

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    I hope people take into consideration the portals in IA when they vote for it

    Well, Dormance Castle would probably take the longest to be made, but as it's something completely custom (since the dungeon only remained a myth in the files since like 2015), people won't know what to expect so it ought to be fun!

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    I like sky dragons for exp.... but the more custom of dorman got me, since itll be more original as there is no a real "normal" version like the other dungeons.... so it could be interesting to see aura putting the most annoying bosses in there, Fatima? The twins from Twilight jungle? Sigrun? The ice lizard ? Nobody knows and that makes it exciting xD

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    Damn, all these people voting for experience dungeons smh, we don't need more laments. IA hands down was the most fun experience I've ever had in this game. It combines a lot of skills you never really use and party compositions that are completely different from your normal tank and spank comps (aoe and ranged classes thrive in IA), in addition zaahir is actually abit of an interesting boss that will actively punish melees and reward ranged classes (shocker). Lastly, its timed, providing all the perks and challenges that come with that, in addition to having 10 halls creating a huge potential to have content catered towards all levels of player progression without forcing new or slower parties to take forever to clear due to its time limit. I really hope people stop blindly voting for experience dungeons to make their alt grinding easier and actually consider what had the potential to be a long lasting dungeon.

    Also side note, releasing more laments will only reduce the amount of people running the actually dungeons released by TW for this game in favor of being lazy and just waiting for Lament resets, leveling isn't hard as it is, don't make it even easier.

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    I mean realisictly as someone who is overly lazy to level and would like more lament type dungs. Even I can say having another one or two massive xp based dung is probably a bad idea. It only encourages ppl to not run actual dungeons since why would u do that when u can do 2 laments a day and get s10-s15 in a week or two of just laments. Also it makes lvl rushes even easier which is I guess only relevant to a select few ppl but still. side note I’d every dungeon is gonna suffer from it being “fun” the first few times u run it then becomes boring and redundant

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    As staff, we are always excited on working on things that actually hypes our players. That is why I consider having a poll for nightmare dungeons is important, since you do want to see some consensus on what you are working on from the community. Now, on previous threads there was a lot of points made (vanilla content being repetitive and unrewarding, making the game feel repetitive. People complaining on how hard it is to find a party for nightmare dungeons when you don't play certain classes. How repetitive and grinding the game is starting to feel. Why we don't implement TW's official exp curve. Important character progress locked behind certain dungeons. ETC). Nightmare Dungeons have the potential to work on some of those issues.

    Now, first of all, no one said both Laments would give the same amount of experience. The idea of having an easier one and solo dungeon for lower levels is to mostly focus on those lower level tiers that might feel dragged while trying to level up. Of course it won't give the same amount of experiene as the party higher level one, and that it won't have the same level of difficulty.

    If this results as the most voted option, it might also mean we present some changes on how Nightmare Laments would work. (Nerfing experience obtained from the LV90 one. A mid tier for the SLV1 one. A higher challenge with higher exp rewards for the SLV5 one). From all the given options, this also might be one of the easier dungeons to make. Which means, we would finsh early and be able to move to a next project.

    No one also said that just because one idea gets more votes than others, the other ones should be discarded or that you should wait six months until we start working in our next Nightmare. Considering how up to date we are with current TW content (we are missing some features that we will be also working to implement, but the biggest game updates of the last months has been already added) we could say we have a lot of free time in our hands at the moment to plan the future of the server.

    And if custom content is something that people actually looks forward, we are more than willing to concentrate our efforts on them. Which means we could start working on another Nightmare Dungeon as soon we introduce to the game the most voted option on this thread. Infernal Abyss wasn't even mentioned on the nomination thread, but I can also agree on how much potential the dungeon could have for a Nightmare Mode.

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