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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    New Astral Puzzle and Promotions
    We are still working on the details for ou next maintenance and should have everything ready early next week. In the midtime, we will already change our Astral Puzzle and Promotions so you have a reason to keep farming until Maintenance Day.

    New Astral Puzzle [Sweet Summer]
    If at your side of the hemisphere things are starting to get more warm and fun, this week's Astral Puzzle will celebrate that cute and flirty feeling. With the release on our puzzle of the Sugar Star Costume Set, we will have a puzzle filled with fashion, mounts, and senshis!
    - Sugar Star Costume Set.
    - Sundae Boats.
    - Raspberry Senshi Contracts.
    - Summer Skady Senshi Contracts.
    - Californian Costume Sets.
    - Emillia's Mount.
    - Seals and Dolphins.
    - Shark Cannons.
    - Ice creams and fruits.
    And much more!

    New Astral Puzzle [Furnitures Special 4]
    We keep the trend on bringing to you all those furnitures you have been waiting and trying to collect, or that you maybe lost. On this week's edition, we will devote ourselves with all kind of monsters, with a special throwback to Halloween Furnitures. Special cardboards, pumpkins, and monster statues to transform your house into a house of terror. As in previous editions, everything with extra easy rates to move forward!

    New AP Promotions: Winter Season
    If the Astral Puzzle is a good example of summer season, our AP special will be getting super cold this time. With senshi contracts and cool fashion to give you a chilling look, and fuzzy mounts to keep you company! Including hair accessories, costume sets, ornaments, mounts, costume weapons and senshi contracts: Lore, Christmas Lore, Skady and Christmas Carol.

    New LP Promotions: Wonderland
    Have you been waiting for that gorgeous Meteor Costume Set? We will finally release it in our Loyalty Store! Our Featured Items will truly look like a Wonderland Fairytale. With Meteor, Alice, Lilith and Shirley Senshi Contracts. Shirley's Mounts, Meteor Costume Set, Alice Costume Set, gorgeous fairytale inspired fashion and ornaments!

    New AP and LP Promotions: Crystal Special
    If you struggle to evolve your senshis, this week promo might give you the right piece of encouragement. We will have in both stores senshi evolution crystals and sublimation evolution crystals to take your senshi to 5* stars. Plus, 4* and 5* evolution keys at a discounted price!

    Promotions will change on May 17th.

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    thank you Aura don t wait to long before the maint we all get dc yesterday again inside raid and also you didnt change the Hunt reward

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    today we get crash server again can you do something Aura please

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellsOlivia View Post
    today we get crash server again can you do something Aura please
    I have already reported this to our dev Oli, and hopefully after our next maintenance the situation will be solved. We have been working to fix some of the reported issues that has proven to be more difficult than expected, but I think we will have some fixes tomorrow. We will have an early maint and also change the puzzle and add items to the game.

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    Okay Thank you Aura for your hard work

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