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    [Paragon Table Change and New Promotions]

    New Paragon Table and Promotions!

    Patch Notes:

    New Paragon Table: [Golden Power]
    Are you in the spirit for some serious weaponf grinding? On this week's edition of our Paragon Table, we will be fully devoted to Costume Weapons. Consumables and Weapons to increase your power into unknown places!
    - Golden Weapon Conversion Scrolls.
    - Golden Costume Weapon Restructuring Solutions.
    - Costume Restructuring Magic Waters, Holy Waters and Restructuring Potions.
    - Golden Premium Enchantment Costume Weapon Cards.
    - Release of Shouting and Whispering Wands.
    And much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions:

    AP Store: Forest Magic
    This week's hot items on the AP store will be focus on the magical forest and all the creatures that lives in there. Inspired by the release of the "Bunny Shawl" Costume Set release, we will play to dress up as the cutest animals, and display the most precious and friendly eidolons.
    - Six Eidolons in Promotion: Sif, Idunn, Hebe, Freya, Demeter and Hansel and Gretel.
    - New Costume in Promotion: Bunny Shawl Costume Set.
    - New Wings in Promotion: Blossoming and Flower Wings. Light and Fantasy Feathers.
    - Mounts in Promotion: Copperfield's Power of Levitation. Foxes. Birds. Bunnies.
    And much more!

    LP Store: Tradition Day
    The LP Store will be devoted to formal and traditional clothing of the asian culture. We will complete the hot items with coveted Eidolons's Keys of gaia, ornaments, mounts, and more!
    - Six Eidolons in Promotion: Sakuya-hime, Aoandon, Murasame, Red Murasame, Shirayuki and Diao Chan.
    - Costumes in Promotion: Diao Chan Ceremonial Costume Set. Sakuya-hime Costume Set. Shirayuki Costume Sets. Aoandon Costume Set. Murasame Costume Set.
    - Wings in Promotion: Oriental Lanterns. Samurai Spirits. Kitsune Spirits.
    - Weapons in Promotion: Wisteria and Sakura Books.
    And much more!

    Promotions will be available for one week, from April 26 to May 3rd.

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    ty aura and devs
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    Thanks aura

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    ty for updates

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    Thank you Aura~ Golden Pawaaaaaaaa!!! *dabs*

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