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    [Last Contest of the Year] Best Quote of 2018

    Let's gather around the dinner table. Its just another New Year's Eve... The time of the year when we get together with family and friends. That we think about our year, everything we lost, and everything we learned. That we share and charish our stories and our memories. Cause it's time for...

    The Best Quote of 2018!
    There are different kind of stories. Stories based in real facts, stories you have witness yourself and stories people have share with you. All of them together make your own experience. To celebrate the end of this wonderful year, we will share these stories with the rest of the community: they will be stories that will have ourselves as the protagonists.

    Event Details:
    - We are looking for the Best Quote of the Year: it can be a phrase, a full sentence, a paragraph, even a full conversation.
    - In order to participate, you will have to post a physical evidence: it can be a quote from forums, a screenshot from the game, etc.
    - The content of the quote must be game related.
    - Posts are allowed from: Aurakingdom forums. AKTO Screenshots (cropped or not). Discord or other communication methods between you and other players.

    Event Rules:
    1. The name of the person talking should be visible at all times.
    2. Insults and offensive language isn't allowed.
    3. You will have to specify the source of the quote (for example: general discussion in akto forums, x guild discord, guild chat, world channel, etc)
    4. In case context isn't given in the screenshot/quote you can clarify it yourself for better results.
    5. You can quote other people or yourself.
    6. Players can submit multiple entries but the same quote can only be posted once.
    7. Entries can't be edited: the first person to post the quote will qualify for the judging process (repeated quotes won't disqualify your entry; that quote just won't participate).
    8. Each player can only win once.
    9. Quotes can be in other languages, but you will have to translate them to english in your entry.

    We will select a total of 10 quotes. Each player will receive 2.500 AP.

    You will have time to post your entry until January 4. All quotes until the deadline are valid.

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    #1 When Antichrist bully Jesus

    #2 Getting Exposed

    IGN : Jesus


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    IGN: DayBreak
    #1: Valid answer I guess

    #2: Best font

    #3: The most important poll

    #4: The most iconic quote of the year by Kyaa

    #5: High quality gears for STH
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    IGN SameTbh

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    My time has come

    #1 - Good recruitment

    #2 - Good nsoet party!

    #4 - From TFD guild chat

    #5 - From TFD guild chat #2

    #6 - Good friendship!

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    #3 Famous words

    from discord


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    #1: Nice guy Noah

    From a group discord

    #2: We all know why #1 is funny
    From discord

    IGN: Cyanea

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    Happy birthday vv

    IGN: Euphemiia
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    IGN: FengXiu

    #1: Fengception?
    Source: World Chat when I was doing soet spam

    #2: Your wall keeps us from carrying you.
    Source: World Chat, dunno when or why

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    1. When a guildie about to awaken

    2. Reason for afk in NTL

    3. When u gotta go

    4. Grenadier's right path gundam

    5. When tl pt is harder than nightmare

    6. 11th grenadier alt by HyperDrive

    7. LF STH

    8. Best ........................... hairbow -_-

    9. if ........ Trash rank can't type in guild chat

    10. u suck

    11. story time

    12. 2018 - from unofficial discord

    13. Mari why so mean

    IGN: Maritzka

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