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    [Forum Event] Christmas Raffle!

    [Forum Event]
    Christmas Raffle!
    HoHoHo! Santa is coming, and he comes with gifts. Since you are terribly busy at this moment with all the ingame grinding, we bing you a quick and easy event for you to join without much trouble. It will certainly makes the Christmas Event smoother! All you need to do is to sign up, and if the Christmas Blessing of Luck is with you on this 2018, you will receive Christmas Stocking Coins to exchange for our wondeful prizes.

    Event Details
    - This is a forum raffle.
    - All you need to do is to sign up on this thread, posting a screenshot of your character.
    - Include the name of the character (where you will receive the prizes) on the post and the name of your guild, in case you have one.
    - Players can only participate with one character and win once.
    - Guilds on the opposite can win by the amount of times their members participate. The more members of your guild joins the event, the bigger are your chances to win and the bigger might be the prize too.

    Event Prizes

    - We will select a total of 10 winners. Each winner will receive a total of x 1.000 Christmas Stocking Coins.
    - The Guilds of each one of the selected winners will also receive a total of 8.500 Guild Funds to rent a Glorious Goddess Fountain for one day and make all the guild members's wishes come true this Christmas.

    Event Deadlines and Requirements
    - Players are able to sign up or edit their post until December 21, when winners will be revealed.
    - Players must include the name of their character and guild in their entry.
    - The Guild that will receive the Guild Funds is the Guild named on this thread.
    - If you change or leave your guild before the deadline, you must edit your entry before the event is over.
    - If one of the winners doesn't have any guild, those guild funds will be randomize again between all the participant Guilds on the event.
    - If two players of the same guild wins, that guild will receive the double of guild funds.

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    IGN: Mimikyuu
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    IGN: Yukimuh
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    IGN: IvyDust
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    IGN: Zashy
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