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    ★ Forum Event ★ Paint Time!

    Do you know how to draw? Do you think you're an artist?
    We know that you're creative! That's why this time We want to give your the chance to show off your skills!

    - This is going to be a forum event but we're going to update the information in our Discord as well.
    - GM Claire will ask you to draw something relating with Twin Saga. It may be a Senshi, NPC, Monster, etc.
    - Every 2 days GM Claire is going to update the post/discord with a new Monster/npc/senshi that you must draw.
    - That means that you'll have about 48 hours to post your drawing.

    - You MUST use Paint (yeah, that drawing software that every PC has)
    - You need to post your drawing in the forums under this post. Don't forget to add your IGN.
    - This is a FARMING event, that means that you need to complete every task to continue with the next one.
    - So, If for some reason you didn't draw the previous request. The event is over for you.

    There won't be 1, 2 or 3 winners! Every person who joins the event is going to win something!
    Everytime that you submit the task, you'll win a secret box! What it's inside the box is secret, it will be announced once the event is over.
    What are you going to get? Costumes? enchants? Senshis? Who knows!

    Join our discord to get the updates as well!

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    You have 48 hours from now to submit your entry!
    Give your best!

    Countdown timer

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    IGN : Kuroshiro

    Here's my abomination ( used the conductor on the task thingi as model )
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    IGN:Athrius. It's me Deku. Gotta say drawing on Paint was harder than I expected.

    I tried my best.
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    IGN: GreyWind
    and thats my entry:

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    ign Crusch

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    Kjemi cries

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    DiscordName: TurqoiseHan
    IGN: TurqoiseHan

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    My eyes, they burn

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