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    ★2nd Anniversary Event★ Summoning Boss Event!

    [Ingame Event]
    Summoning Boss Event!
    Date: August 13rd, 2018 / 5 PM -server time-
    Channel: Marisa

    To celebreate our 2nd Anniversary I'll be summoning a lot of bosses on August 13rd! You can expect World bosses, LP bosses, Raid bosses,
    Dungeons bosses, Event Bosses, Senshis and more!
    Get Ready for this special event, invite your Friends, look for a party and defeat every single enemy as a team
    Event Details:

    -You MUST be in Raywing Harbor CH Marisa.
    -Some Monsters will invade this map. Since this a low level map, everyone can participate on this event.
    -The event could last up to 1 hour.
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