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    ★Forum Event★ Show me your wallpaper!

    Hi guys! This time We're having a new Screenshot Event!
    You'll have to a Screenshot of your character and use it as wallpaper in your smartphone!

    1) Take a Screenshot of your character in our Server, with high HD quality, because later you will add it to your phone as wallpaper.
    Don't forget to press ALT + H when inside the game, to remove the UI.
    2) Once you have your Screenshot ready, you need to set it as wallpaper in your smartphone.
    3) Take a Screenshot on your phone showing us your new wallpaper!
    4) You cannot edit the screenshot.

    I'll pick 3 winners but if the event gets a lot of participants with awesome screenshots I'll allow more winners!

    You can submit your entry until July 31st, 2018.
    *All the screenshots will be post in our FB fanpage*
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    ign: Ethereal

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    IGN: Vulpine
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    IGN: TurqoiseHan

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    IGN: Lynsa
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    IGN: LunarSelesia

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