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    Amazing entries so far! Keep 'em coming!

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    Oct 2016
    Under the christmas tree!
    IGN: Birb
    Description: Do you know what TS lacks? Sparkly vampires.
    Now you better hope that isnt your blood.
    i'm fully prepared to lose lmao

    blood ref
    Contact me ♥
    Aura Kingdom: Niige
    Twin Saga: Birb

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    Snowy Berg, Azuria

    IGN: Amanthea
    Description: Since I can't do my own costume for Phoenix, I chose my second fave senshi which is Zaro~ My inspiration of making this drawing is literally Zack from the game 'Angel of Deaths/Slaughter'. The design of the scythe is actually just a made up but idk if there will be similar designs XD.
    Reference: Angel of Slaughter Zack (my first plan is to make Zaro wear Zack's costume but I ended up with a Reaper in the end xD)

    Zaro, The Reaper
    his specialty is the red walls--

    AKPS: Pionya (active)
    LadyFiona (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA :
    FB Art Page :

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    Hi hi! Sorry for the delay! Here are the winners for the contest:

    narasya, Airisviel & Uhseen!

    Congratulations to the winners and specialy to everyone who participated! Please send me a forum pm with your prize choices.

    As for the runner-ups, please contact me ingame for a special freebie! Your entries were so good it was super duper hard to pick just 3 winners!
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