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    Translations that you can read easily

    Okay, I'm creating a guide for Chinese wordings in Starstones that you frequently see。

    First of all I will start will the NAME of the Starstones. Especially Class Stone, you will see these 2 Chinese words on the NAME of starstones

    Swordmaster 劍刃
    Mage 魔光
    Gunslinger 槍火
    Cleric 神能
    Paladin 聖殿
    Hunter 狩獵
    Rogue 刺殺
    Berserker 狂鬥
    Occultist 奧秘
    Dragon Knight 龍魂
    Monk 格鬥
    Magic Cannon 魔炮
    Samurai 侍魂

    Now some MC and Samurai Skill translation. I do this first is because it always appear first in the effect

    MC skills
    Falling Shell 魔能炮擊
    Electromagnetic Gun 電磁感應炮
    Frozen Shell 冰封炮擊
    Firework Bomb 焰火轟炸
    Magic Grenade 魔霧手榴彈
    Dynamic Magic 魔能動甲
    Refinery 魔能煉化

    Samurai Skills
    Slander Cut 燕飛斬
    Secret Sword 隱流秘劍
    Flying Chi 飛燕
    Blood Torrent 流燕飛逝
    Thorned Chi 燕刺
    Meditation 秘術。圓境
    Slander Fall 燕墜

    2nd now read the Effects like increase damage/critical chance/ critical damage etc

    Increase damage by X% 傷害提高 X%
    Increase Crit chance by X% 爆擊率提高 X%
    Increase Crit damage by X% 爆擊傷害提高 X%
    Increase Range by X m 距離提高 X 公尺
    Increase Radius by X m 範圍提高 X 公尺

    Please take note only for MC only 2 skills doesnt have increase, only let u gain more magic point when use.. which is Dynamic Magic and Refinery

    For other effect here is some translation you can relate also can be use on other too
    When attacking 攻擊時
    When attacked 受到攻擊時
    When using skill 施展技能時
    X% chance of X% 機率
    Enemy 敵方
    Ally 我方
    Self 自己
    Increase 提高
    Decrease 降低
    Additional 額外
    Received 受到
    Deal 造成
    Heal 恢復/治療
    Shield 護盾
    Damage 傷害
    Critical 爆擊
    Attack 攻擊
    Defense 防禦
    HP 生命
    Evasion 閃躲
    Move Speed 移動速度
    Attack Speed 攻擊速度
    Speed 速度
    All Stats 全能力值
    Target 目標
    Radius 範圍
    Cooldown 冷卻時間
    Last for X seconds 持續 X 秒
    Every second 每秒
    Stackable for X times 可推叠 X 次
    Once per X seconds 每 X 秒只能觸發1次
    Class 職業
    Melee 近戰
    Range 遠戰
    Elemental 元素

    Boss 頭目怪物
    Elite 精英怪物

    PS Hope it helps and i will update it once i see some new words
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    Here is some keywords for Senshi Bondage eh wait wait... its Bond Quest im gonna tell you guys how to read it especially those in brackets

    Alchemy 煉金
    Crafting 紡織
    Cooking 烹飪
    Farming 種植
    Fishing 釣魚
    Gathering 采集

    五人= Party mode
    單人= Solo mode

    Level 48 quest for dgn is always at metarealm whereas Level 20 ones are normal

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    Increase Accuracy by 12%

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