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Last Activity: Today, 04:59 PM
Joined: 10-11-2019

  • Visitor message from afegaomte

    afegaomte posted a Visitor Message for Joan
    Hi joan. i'm trying to back to play on server but i think i lost my account.. i saw the post telling the database clear but i'm pretty sure i played in the time and after.. i had this account size 2014, had lots of eidolons and costumes, a nice amount of gold and i donate once in my main account. i'm trying to find my account and its gone.. i had 4 accounts.. afegaomte and afegaomte1 are main accounts.. and pedro22 and pedro222 alts.. all are gone.. can u possible check it for me.. the emails i guess are [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] i sent a mail to aura asking if still have any way to recover my save in database but no answer so far... plz help im pretty sure i loged in the time asked

  • Joan
    I will forward it to Aura while waiting. In the meantime, if you can recall the names of characters existing in the account, I may be able to check if they are in the database.

    Characters that no longer exist in the database cannot be recovered unless they were deleted within the last 6 months.
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