hi aura. sry to botter u.. today 26/12/2020 i'm trying to get back to the game. but seems i got my accounts deleted... i search in the foruns and seems we had a database cleanning.. on the post says (all accounts that haven't login from the date of our server release (on February 15, 2014) and until December 31 of 2017 will be removed from our database.) i'm pretty sure i played the game in 2016 until 2017.. can't check my last activity. but lost my both account.. afegaomte and afegaomte1.. i had lot of costumes and a nice amount of gold.. is possible that u have my save database in somewhere? i would like to get back to the game. but start again gonna be a pain..even on my chrome i still have my 4 account's login and pw saved.. but 2 of those account are just mule... pedro22 and pedro222.. but all my stuffs are in afegaomte and afegaomte1