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An Unexpected Gain - Main Quest Error

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  • An Unexpected Gain - Main Quest Error

    Hi Everyone, I searched the forum to see if there was a solution to this already and couldn't find - if there is, please let me know! thanks.

    I'm currently running through my main quests and I'm in Candeo Marsh right now. In order to move on with my main quest, I need to complete this one Lv47 An Unexpected Gain.
    See below for the main quest screenshot. [first pic].

    After following the instructions and attempting to lure the turtle king, he doesn't appear. I've tried relogging, deleting the quest and retaking it several time, quit the game and relogin, left my party and try, change channel and tried, no luck.

    Any suggestions why this might be happening?

    Thanks Much!

    Update: - it appears this error doesn't impact only me, two random person were also trying to summon the turtle king in the area and wondering why they could not summon it.

    I meant to post this in the Aurakingdom Forums.
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