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[Bug] World Boss aren't spawning in Marisa and Amaris

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  • [Bug] World Boss aren't spawning in Marisa and Amaris

    I don't know why World Bosses spawn at the proper time in Fiona Channel only. I thought it was cause Fiona crashes almost everyday during raid so the world boss timer resets properly or something, but it's been like that since I started playing TS, like 2017/2018.

    Here's a schedule made by 46Neko. Can ignore the Special World Bosses though, they never spawned at all in TS.to as far as I know.
    So far the bosses that only spawn in Fiona are:
    - Jungle Mortalis - Punishment
    - Lost Metropolis - Crime
    - Cosmic Coast - Garuga
    - Moonlight Valley - Nozu
    - Sepulchral Grounds - Reynolds

    I think that's it but I haven't checked them all. 46Neko said the bosses could also be despawning too fast as well, but I don't think that's the case cause I go there on the dot and they don't spawn at all.

    Hope it can be fixed in the future. It's kinda hard meeting Server Crusade objectives as it is.

    TL;DR No World Bosses spawn in Marisa and Amaris channels.

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    some world bosses despawn instantly when its time
    some world bosses never spawned in marisa and amaris
    some world bosses despawn after an hour
    thou, reboot channel can fix this problem, cause i already confirmed and tested it many times
    fiona never met this issue because the channel goes offline so often when ppls doing raid and get disconnected
    Twinsaga.to | Ign: 46Neko