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Twin Saga Academy (Fanfiction)

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  • Twin Saga Academy (Fanfiction)

    The following stories might cause confusion because of the sudden jumps or twists of the plot. Please bear with it.
    LadyFiona doesn't own the characters except for Amanthea and Rea/Sankrea.
    Thank you and enjoy~

    ...`..ஐ (CHAPTER 1) ஐ...`..

    The Twin Saga Academy is one of the prestigious school found around Meridia which was built by a mysterious young lady which is now the Head Principal of this Academy. A lot of Senshi are also studying and teaching in here. At first, Queen Fiona of Arcadia was against of building this Academy but the Head Principal believed that with this Academy, the Sapphire and Ruby sides can work and get friendly with each other. It worked but only for few, there have been cases that a lot of students had died because of their Monthly Tournaments. Queen Fiona talked with the Head Principal but after their meeting, the two never faced each other again. The truth is, the news from inside the Academy never reaches the outside so it's been a mystery.

    TSA started another school year and there's been a lot of new students for Sapphire Class. Sadly, for Ruby Class, there's only few students left for their class and they haven't been getting any new students unlike the Sapphire Class. Amanthea is one of the new students for Sapphire Class and now this is where her story begins.

    "Waah~ I'm finally admitted in here... Their requirements are so strict. It took me a month to reach above 60 skill..." Amanthea muttered while walking towards the Sapphire Class.

    Amanthea soon reached her class and went inside. She looked around for a vacant seat and saw one beside a black haired young man. "E-Excuse me... Is someone sitting in here?" she asked him.

    The young man looked at her and smiled, "No one." he replied.

    "O-Ok then!" Amanthea placed her bag down and sat on the chair, "Oh! I'm Amanthea by the way." she told him with a smile.

    "Zaro's my name." he replied.

    "You mean... Zaro, the Senshi??" she asked him, surprised.

    Zaro nodded, "yes."

    Amanthea's smile got brighter, "Wah~ It's a pleasure to meet you!"

    "Mhm~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay in this Academy." Zaro told her.

    A young lady entered their class then all of the students inside went to their respective seats.

    "Good morning everyone! It's good to see that all of you are early today~ I'm Marisa as some of you know, but for those who don't, I'm the Superior for the Sapphire Class. I'll be handling this Homeroom Period." Marisa told them. She grinned and told them, "There's only one goal for our part... And that is...." the students including Amanthea looked at her seriously, "To defeat the Ruby Class in the Monthly Tournament!" she exclaimed eagerly.

    The whole class sweatdropped at her remark, Marisa sweatdropped as well and cleared her throat.

    "W-Well, aside from that. Since this is the first year for another 5 years term of our class, I expect new faces here~ For the new students, please stand and introduce yourselves starting with your name, weapon and skills aside from fighting!" Marisa told them.

    Amanthea and few other students stood up.

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen~ My name is Ivor Lott, please call me Ivor. My weapon is a gun and aside from that...Hm... I can do social dancing and so some dinning etiquette." the young handsome silver haired man told them with a smile.

    "Kyaaa!! He's so cool!" some of the girls exclaimed.

    Ivor chuckled and looked at them, holding a rose, "Don't get caught with my charm, ladies~" he told them with a wink.

    Amanthea sweatdropped at the scene then Zaro said, "Looks like Aryn got a rival when it comes to charming ladies~"

    "Aryn?" Amanthea asked him.

    "Yah. You'll meet him later, he's always late." he replied with a sigh. Amanthea nodded as a response.

    "K-Konnichiwa! I'm Azusa and I use fan as a weapon. M-My specialty, uhm... I guess gardening is included... Oh and, I also dance~" a young girl told them.

    A priestess-looking lady named Sakura cheered, "That's my sister~!" Azusa blushed and sat down.

    "Ow, how cute~ Next?" Marisa asked as she turned to Amanthea.

    "My name's Amanthea and my weapon is a spear. My other skills includes Spear or Sword Dancing, I also sew clothes and do a bit of gardening during my free time~ I also cook but uhm, not so much. Ehehe~" Amanthea told them, giggling.

    "Oh! Talented~ Maybe I should order some clothes from you next time, fufufu~" Marisa said, teasing her.

    "I'm not that good yet.. but uhm, I'll try~" Amanthea replied then she sat down.

    "Now that we know the new students, please take your notebooks and copy our schedule for the 1st year activities. And Aryn, please stop sneaking in in the class without greeting us~" Marisa said with a deadly grin, looking at Aryn who was sneaking on the back.

    Aryn stood straight and sweatdropped, "Ahahahahaha~ I'm caught~" he chuckled and greeted her, "Good morning, Miss Marisa."

    But Marisa just ignored him and continued with her writing. Aryn sighed and muttered, "No reaction again. :< " and went to his seat which is just beside Azusa.

    ●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆● Break Time ●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●

    Zaro stood up and looks at Amanthea, "Oh yeah, have you explored the whole campus yet?" he asked her.

    "Ah not yet." she replied.

    "Want me to tour you? We have 3 hours break today." Zaro told her.

    "Oh wow~" Amanthea stood and nodded, "I'll be thankful~" she replied.

    Zaro smiled, "Let's go then."

    They went out of the class and started walking towards their first destination which is the cafeteria. A question suddenly pops out of Amanthea's mind and decided to asked Zaro about it.

    "By the way, I heard that the students from the Ruby Class are dangerous. Is it true?" she asked.

    Zaro nodded, "Yes, they are... But some of them are kind too." he told her.

    "Ooh... I wonder when we'll get our class badges. I might meet one of their students without knowing that they belong to Ruby Class." Amanthea said, sighing.

    "Hm... I think it would be fine... You just have to worry if you meet one of their Top Students..." Zaro told her.

    They reached the cafeteria and went inside. Zaro just bought some crackers and a bottle of water.

    "One of them is called Janus, he was once a student of Sapphire Class but then he moved to Ruby Class. He got all of our data and his ideas about our strength and weaknesses. Because of that, he gained the title 'Traitor Janus'." Zaro told Amanthea.

    Amanthea bought one pack potato chips and bottled red tea. She continued to listen to Zaro's story.

    "But still, be careful. If you meet him, don't fight, don't talk about your skills." Zaro said as they went out of the cafeteria.

    Amanthea opened her pack of potato chips and started to eat, "How do I know that it's him?" she asked.

    "He always wears a creepy mask. He's also purple hair and he laughs like a mad man." Zaro replied.

    "Oh ok, noted!" Amanthea said with a smile.

    Zaro nodded, "And one more person... A right, Phoenix. He's loyal to Amaris, the Superior of Ruby Class. He may look quiet and defenseless at first but he got a nasty and aggressive side." he started to eat his bread then continued, "Plus... He's known to be a demon."

    "A demon?"

    "Yes. Because of his eyes and his armor when he started battling people. I don't have much information about him. All I can say is that the students he fought during the Monthly Tournament are most likely badly injured or... they died..." Zaro told her as his face darkens.

    Amanthea's eyes widens, "T-They...died...?"

    "Yes. Aryn fought with him before and loses but he was able to survive. He isn't badly injured, such a lucky guy." Zaro chuckled a bit before drinking his water.

    Amanthea sighed, "I see... Waahh.. They are so dangerous...." she murmured.

    Zaro's face enlightened and smiled at her, "But I'll protect you."

    Amanthea turned to him surprised, "Eh?"

    Zaro blushed a bit and turns away, "I-I mean, if ever he shows or Janus, I'll protect you since you are a part of my class!" he scratched the back of his head, "Plus, you'll really need a hand if ever you really met one of them..."

    Amanthea blinked and giggled, "Ah, I see. Thank you, Zaro."

    While walking, a sudden creepy laugh interrupted their quiet atmosphere. This laugh sent chills on Amanthea's spine. She looks ahead and saw Janus plus a silver/white haired guy who have menacing crimson eyes.

    "Well, well, well~ Isn't this Zaro of the Sapphire Class? Why don't you introduce us to your companion? Hahahaha~~" Janus told them.

    Zaro clicked his tongue and glared at them, " Ah... Speaking of the devil...."

    ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

    AKPS: Pionya (active)
    LadyFiona (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
    FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/

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    Chapter 2~

    .`->( chapter 2 )<-`.

    Zaro went in front of Amanthea and glared at them. Janus just tilted his head and it seems like he is really interested on Amanthea.

    "Janus and Phoenix, huh..." Zaro muttered.

    Amanthea peeked from Zaro's back to take glimpse of 'Phoenix'.

    "Ow come on~ Why glare like that at us? We haven't done anything wrong... yet~" Janus told Zaro, chuckling, but Zaro was still glaring at them. "Now, now, now~ Let's all be friendly on the first day, shall we? I also want to talk with her~ We haven't been getting new students lately." he told him in a disappointed tone.

    "Heh. Too bad for you then." Zaro replied with a smirk.

    Phoenix suddenly appeared behind Amanthea and grabbed a handful of chips, "It's actually fine. The lesser the noisy people inside, the better." he said.

    Amanthea gasped and looked at him but instead of getting scared, "He took a lot! (・`⌓・)" she thought, eyebrow twitching.

    Zaro gasped and turns to Phoenix then suddenly sees Janus pulling Amanthea to him, "What the--?!"

    "Ohoho~ I can feel a great power inside of you~" Janus told Amanthea then his eyes suddenly narrows, "...but I think I encountered this kind of energy before... Nahh, maybe I'm just overthinking~ Hahaha~~" he said with a grin.

    "E-Eh?!" Amanthea tried to break free from Janus' grasp.

    The sapphire ring on Zaro's right hand glows then a red spear appeared on his hand, "Amanthea!"

    Janus chuckled, "So your name is Amanthea~"

    Zaro charged at him, "Let go of her!"

    Janus pushed Amanthea in front of him with her hand on her back, making her as a shield which made Zaro stop his attack. "Y-You..." he glared at him, gripping his spear tighter.

    Amanthea's face suddenly darkens, "...Let me go..." she told Janus in a whisper-like tone.

    Janus looks at her and chuckled, "Hm? Resisting now eh--"

    Amanthea suddenly stomped on Janus' foot then turns around as soon as he loses his grip on her, "I hate creepy guys! ( #`⌂)/┌┛ " she exclaimed as she kicked him on his heavenly spot and glares at him darkly while gritting her teeth.

    Zaro looked at her confused, "E-Eh-- Uhm, Amanthea..?" he sweatdropped.

    Janus poorly fell on the floor, err, curling up, "O-Ow.... You don't have to do that, meanie. P-Phoenix, avenge meeeeee.. T_T " he told Phoenix.

    Amanthea turned to Phoenix as she returned back to her normal personality, "H-Hey-- Wait-- uhm, I didnt mean it-- QAQ " she said while stepping back.

    Phoenix finished eating the chips and walks towards them with his serious menacing crimson eyes.

    Zaro's eyes widens that he can't even move an inch from Phoenix'es stare. He turned to Amanthea, "Run!"

    Amanthea begun to tremble a bit, "I..." her eyes widens as Phoenix stands in front of her.

    "You're trembling." he grins, "Scared, aren't you?" he asked her as he extends his hands to her.

    Amanthea shuts her eyes close but feels nothing but her pack of chips being taken away, "E-Eh?" she looked at Phoenix.

    Phoenix took a chip from the pack and ate it, "Chips doesn't suit you." he told Amanthea before walking to Janus and picking him up. "I'll tell the Superior about what you did." he told Janus as he walked away.

    Janus paled, " E-Eh? Why? I'm the one who was hurt!!" he told Phoenix then turned to Amanthea, "See you around, Princess~" he told her with a smirk.

    Amanthea drops to her knees, " ... That was... scary..." she muttered.

    Zaro lends out his hand, "A-Are you ok?"

    "Y-Yeah... My legs just grew a bit weak..." Amanthea replied as she grabbed Zaro's hand to help her stand.

    "I see.. Let's go back to our class for now." Zaro told her then they both walked back to their class.

    "Ha~ah~ I would love to meet her again." Janus muttered, chuckling.

    Phoenix dropped him to the ground, "Walk." then throws the crumpled pack of potato chip outside of the window.

    "Ow, ow." Janus stood up then stretches,"Hey hey~" he glanced at him, "That was unusual of you, Phoenix~"

    Phoenix looked back at him, "What?"

    Janus grins under his mask, "You usually attack the students of Sapphire Class when I'm telling you to do so, whether it's a boy or a girl~ Why didn't you do it this time?" he asked.

    "...Not worth my time." Phoenix replied then walks away.

    "Ow really? Hehehe~" Janus mumbled as he follows him.


    "Arg, So mad... I'm so mad.. Marisa got a bunch of new students again while my class is slowly decreasing in number.." Amaris, the Ruby Class Superior, mumbled angrily.

    Janus, who was sitting in front of her, suggested, "Let's steal some from her class~ Hehehehe~ I got a student in mind~"

    Amaris sighed, "The Head Principal would be mad. No one likes when she gets mad." she told him.

    "Boo~" Janus pouted.

    Phoenix suddenly stands and walks away, Amaris looked at him, "Oi Phoenix! Don't cut classes agai-" she sighed as she can no longer see him, "Great, he left."

    Janus chuckled, "Let him be~ He's always like that~"

    Phoenix was walking around the halls until he saw Amanthea walking towards him. She stopped in front of him and grumbled.

    "Cutting classes now, I see?" Phoenix asked, grinning.

    "I-I'm not! Miss Marisa just asked me to get something." Amanthea replied.

    "By yourself? How brave." he smirked as he walks pass her. "You're safe for now, lil kid. But next time... Prepare yourself, I won't go easy on you especially if we get matched up for the Tournament." he told her in a serious tone.

    Amanthea gulped and looked back at him, "He sounds pretty serious about it but..." she stared at him but then shook away the thought and continued to walk.

    Later on, Amanthea returned to her class, carrying a pile of papers. She placed it down on Marisa's table then she went back to her seat.

    "Phew.. So tiring..." Amanthea muttered.

    Zaro took out a candy from his pocket, "Have this~"

    "Oh thanks, Zaro." she took the candy and ate it.

    Marisa begun to distribute the papers to them, "Those are the new assigned training rooms for the different Spar Classes. Remember to be there on time~" she told them.

    Amanthea read the schedule and saw the dismissal time, "Oh... That's why it's required to have dorms."

    "Oh and... Bad news. The Ruby Class will be sharing rooms with us for Spear and Blades Spar Class for the whole semester." Marisa told them with a sigh.

    "W-What?!" the students exclaimed then they begun to chatter to each other.

    "The Head Principal said so... Don't worry, Amaris promised not to hurt anyone during Spar Class." Marisa told them.

    Zaro sighed, "That's for Miss Amaris but... for her class.. it's nearly impossible to think that they wont harm us." he said.

    "I know... Don't worry, the one who would be monitoring you is Sir Samuel." Marisa said with a smile.

    "Ah... That would be fine then..." Zaro sighed in relief.

    "This would be a tough semester for us.." Amanthea said in a whisper-like tone.


    "Ok?! Don't hurt anyone, you can scratch them but not 'kill' and do not injure any of them. If it's an accident, it will be accepted BUT, if you did it on purpose, you'll be punished by the Head Principal herself!! hey! Janus, Phoenix! You two! Hear it well??" Amaris asked the two.

    "yes~ All the Head Principal's rule and contract with you~ Right, Phoenix?" Janus asked Phoenix.

    Phoenix looked away, "Tsk... Why share with them though?"

    "Come on~ We might see Amanthea there~" Janus told him.

    Phoenix sighed, "You're the only one excited to see her."

    "hehehehe~~ Of course~ I have to see what she can do~" he replied.

    Amaris giggles, "Janus, you know that Phoenix was never interested with anyone except that guy who he fought in the Tournament last time~ He's only interested in strong people that can match with him~" she told Janus.

    Janus chuckled, "Ehehehe~ Yeah right~ But what if that girl matches up with his expectation or..." he grins, "She's more powerful than him?"

    "Eh? That's impossible! Phoenix is the strongest in this Academy! Well, the Head Principal is one, but for the students, it's Phoenix for me~" Amaris said gleefully.

    Phoenix just stayed quiet while Janus is softly laughing. Amaris looked at the time, "Oh, break time~ You may now all go~ Remember to be on time for your Spar Classes!" she told them before leaving.

    ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

    AKPS: Pionya (active)
    LadyFiona (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
    FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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      -.`.雪(CHAPTER 3) 雪.`.-
      ~part 1~

      Amanthea and Zaro are in the Garden Cafe with Ivor and Aryn. Ivor was complimenting the workers because of their excellent preparation, he was pretty amazed with the decorations of the Garden Cafe too.

      "Kyaa~ Thank you, Ivor-sama~~" the workers said as they bow to Ivor.

      "Now, now, he's at it again..." Aryn told them, watching Ivor.

      Amanthea just sweatdrop then looks around the cafe, "But as Zaro said, this place is good and their snacks are great~!" she told them.

      Zaro chuckled, "I know you'll like it. A friend of mine/sister(*) is handling this Garden Cafe ^^" he told her.

      "Oh I see~ Ehehehe~" Amanthea took a sip of their caramel honey tea, "Hm~ Sweet~"

      Ivor turned to her and pats her head, "Now, now, don't get a sweet teeth~" he told her.

      "I wont~" she replied.

      Later on... Spear and Blades Spar Class

      Once they reached the door of their class, Zaro entered first but soon stopped. Confused, Amanthea peeked inside and saw Janus sitting on a barrel beside Phoenix. Janus noticed their arrival then runs to them, "Oiiii~ Amanthea~"

      "Eek!" Amanthea flinched.

      Zaro immediately brought his spear out and hits Janus on his head by using the handle of his spear. Janus ducks in return and grabs Amanthea's hands. "Hey~~ Wanna spar with me~?" Janus asked her. Phoenix just glanced at them then looks away.

      Zaro glared at Janus, "Tsk... Who would like to have a spar with yo--"

      "Yush! You'll be my partner for this day~" Aryn exclaimed cheerly as he pinched his right ear and drags him away.

      "Ow ow ow!!" Janus yelped while being taken away.

      Zaro sighed and mutters, "Thanks Aryn, I owe you one." he looks at Amanthea and asked, "Do you want to be my partner?"

      "Oh sure~ I don't mind~" Amanthea replied as she twirled her spear around her left hand.

      The two went to an open space with their spears and they begun to spar with each other. Phoenix and the others were just watching them then later on, Samuel enters the room.

      "Ahahaha~ As energetic as ever, I see~ Ok, come here! The Head Principal have me a list of pairs which will be partners for the whole 5 years!" Samuel told them then some students approached him.

      Amanthea blocked Zaro's spear, "Is that Sir Samuel? He's calling for us." she told Zaro.

      Zaro nodded in return, "Let's go."

      When all students ha gathered around Samuel, he begun to tell them the new set of this semester's partner assignments.

      "Ok then, what the Head Principal did was... A student from Sapphire Star will be partnered with a student from the Ruby Star Students." Samuel told them while scanning the papers he got.

      The students begun to chatter with each other, "What? Seriously? I wish I wont be partnered to either Janus or Phoenix..." some of the Sapphire Star students muttered. On the Ruby Star's side, "That's a great idea~ We'll take this chance to see their weaknesses so that we'll have an advantage for the Monthly Tournament!" they said with excitement.

      "Don't worry. The Superiors of each classes will hold responsible of major injuries, even if it's just accidental. So don't fight so much~" Samuel told them in a serious tone.

      Janus grinned under his mask, "Heh~ I wonder who will be my partner~ Hope it's not Aryn..." he said, Aryn just laughed.

      Samuel cleared his throat, "So then, I'll now announce who will be partners starting today~" he flipped the papers to the first page, "Janus and Aryn."

      Aryn looked at Janus, grinning at him. "Say what now?" he asked him.

      Janus flinched, "WTH??"

      "Zaro and..." Samuel continues to talk.

      Amanthea waited until her name is called but it seems to be talking too long. She glanced around and noticed that almost everyone of them already have their partners, "Aryn and Zaro already have their partners..." she said softly before sighing.

      "And the last one... Amanthea and Phoenix!" Samuel exclaimed.

      Zaro's eyes widens, "W-What?"

      "W-With Phoenix?" Amanthea asked Samuel as she went near him.

      Zaro followed behind, "Can it be changed? We can exchange partners..."

      Samuel sighed, "Sadly, no." he told him then looked at Phoenix, "Oi Phoenix! Be easy on her, ok? No killing, no major wounds!" he told him.

      Phoenix slowly stood up, puts both of his hands on his pocket and grins at them, "I'll try." he said.

      Zaro glared at him, "Tsk. Why does it have to be him of all people?" he asked.

      Samuel clapped his hands, getting their attention. "Ok, ok! For the first period, getting to know each other! An interview!! Seat on the bleachers or floor together with your partner! You'll do this for an hour or three!" he said.

      "Getting to know each other?! Isn't that like letting them know our weaknesses??" Zaro told Samuel.

      Samuel looked at him, "Hm? If you want to tell them, Ahahaha~ What I mean by getting to know each other is just like a little self introduction. Ask for their name, age, favorites or anything! Not really about your skills or abilities but if you want to tell them, why not?" he explained.

      Zaro stared at him with his unusual cold eyes, "Is it that important?" he asked.

      "Hm~ Yes? I think. Since the Head Principal said so." Samuel replied.

      "Fine..." Zaro walked back to Amanthea, "Be careful, ok? You'll be fine, I'll stay near the both of you." he told her in a calming tone.

      Amanthea nodded with a smile then goes to the bleacher where Phoenix is. Janus who was talking with Aryn, was also beside him. Amanthea goes to sit ont he same row but one seat away from Phoenix. Zaro was on the second row behind them. Janus looked at Amanthea and smirked.

      "Amanthea~ Why so far?" Janus asked her.

      "T-This isn't far!" Amanthea replied with a pout.

      "Come on~ Phoenix don't bite~ EHEHE~" Janus told her.

      Aryn sighed, "Oi, don't force her."

      "I'm not forcing her~ So Aryn~ How did you charm those ladies, hm?" Janus asked him, quite interested.

      Aryn just sweatdrop, "Oh... Seriously that question?" he asked.

      Amanthea sighed and sits beside Phoenix then looks at him, "What should I ask?"

      "What?" Phoenix asked as he glanced down at her.


      "Aren't you new here? Why did you decided to enter this academy?" Phoenix asked her, looking away.

      "O-Oh, uhm... Because I want to get stronger and it's been my dream to be in this Academy." Amanthea replied, stuttering.

      Aryn and Janus watched the both of them, "He's handling the conversation like a man~" Aryn said.

      "Ehehehe~ Amanthea is so shy to ask~ Cute~" Janus mumbled while chuckling.

      Phoenix grinned as Amanthea answered some of his questions then proceeded with a new question, "Say... For a lady, why use a spear?" he asked.

      Amanthea flinched a bit, "E-EH? N-No reason at all..." she answered, "I... Can't tell him... that..."

      Phoenix just stared at her then sighed, "Really...? It must be something important which is why you can't tell any of us... right?" he asked again, smirking.

      "I-It's not like that..." Amanthea mumbled.

      "Heh... Then why wont you tell me?" he asked.

      Amanthea gulped and sighed, "...Fine... I'll tell you..."

      Janus quickly turned to them and said, "Oh, oh! I wanna know too!!"

      "Hey!" Aryn sighed.

      "I... I want to prove to my sister that a blade can also dance...d-despite it's sharp edges, it's still something which can accompany you... anywhere and...anytime..." Amanthea told Phoenix while trembling but in a serious tone.

      The three blinked at her and stayed in an awkward silence. Amanthea looked down, blushing a bit. Phoenix suddenly snickered then looked at her with his curious and he seems fascinated with her answer.

      "I see... Show that to me later then." Phoenix told her.

      "Oh oh~ He became interested in you~" Janus told Amanthea.

      Amanthea blushed, "I-Interested?"

      Phoenix sighed, "Your power... It's seems 'something' and unique than the other spear users here..." he replied while looking around.

      "Oh..." Amanthea stayed quiet again, but not noticing his glance to her.

      AKPS: Pionya (active)
      LadyFiona (semi-active)
      TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

      dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
      FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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        Chapter 3; part 2

        ~part 2~

        2nd Period
        poor fighting scenes coming x.x

        "Yush! For our second period... Defense! The Sapphire Star Students have to attack and the Ruby Star Students have to block. Don't dodge or avoid the attack, you MUST block it with your weapon, got it?? This is to enhance your skill on how you defend yourselves. We will spend an hour for this then another hour for the Sapphire Star Student's turn to defend." Samuel told them. "You can start!"

        Amanthea charged at Phoenix with her spear ready but as she tries to hit him, Phoenix just blocks her attack with ease. For Janus and Aryn's side, Aryn was giving his all by slamming his broad sword at Janus. "Hey-- Not so har- WAIT-" Janus said while blocking each of his attacks. Aryn just laughed and continued to give him large slams.

        "So where's the dance?" Phoenix asked Amanthea, smirking.

        Amanthea just focuses on her attacks but soon her footsteps begun to change but Phoenix can still read her next moves. Zaro had been attacking his partner nonstop then his partner suddenly tripped backwards.

        "Owh." He mumbled.

        Zaro lend out a hand and helped him up, "You ok?"

        "Y-Yeah... Thanks, Zaro." he replied then looked at Amanthea and Phoenix'es place. "That new girl... She have an interesting way of fighting using her spear~" he said chuckling.

        Zaro also watched and smiled, "You're right..."

        Amanthea had been twirling around Phoenix while sending sneaky attacks. Phoenix smirked and continues to defend himself.

        "So this is what you mean..." Phoenix said then as he blocked another attack, he purposely threw her spear away. "Oops, reflexes."

        "Ehh.." Amanthea went to pick it up then attacks Phoenix again.

        Phoenix goes to block it then throws it again.

        "Hey! Are you doing that on purpose??" Amanthea asked him,eye-twitching.

        Phoenix watched her grab the spear, "You better change the way on how you hold your spear or else you wont be able to block my attacks later." he told her in a serious tone.

        "20 minutes left!" Samuel told them.

        "Woah the time seems fast." Aryn said.

        Janus chuckled, "I can finally return the attacks you gave me~ Hehehe~" he told Aryn.

        Zaro stops and looks at Amanthea, his partner stopped too and asked, "Are you worried?"

        "AH, yes... A bit." Zaro replied.

        "She'll be fine, I guess." he told him with a smile.

        "I hope so... Let's continue." Zaro said as he turns back to him and continued their fight.

        The spar between Amanthea and Phoenix continues and he had been throwing her spear several times already. He sighed and grabs her spear as it landed on him.

        Phoenix speaks in an undertone, "You're stubborn. I'm already telling you some tips."

        "I... I don't have to change what I've work hard for! I'll just have to improve it!" Amanthea exclaimed as she became a bit reckless.

        Phoenix sighed, "What a pity..." he tosses her spear away again, "You wont survive..." he narrows his eyes.

        Samuel clapped his hands, "Ok, stop! SWITCH!" he told them.

        Phoenix grinned and charged at Amanthea and slammed his spear as hard as he can, she was able to block it but was pushed a bit. Phoenix send out another attack and this time, she wasn't able to hold it and got flew off to a wall.

        Zaro's eyes widens, "A-Amanthea!" he exclaimed as he watch her hit the wall.

        "Oh, I did not expect that." his partner muttered.

        Zaro's call made Amanthea return back to her senses. She grabbed her spear and stabbed it on the ground as she stood up. Samuel goes to approach Phoenix while Zaro rushed to Amanthea.

        "Hey, didn't I tell you to be easy on her? She's also a new student here!" Samuel told Phoenix.

        "Are you ok? Are you inju-" Zaro's eyes widens as he saw that Amanthea doesn't have any injuries, "Huh...? You aren't hurt?" he asked.

        "Y-Yeah... I was able to control myself before I hit the wall..." Amanthea replied.

        Zaro looked at the wall where the huge crack is, "But that's too impossible... And.. Are you sure you didn't hit the wall? Where is this crack from then?" he asked her.

        "Ah... ahm.. a bit of the force? Ehehe.." Amanthea giggled softly, "I'm fine, ok? Don't worry, Zaro." she told him with a smile.

        Zaro sighed and smiled, "If you say so... Be careful..." he replied.

        Samuel looked at her, "Great, you're not injured. Can you still continue?" he asked, she nodded.

        Phoenix smirked, "Good, that's just good. This means I can use my full power without her getting hurt, hm?" he said.

        "Oi, oi. That might just be a coincidence or luck!" Samuel said.

        Amanthea walked back to Phoenix, "It's fine sir." she told Samuel.

        "Are you sure? The next hit might hurt you for real." Samuel replied in an alarming tone.

        Amanthea just smiled carelessly, "I'll be careful on the next round."

        Samuel sighed and pats her, "Ok, ok. Take responsibility, ok?" Amanthea nodded.

        Phoenix snickers, "That was pretty brave of you. I'm curious, how come you're not hurt after that hit?" he asked.

        "Lucky, I guess?" Amanthea replied.

        "Heh~ I wonder till when that luck is~" Phoenix wondered then charged at her again.

        Janus hits Aryn with one of his daggers then looks at the two, "She's so brave~"

        Aryn blocks his attack, "Yeah?"

        "I want to fight her~ Maybe in the tournament~ Ehehehehe~" Janus said, grinning.

        "Heh~ If you're lucky to be paired with her~" Aryn told him.

        Amanthea begun to change the way she defends herself. She begun moving around but not avoiding the spear. She's blocking each attacks and then swings her spear on the sides to bring Phoenix'es spear in a different direction. This movement soon turned so swiftly and smoothly as if she's dancing with Phoenix. He clicked his tongue and Janus saw it.

        "Uh-oh~ Phoenix is annoyed~ I hope he wont snap like last time..." Janus said.

        "What are you talking about? Come on and be serious, man!" Aryn told him.

        Samuel looked at the time, "10 minutes left."

        Phoenix suddenly stopped and withdraws his spear. Amanthea looked at him with a confused look.

        "Let's stop for now." Phoenix told her as he headed for the bleachers and sits.

        Samuel chuckles, "Ok, if you are done already, you can go. But expect tomorrow that we'll have a tough training, ok?! That's up for tonight! See you tomorrow!" he told them before leaving.

        The students cheered and prepared to leave.

        ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

        * - tbh, I'm still confirming Eve's relationship with Zaro. At first, I paired them then a certain friend of mine said that they were siblings =w=

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            Originally posted by A_Gray View Post
            w-what's with that hangfrog??

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              Chapter 4; part 1

              <::::::::::]xxx( (CHAPTER 4) )xxx[::::::::::>
              ~part 1~

              Amanthea walked out of her dorm at early in the morning to jog for awhile. While jogging, she decided to warm up behind the Girl's Dorm while listening to some music.

              "One, two. One, two. One, two, three. Up, right, down left. Turn and spin--" as soon as she spins around, she saw Janus hanging upside down on a branch of a tree. "Eek?!" she stumbled backwards and looked at him, surprised.

              Janus chuckles, "Good morning~ How are ya~?" he asked.

              "I'm good-- NOT THAT! Why are you here in the Girl's Dorm??" Amanthea asked him as she stood.

              "I'm not in~ I'm outside~ So it's fine~" Janus told her as he went down and dusts himself. "Never knew you'll be awake at this kind of time~"

              "Same thing for you..." she muttered.

              Janus grins, "Me~? I'm always early like this~" he told her in a playful-like tone, "So how's your fight-- I mean, defense with Phoenix?" he asked.

              Amanthea sighed, "It's fine and he's strong too."

              "Heh~ Do you think you can handle him for the whole school semester?" Janus asked her while looking around on their surrounding.

              Amanthea stretches her arms upwards and said, "Maybe. I'll try."

              "Not backing up huh~ Ehehehehehe~" Janus mumbled.

              Amanthea raised an eyebrow, "Is that all you're here for?"

              "Nope~" Janus smirks and attacks her.

              Amanthea quickly dodged and clicked her tongue. She quickly grab her spear and blocked his incoming attack.

              "I like the fact that fighting here isn't prohibited~" Janus said while grinning.

              He prepares another strong blow to her but Amanthea was able to step back and block him. He quickly draws back and gives out a strong kick on her left, she was able to stop it with her left arm but...

              "Ow~ Was that a crack?" Janus asked as he walks back, but he was wearing a sinister smile.

              Amanthea holds his arm then flinches in pain, "H-Hnn... Sorry... That was stupid of me..."

              Janus chuckles, "I should be the one saying sorry~" he told her as he hid his weapon.

              Amanthea glared at him, "...What are you really planning?"

              Janus grins, "Why not worry about yourself first?" he said then he walked away.

              "H-Hey!" Amanthea sighed and looks at her left arm. "This is bad... How can I hide it...?"

              Later on in Marisa's Class

              "The training later would be different than yesterday." Zaro told Amanthea.

              Ivor was behind Amanthea, fixing her hair. "But being paired up with that Phoenix guy seems like a pain."

              Amanthea covered her left arm with a bandage and placed a bit of ointments. She have long sleeves so it's not so obvious that she hurt her left arm. "Hehehe~ Well... As long as I'll be careful, I'll be fine right?" she asked them.

              Zaro nodded, "Which reminds me... I heard that we'll get our badges next week~" he told them.

              Aryn sat on Amanthea's table, "Yup~! It's also a new design~"

              "Oi, don't sit there. Ms. Marisa might see you." Zaro told Aryn, staring.

              "Nah~ It's still 5 minutes before class~" Aryn replied with a bright smile.

              Ivor pats Amanthea's head as he finished fixing her hair, "There."

              "Ah, thanks~" she smiled.

              "Ah and one more thing. Later on break time after our first period in Spar Class, would you two join us again? Fina and those two..." Zaro looked at Azusa and Sakura, "... will be coming too." he told the two guys.

              "Oh sure~" Ivor replied.

              Aryn chuckled, "I'll try!"

              "Ok, we'll meet there then~" Zaro said with a smile.

              Aryn soon went back to his seat, same as Ivor. Marisa then arrived and asked them about their first day with the Ruby Students. After getting their answers, she started with a new lesson.

              Amaris' Class

              "Hm~ hm~ hm~" Janus was just listening to Amaris' lectures.

              Phoenix glanced at him, "You seems to be in a good mood." Janus just gave out a soft giggle.

              Amaris suddenly threw a chalk on Janus but he caught it with his two fingers, "Stop with your creepy laugh while I'm discussing!"

              "Sorry, sorry~" Janus replied but then he continued to laugh silently.

              Amaris sighed and looked at Phoenix, "has he gone mad? Phoenix, watch over him before he do something crazy."

              "He'll be fine. He's been like this ever since." he answered, looking away.

              On Spear and Blades Class

              "For the first period, we'll exercise first. You'll do this with your partner ok?" Samuel told them.

              Amanthea looked at her left arm worriedly, "Oh great..."

              Janus glanced at her and grins. Samuel told them to do 10 laps jog and they can either do it outside or inside, 50 counts for sit ups and 30 counts of Jumping Jacks. He also told them that they will be doing this kind of exercise every first period of their class. After some more discussions, Samuel told them to start and just go back when they finished. All of them went with their partners outside to exercise. The ones who were left inside were Aryn and Janus, Zaro and his partner, Phoenix and Amanthea and 2 other pairs.

              "Hey, hey~ Let's all jog together~" Aryn told them.

              "Sure, that would be great." Zaro looked at his partner, "Will it be ok?"

              His partner nodded.

              "I wont mind~" Janus replied in a cheerful tone.

              Phoenix sighs, "Whatever."

              "Ok then, let's go." Zaro told them.

              The six of them begun jogging; Zaro's partner, Janus and Phoenix were just behind them. Samuel watches from afar then looks at Amanthea. He scratched his head and sighed.

              "Seriously... Not telling me that she's injured." Samuel muttered then walked out of the room. He went straight to Magic Class. "Heya girls~"

              Jayne, the Class instructor, looked at him. "Oh, Sir Samuel. Do you need something?" she asked.

              "Yeah. Can I borrow one of your students? I got an injured person inside of my class." Samuel replied, chuckling.

              "I see~" Jayne giggles and turns to the long blond haired girl, "Fina~ Come here for a sec." she called out.

              The girl, Fina, approached them, "Yes, Ms. Jayne?"

              "Can you come with Sir Samuel? He needs some healing power for an injured student~" Jayne told her.

              Fina nodded and follows Samuel towards his class.

              Zaro drinks his bottle of water after their jogging, "Ok, next is Sit Ups. Do you know how this works, Amanthea?" he asked. Seeing her nod, he started to exercise with his partner.

              Phoenix sat down on the ground, "I'll go first."

              "Ok..." Amanthea kneels down and holds his feet down.

              "Don't miss a count." Phoenix told her.

              Amanthea nodded and started to count. "The ointment is running out..." she thought.

              Janus was counting for Aryn then he glanced at Amanthea and grins. He turns to Aryn, "Oops~ I miss a count~" he told him.

              Aryn sweatdropped, "Are you doing this on purpose?" he asked.

              "Ehehe~ Maybe~?" Janus replied.

              "Seriously man?" Aryn sighed and started from square one.

              Soon, Samuel arrives with Fina and called out for Amanthea. "Hey, can I borrow Amanthea for awhile?"

              "30...eh?" Amanthea looked at him, surprised.

              Phoenix got up, "Go ahead. Stopped at 50 right? I'll put that in mind." he told her.

              Amanthea nods and walks towards the two, Samuel gently lifts her left arm and rolls up her sleeves.

              "When injured, you better tell us. That's why we, the instructors, are here." Samuel told her.

              Amanthea flinches a bit then watches as the bandages gets removed.

              Zaro just finished his sit ups with his partner then looks at the trio but could not hear what they were talking about. Samuel examined the wound and found out that it still fresh so he asked where she got the injury.

              "Sit down for awhile and answer me." Samuel told her, arms crossed.

              Amanthea nodded and sat down, Fina took out some ointments and a small wand. She started treating her injury.

              "... Is it an accident or.. did someone do this to you?" Samuel asked when he realized that Amanthea doesn't even want to speak about it.

              "U-Uhh... It's an accident." Amanthea replied but was avoiding eye contact.

              Samuel raised an eyebrow, "Really? It doesn't seem to me."

              Fina puts some warm ointments over her wound, "You better tell the truth~ You can't lie in front of sir Samuel~" she said, giggling.

              Amanthea sighed, "...Ja...J-Janus did it...." she told them softly.

              "Janus? No wonder." Samuel muttered.

              Fina grabbed her small wand and points it close to her injury, "Janus might have been interested... or curious. I will never know what's on his mind." she said.

              "Oh, is this not the first time that this happened to this class?" Amanthea asked Samuel.

              "Yes." Samuel replied calmly.

              "I see..." Amanthea looked at her injury.

              "Rest easy until your left arm heals. You can go home for now." Samuel told her.

              "Eh? But... I can still continue." Amanthea replied.

              Samuel sighed, "Ok, ok. If that's what you want. Just stop when it started to hurt." Amanthea nodded as a response.

              Fina put a cool pad over her injury then covers it with a new bandage but kept the sleeves up, "Done~ It should be healed tomorrow morning~"

              "Oh, thank you." Amanthea told Fina.

              Fina smiled and keeps all of her things and turns to Samuel, "Is that all, sir Samuel?" she asked.

              "yes, thank you." Samuel replied with a smile.

              Fina smiles back and leaves the room. Amanthea returned to Phoenix.

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                Chapter 4; part 2

                ~part 2~

                Fina smiles back and leaves the room. Amanthea returned to Phoenix.

                "30 right? Let's continue." Amanthea said as she sits in front of him.

                Phoenix looks at her then glances to her injury.

                "Phoenix?" she called, blinking.

                Phoenix closed his eyes, "I did the last 20 by myself."


                He looks at her again, "You took so long, that's why. The others are already doing their jumping jacks. Hurry and do your sit ups."

                "Oh... Ok." Amanthea does her sit ups while Phoenix is holding her feet in place, looking away.

                Later on, Amanthea finished her sit ups then both of them did their 30 jumping jacks. After their exercise, all students returned inside then later on they were dismissed to have their break time. As planned, Amanthea and the others went to the Garden Cafe. In Amanthea's surprise, the girl who treated her injury was the friend who Zaro was talking about earlier.

                "Oh~ So you are the new student... I did not notice since I was not present during the first day. Ah! I'm Fina by the way." Fina told Amanthea as she lend her hand for a hand shake.

                Amanthea smiles and hand shakes with her, "Nice meeting you then, thank you too for earlier."

                Zaro looks at Amanthea's left arm, "That Janus... Tsk. Why would he do that?"

                Sakura fans herself and said to them, "Obviously wanted to see what she can do with a broken arm."

                Zaro stared at her, "Really now..."

                "But are you ok now?" Azusa asked Amanthea as she took a sip from her jasmine tea.

                "Ah yes. It's all thanks to Fina's magic and ointments." Amanthea replied with a smile, Fina smiled with the answer.

                Phoenix and Janus were just on the roof top. Phoenix was just lying down,as is napping while Janus was scratching the ground with his dagger and it seems like he is irritated.

                "Tsk, I didn't realize that Samuel would notice her... Tsk..." Janus mumbled then he stabbed the dagger on the ground.

                "What are you so mad about?" Phoenix asked, staying in his position.

                Janus glares at the dagger, "Tsk... Train her WELL." he told him.

                Phoenix sighed "Fine" and thought, "A pissed off Janus again huh..."

                Second Period of Spears and Blade Class

                Samuel waited till all students are in before he start his discussion, "For our second period, our real training will begin. This is also called as Spar Period and by it's name, I know you guys have the idea of how this period will be done. Since this is the first day for Spar Period, no need to go all out." he glanced at janus and Phoenix, "Specially for the both of you."

                Janus smiled carelessly, "Ok~" but Phoenix just stayed quiet.

                "Ok, you can start!!" Samuel exclaimed then went to sit beside the door.

                Amanthea pats her left arm, "Ok... I can still do this--" her eyes widens as she felt something coming towards her and moved her spear as an instinct of blocking Phoenix'es attack. "H-Hey!"

                Phoenix ignored her remark and continued to hit her again.

                "Ack- W-Wait! Can you stop for awhile--" Amanthea asked while blocking each of his attacks.

                Phoenix slams his spear against hers and used the chance to throw her spear away before giving out another strong attack. Amanthea was able to dodge it and quickly ran towards her spear to grab it but... As soon as she reaches for it, Phoenix appears behind her and kicks her out of the way. Zaro heard a bump on the wall and looked at who it was. It was Amanthea.


                Samuel heard the commotion and looks at them, he glared at Phoenix, "Hey! Didn't I warn you before?!" he exclaimed as he run towards them but Aryn was suddenly thrown on him.

                "Huk-- Hey!" Aryn glared at Janus.

                "Arg, Janus!" Samuel pushed Aryn.

                Janus just snickered, "Ehehehe~ Sorry~"

                Phoenix looked down at Amanthea and raises his spear to strike an attack to her but before the spear hits Amanthea, Marisa and Amaris appeared and blocked his spear with their staff. Phoenix flinched and stepped away, looking at the two Superiors.

                Amaris clicked her tongue, "Tsk... The Head Master was right. Seriously, I'll be dead if you'll kill her during the Spar Period SPECIALLY! For the first day of this period..." she said with a sigh.

                Marisa turned to Amanthea, "Are you ok? Can you stand?" she asked.

                Amanthea nodded and stood behind them, looking at Phoenix.

                "Oh good, you're not injured. Such luck you got there." Amaris said in a relief.

                Phoenix was about to speak but before he could, Amaris slapped him. The others were shocked, they know NO ONE can do that to Phoenix. They expected Phoenix to fight back but he didn't. Instead, he felt silent and his face darkens.

                Amaris gave out a big sigh, "Phoenix, please follow the rules at least once..." but he just looked away.

                "Those eyes again..." Amanthea said to herself while looking at Phoenix'es eyes.

                "Did... Janus told you to do this?" Amaris asked him but he still stayed quiet. Amaris'es eyes twitches, "JANUS!!!!!!!!!!" he roared as she turned to where Janus is.

                Janus sneakily walks away but Amaris threw her staff like a spear and hits Janus in the head. He falls down dead, lol kj, just unconscious and mini Amaris circles around his head--

                Amaris sighed and looks at Samuel, "I'll take care of him." then turned to Phoenix again, "Phoenix... You don't have to follow his orders. I've told you that a lot of times." then carries Janus and picks up her staff. "I'm sorry about this..." She quickly turned to Marisa, pouting, "I-I'm only doing this for Phoenix, ok?!" and walks away carrying Janus.

                "Ow, what a tsun~" Marisa said with a smile then turns to Amanthea, "Let me see... Hmm... There!" she muttered after healing Amanthea's bruises, "Now as for you, huh- Where did Phoenix go?"

                Samuel approached them, "He left." he pats Amanthea and said, "That's pretty hard for you, huh... Don't worry, next time we'll handle those two."

                "You should go to your dorm for now, ok?" Maris told her, she nodded.

                Zaro ran to them, "I-I'll accompany her." he told Marisa.

                "Ah, please do." she replied.

                Zaro and Amanthea left then Samuel told the other students to continue their Spar.

                ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

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                  Continues (Kappa)

                  Then suddenly 2 suspicious person named Reis***** and Ove****** start pulling out knife and kill Phoenix right infront Samuel.


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                    Originally posted by ReistSoul View Post
                    Continues (Kappa)

                    Then suddenly 2 suspicious person named Reis***** and Ove****** start pulling out knife and kill Phoenix right infront Samuel.
                    what in the world-- KkiYhG9.png

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                      Chapter 5; part 1

                      ╰☆╮..`( chapter 5 )`..╰☆╮
                      ~part 1~

                      On the next day, Amanthea didn't attend their class but Marisa understands her reason so she just continued with the discussion. While they are having class, Amanthea was inside her dorm, stretching her left arm.

                      "Hm~ It's healed~" Amanthea mumbled then she lies back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She then remembered how Phoenix attacked her, "...Phew... Now I feel like not attending in the Spar Period..." she glanced at the calendar hanging beside her work table, "Monthly Tournament... It's almost there... Just 3 more weeks and it's here..."

                      Later on Spar Period

                      "Ow... She isn't here? I was gonna apologize to her~" Janus said as he acted like he didn't mean what he did to Amanthea.

                      Aryn chuckles and attacks him, "Save that for next time~"

                      Phoenix was just sitting on the bleacher, watching them. "Tsk, this is getting too boring." he said and stood up, leaving the room.

                      Samuel noticed him, "I hope he wont go to the Girl's Dorm where Amanthea is..." and sighs.

                      Meanwhile, Amanthea is eating a pocky while reading a book, "I wonder how they are doing..." she closed the book and puts down the box of pocky. "A little walk could ease the boredom~" she said to herself and changed to her Springtime Coat attire.

                      Phoenix was walking around of the campus then stops in front of the Girl's Dorm Gate. He stared at the gate for a long time before disappearing. For Amanthea, she was sitting by the fountain which is found in front of the dorm building.

                      "Cute fishies~" Amanthea said, giggling.

                      Phoenix then suddenly appeared behind her, "Hey."

                      Amanthea watches the fish swim away when Phoenix appeared then she looked at him, "...Why are you here?" she asked.

                      "I was bored. You didn't attend the Spar Period so I don't have a partner to spar with." he told her while looking at the water lilies floating on the water of the fountain.

                      Amanthea tried not to make an eye contact with him as she ashed another question, "Ehrr... Why not spar with Sir Samuel?"

                      "He's busy." Phoenix replied then looks at her.

                      Amanthea flinched at the stare, "W-What?"

                      "Nothing..." he replied as he looked away, "Better attend tomorrow." he told her then walks away.

                      "Did he... went here just to tell me that?" Amanthea asked herself, raising an eyebrow. "He's really strange." she sighs and returns to her dorm.

                      Zaro was taking a break on the bleachers then Aryn hands over a bottle of cold water for him to drink. Phoenix returned then Janus approached him.

                      "Oi~ Where did you went off to?" Janus asked Phoenix, a bit curious.

                      "Just a walk." he replied as he headed to the bleachers to sit, Janus followed him.

                      Head Principal's Office Room

                      "I see... Thank you." Amaris bowed in front of the lady sitting on the H.P's desk then leaves the room.

                      Marisa was there outside, "Oh Amaris~ What did the Head Principal tell you?" she asked, smiling.

                      "Hmph, not much." Amaris replied, walking away.

                      Marisa giggles then enters the room, "Head Principal, I got the Student Sheets of the students you were asking for." she told the lady.

                      "Ah good. Leave it on the table and you could go" the Head Principal replied with an innocent smile, she was also wearing a fox mask so Marisa can't see the half of her face.

                      "Uhm, may I ask first why you wanted to see their Student Sheets?" Marisa asked her.

                      The Head Principal looked at her a bit before answering, "Mnn... For the First Tournament, maybe?" she said, smirking.

                      "Oh... I see..." Marisa said, before bowing and leaving.

                      The Head Principal checked the Student sheets one by one then smiles, "Heh~ This should be good~"

                      Next Day

                      Amanthea had attended today's class and now, she was with Zaro in the Garden Cafe since Ivor and Aryn seems to be busy with something.

                      "Are you feeling fine now?" Zaro asked her.

                      Amanthea nodded as a reply, "Good as new~"

                      Zaro smiles, "That's good to hear~"

                      An elf came flying to them, she have blonde hair and beautiful pair of emerald eyes, "Hi~" she greeted them.

                      Zaro looked at her and smiles, "Ah Amanthea, this is Eve, she's the one who's handling this cafe." he told Amanthea.

                      Eve bows, "Nice to meet you~" she greeted Amanthea.

                      "Oh! It's a pleasure to meet you too." Amanthea greeted back with a warm smile.

                      Eve giggles, "Ah right."

                      Zaro looked at her, "Hm?"

                      "I have a new recipe for our tea~ Wanna take a sip?" Eve asked Zaro.

                      "Oh sure, why not?" Zaro replied.

                      Eve's smile brightens, "Yay~ I'll give Amanthea a cup too~ Just wait, I'll be back~" she told them before flying away.

                      "You two seems so close." Amanthea told Zaro.

                      Zaro blinked, "Really? Ah, you don't know yet. Eve's my younger sister." he told her.

                      "Oh... younger sister--" Amanthea's eyes widens in surprise, "Eh?! Really?? I didn't see any resemblance!!"

                      Zaro laughs, "I get that a lot, don't worry." he told her.

                      "A sister huh..." Amanthea muttered.

                      "I'm back~" Eve came back holding two cups of teas. "Here you go~ Be careful, it's hot~"

                      Zaro looked at it and nodded, "It looks like a normal Jasmine Tea." he took a sip and eyes widens, "This taste..."

                      Amanthea takes a sniff of the scent, "But the scent is different... More minty and a bit sweeter too~" she said before drinking.

                      Eve giggles as their remarks, "It's actually a combination of the rare flower called Goddess' Dew and a herb growing in this garden called River's Grass~ Oh, and I also added a pinch of golden sugar and a teaspoon of Queen Bee's honey~" she told them.

                      Zaro's face pales, "A-Aren't those expensive?" he asked, stuttering.

                      "Well yes it was but the Head Principal was helping me with the ingredients~" Eve replied.

                      Amanthea suddenly remembered something, "Oh yeah. I just remembered, are these treats really 'free' for us?" she asked the two elves.

                      "Yup~ Free for the Sapphire Class~" Eve answered with a smile.

                      "For the Sapphire Class?" she thought then asked, "What about for Ruby Class?"

                      "They have to pay 100% of the price." Zaro replied.

                      "Ohh... Then, how much is this tea for them?" Amanthea asked Eve.

                      "The new one? I haven't thought of it." Eve replied while thinking.

                      Amanthea blinked then looked at the cheesecake she was eating, "Oh, what about the cheapest and expensive price of the foods here?" she asked.

                      "Humm... Cheapest is 120 golds and I think the most expensive food or drink in here will range for about 4,850 golds to 5,900 golds~" Eve told her with a sweet smile.

                      Amanthea's jaw dropped, "That's why I never get to see any Ruby Students staying here..." she mumbled.

                      Zaro still looks pale from the prices he was hearing, "Ahahahaha...." but continues to drink.

                      Eve giggles, "So how was the tea? Is it good as a new menu?" she asked.

                      Amanthea nodded and Zaro returned to normal, "Ah yes. It's perfect for a time like this." he replied.

                      "Ok~ I'll put it on afternoon menu then~" Eve said, looking happy with the result of her new recipe.

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                        Chapter 5; part 2

                        ~part 2~
                        Spar Period

                        Phoenix charges at Amanthea and Samuel was trying his best to keep telling him not to get too rough, "Remember Phoenix! Don't do the same thing, ok?!" but got ignored by the serious fighter. Amanthea just avoids his attacks and then turns to her right and hits Phoenix with her spear. He was able to block it with his arm then stabs her. Amanthea got stabbed but soon turns into a mist which soon covers Phoenix'es surrounding. Phoenix clicked his tongue and looks around of him, trying to find the 'real' Amanthea. She appeared out of nowhere from behind and swings her spear at him. Phoenix quickly turns around to block it but instead, as Amanthea's spear hits his, he loses his grip on the spear, letting it fly away.

                        "Ehehehe~! Pay back!!" Amanthea exclaimed happily.

                        Phoenix glared at her and walks towards his spear.

                        Janus was watching them the whole time, "Wow~ She's getting good~" he chuckles.

                        "Don't get destructed!" Aryn exclaimed, hitting him with his sword but before it would hit him, Janus back flips to avoid it.

                        Zaro's been having a good spar with his partner, "Ah right." he charged at Zaro, "Just a reminder about Phoenix." he told him.

                        Zaro dashes with him, "What is it?" he asked then blocks his attack.

                        "There are times when Phoenix-- when he gets really mad that he loses control of himself... Like a new person is controlling his body. We call that as his second or evil persona." he told Zaro.

                        Zaro didn't stop attacking him while having a conversation, "Oh... Like last time from Aryn's fight with him?"

                        "Ah yeah. But that's not all of his power." he glanced at Phoenix. "He's mose powerful than that since he's a demon... A real monster."

                        He was open so Zaro tosses his sword away, "A monster, huh..."

                        "yea" he muttered as he chuckles then picks up his sword.

                        Samuel watches them, entertained by how good the class was doing. He looked at his time then, "Ok, stop! Break time!" he told them.

                        The students stops their spar and went to the bleachers, taking a break from the tiring fight. Phoenix stopped in time before his spear can reach Amanthea, he walked towards the bleachers then Amanthea decided to follow him. Phoenix opened his bottle of cold water while Amanthea is just watching him.

                        "Hey." Amanthea called out.

                        Phoenix glances at her, "What do you want?"

                        "Uhm... Last time... Did you really not mean to hurt me? Did Janus just ordered you to do that?" Amanthea asked him.

                        Phoenix sighed, "Maybe..." he looks away, "Or maybe I really mean it."

                        Amanthea suddenly muttered something unconciously but Phoenix was able to hear it, "You have those eyes again..."

                        Phoenix looked at her suprised, "What did you just--" His eyes widens as he sees a flashback.

                        "You have those eyes again, Phoenix..." A black haired girl told Phoenix.

                        Phoenix looked at her, confused, "Huh?"

                        The black haired girl pouts, "You usually have a fierce but gentle looking eyes but, you have those... sad and frightened looking eyes again..." she told him.

                        "I'm not sad nor frightened..." he replied, looking away.

                        The black haired girl stared at him then asked, "Is it Janus again?"

                        "Not really. I'm fine... Stop bothering--" Phoenix was about to look at her but his surrounding changed.

                        Corpses was everywhere, Janus was laughing in a distance, Amaris was in front of him kneeling down and crying. The place was a wreck. He felt a hug from behind and it was the black haired girl.

                        "Phoenix, it's not your fault. It's not Janus either..." she cries softly. "I have one request of you, Phoenix... Don't ever... show those eyes again... Stay strong, Phoenix." she smiled, "You are the best best friend I ever had, Azaria..."

                        His surrounding was suddenly burned with mad purple flames, he cried in the middle of that unknown battlefield but Janus was grinning at him from a distance but he seem to wear the same eyes as what the black haired girl had noticed in Phoenix'es eyes.

                        "P-Phoenix?" Amanthea stepped back as purplish flame covers Phoenix.

                        "You don't know anything..." Phoenix gritted his teeth, "You..." his grip on his spear tightens, "You... are just a human and YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME!"

                        Phoenix was about to attack her with his spear when...

                        ׺”˜`”( To be continued... )׺”˜`”
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                          Chapter 6

                          ■┼▬╕╬╧╥╥◘< ( Chapter 6 ) >◘╥╥╧╬╕▬┼■

                          Phoenix was about to hit her with his spear when Janus ran in front of Amanthea and punches Phoenix right in the stomach which is strong enough to put him unconscious.

                          "Now, now, now~ That was dangerous isn't it?" Janus asked her as he turned around.

                          Amanthea was still stunned, "...What..." she shook her head, "Why did you punch him?! Will he be fine?" she asked Janus.

                          Janus blinked at her reaction then laughed, "Ahahaha~ Why so worried? He almost hurt you, right?" he told her with a grin.

                          "I-I just... He's..." Amanthea stutters then looks away.

                          Janus chuckles and sighs, "Aaahh~ This is so troublesome~ Why care about a monster like him?" he asked.

                          Amanthea just stayed quiet then Amaris suddenly entered the class, wearing her usual fierce expression. "I just felt an ominous energy..." she looked at Phoenix who was unconscious. "What I thought was right, it was Phoenix again." she said sighing then notices that Amanthea was in the scene again, "You again huh..." she eyed her from head to toe and asked, "You're name's Amanthea right?"

                          Amanthea nodded quietly, getting nervous with her stare.

                          Amaris turned to Janus, "Janus, pick him up." she told him then looks at Samuel, "Sir Samuel, I'll excuse my two boys for awhile~"

                          "Uh sure." Samuel replied.

                          Janus went to carry Phoenix on his shoulder, "Well, see ya~" he said before leaving with Amaris.

                          Zaro walks to Amanthea to ask if she's okay, Amanthea just nodded again as a response.

                          "Do you think Phoenix will be fine?" Amanthea asked Zaro.

                          He stared at her for awhile and sighed, "...You really worry about him?" Zaro asked, raising an eyebrow.

                          "I can't help it. I feel like something is bothering him..." Amanthea replied in a worried tone.

                          "Is that so..." Zaro crossed his arms, "Well, don't worry so much." he told her.

                          "...Ok... I wont." Amanthea replied softly.

                          Infirmary on the Ruby Side

                          Phoenix wakes up with Amaris greeting him on his sight, "Miss Amaris...?"

                          "Oh, you're awake... How are you feeling?" Amaris asked him.

                          Phoenix got up and rubs his head, "My head hurts a bit..." he replied.

                          "I see. You went berserk... Good thing you didn't change to your 'original' form." Amaris told him.

                          "...I did?" he asked then flinches a bit from the pain in his head.

                          "What's wrong?" Amaris asked.

                          "I dreamt of HER again..." he replied.

                          "Her?" Amaris mumbled then gets an image in her mind, "Oh... Does Amanthea reminds you of her?" she asked.

                          "Amanthea?" he pondered for a bit and answered, "kind of... She also acts a bit like her."

                          Amaris sat beside him, "Hm... She could be her reincarnation~" she giggled.

                          "Tsk. Quit kidding around! A human like her can't be a reincarnation of that fallen angel!" Phoenix exclaimed.

                          "Woah Phoenix, I'm just joking! Don't be so serious." Amaris told him, he looked away. "Oh right... The Head Principal is planning something for the First Monthly Tournament for next month. You better get ready~" she told him in a cheery tone.

                          Phoenix stood and and stretched, "You don't have to remind me of that. I'm going back."

                          "You have to rest, Phoenix. Go to your dorm." Amaris told him in a serious tone.

                          "I don't need to--" he stopped when he saw how serious she was, "Tch... Fine."

                          Amaris smiled and watched him leave then sighs. "Janus, until when are you planning to hide?"

                          Janus suddenly peeked on the window like a rabbit, "Aw~ She found me~"

                          "It's really easy for me to feel your presence, Janus." Amaris told him, narrowing her eyes at him.

                          Janus chuckles.

                          Phoenix was on his way back to his dorm when he saw Amanthea walking towards a Gazebo in the garden.

                          "Oh yeah... She don't have a partner to spar with." Phoenix said to himself and decided to follow her.

                          Amanthea stretches her arms upwards and takes a deep sigh. "The tournament is almost near... Hahahaha... I just hope I don't get paired up with Phoenix. He's too strong.."

                          Phoenix just stayed hidden while listening to her.

                          "Janus is dangerous too-- not just dangerous but verrryyyy hazardous! I didn't realize that entering this Academy would be this tough but! I have to be strong... I'm already here, I've trained for this... I wont let my efforts go to waste... But stilll.... That energy Phoenix had earlier looks so ominous. It quickly gives me a bad omen..." Amanthea took a good look with her spear and points it on the sky. "...But still... maybe... maybe my sister is right... In battles, someone should stay serious and familiar with the fighting inside the arena... No fun, no easy-going attitude..." she sighed, "... A dancing dragonknight huh... yup, it sounds so ridiculous now..."

                          "Dancing dragonknight?" Phoenix thought then decided to take a peek. Upon catching her dance around using the spear, his eyes widens and was stunned with how graceful her performance was.

                          Spar Period

                          Amanthea was now fighting with Aryn and the two seems to be having a good fight time. Aryn charges at Amanthea and swings his sword at her and in return she blocks it using her spear and pushes him. Aryn chuckles and draws back his sword but slams it again, stronger than the last one. Amanthea quickly counters his attack with her spear which made a strong wave of wind around them when their blades clash.

                          "Woah... Those two makes a good spar partners." Zaro's partner told him, "Don't you think too?" he asked.

                          Zaro smirked, "Are they?" he replied before giving him multiple strikes.

                          He blocked each strikes but was scratched on his cheek, he grins and gives Zaro full of his endless attacks too.

                          Samuel was watching them in a corner as usual, "...2 weeks left. A week before the Tournament would be their Mock Battle... Hm... I think this would go fine as usual..." he muttered to himself. He looked at the paper he was holding and thought, "But... Is the Head Principal serious about this? A Battle Royale type of Tournament. It will last for a week inside of an isolated place. First person they will meet will be their partner until they reach the place of the real tournament in where both of them will have to fight until one is left standing..." he read some more of the description and sighed as he scratched his head, "I really won't know what's going on inside the Head Principal's mind..."

                          Phoenix'es Dorm

                          Phoenix was just lying down, staring at the ceiling. "How long.. do I have to follow him...?" he asked himself.

                          "As long as I want~ Ehehehehe~" Janus suddenly replied while sitting on his window.

                          Phoenix quickly got up and glared at him, "Janus..."

                          Janus grins at him, "Don't forget our deal, Phoenix~ Do you want another important person to die? Like... Amaris?" he asked mischievously as he entered his room.

                          "Don't you dare..."

                          "Just do what I want so she wont have to end up like the other girl--" before Janus could finish his statement, Phoenix grabbed his spear and tackled him down.

                          "YOU MONSTER! YOU ALSO KNOW THAT GIRL, T-THAT WOMAN! YOU LOVED HER DIDN'T YOU?? Why... Why did you kill her...?" Phoenix exclaimed, still glaring at him.

                          Janus'es grin disappeared and stayed quiet.

                          "You could have saved her from back then... But why... SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!" Phoenix was about to punch him when Janus kicked him away.

                          "Haa~ah~ We ended up talking about that woman again...." Janus mumbled but his grin is back and it's even more mischievous than before even though he's wearing a mask.

                          Phoenix stood up and attacked him again but this time, Janus swiftly loved out of his way and appears behind him, his dagger on his neck. "Not fast enough, Phoenix~" he told him. "It's 1 trillion years early for you to defeat me~"

                          Phoenix knelt down when Janus let go of him. His grip on his spear tightens, "Someday... Somday I'll wipe that grin out of your face and make you face all the things you've done, Janus... I'll defeat you, no matter what happens... I'll defeat you with my own hands..." he told him.

                          Janus grins more, "Oh please do, dear Phoenix~ I'll wait until that time comes...well.. IF that time comes~ AHAHAHAHAHA!!" he told him before leaving.

                          "Urg....." Phoenix closed his eyes, "I'll defeat him for you.... Sankrea..."

                          ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

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                            Chapter 7

                            }>=╫◙█ { (chapter 7) } █◙╫=<{

                            Sapphire Class

                            "Ok, listen! The schedule for next week's Tournament is now out!" Marisa told her class, the student cheers. "This upcoming Thursday would be the Mock Battle and it will be held on the Arena! Some mechanics will be given by Samuel on the say itself~"

                            "Oh~ I'm getting fired up!" Amanthea said, giggling.

                            Zaro chuckles seeing how energetic she gets, "I need to prepare my armors soon..." he said to himself.

                            "Oh, I have to fix mine too. It's been awhile ever since I wore it~" Aryn told them.

                            Zaro looked at him and asked, "Gonna use the old one?"

                            "Yup~!" Aryn replied, smiling.

                            "I see... But you should get a new one though." Zaro told him.

                            Marisa clapped her hands to get their attention again, "Well, I'll be posting the schedule outside so just check it later~" she told them, the students replied with a chorus of "Yes, ma'am!"

                            Break Time

                            "Eh? You wont be able to join me today?" Amanthea asked Zaro.

                            Zaro nodded and scratched his head, "Uhm yea.. Sorry, I have to prepare myself for the mock battle and tournament. I-I'll come again next time!" he replied.

                            Amanthea pout, "Ow ok... I understand. See you later at Spar Class then~" she told him, Zaro smiled and left. "Where should I go now? Hm... Oh! Gazebo, gazebo~" she said to herself happily.

                            When Amanthea reached the Gazebo, Janus was there with Amaris so she decided to hide and eavesdrop.

                            "Eh now, now. You are blaming me, Ms. Amaris? Come on, it's his own fault~" Janus said.

                            Amaris sighed, "Janus, you are just manipulating his actions and I know it. Phoenix is a person too, not just some kind of puppet." she told him in a calm manner.

                            Janus inhales deeply, "Amaris-chan~" he smiles but soon turns into a deadly look, "I do what I want and no one can stop me. Not even you~" he told her before walking away.

                            "Hey! We're not done talking yet! Janus! ... Tsk... He's gone." Amaris muttered, annoyed.

                            Amanthea sighed a bit from her hiding place but Amaris noticed her from the the she arrived.

                            "Show yourself, who ever you are." Amaris ordered.

                            Amanthea flinched and slowly went out of her hiding place, trembling a bit too from nervousness.

                            Amaris blinked as she walks out from the hiding, "Oh, it's you."

                            Garden Cafe

                            "I-I'm sorry for eavesdropping..." Amanthea apologized to Amaris.

                            Amaris sips from her tea before replying, "It's fine. Just don't do it next time."

                            "Y-Yes, Ms. Amaris." Amanthea said then she takes a bite from her blueberry cheesecake.

                            Marisa was walking around when she saw the two of them so she decided to walk towards the two, "I did not expect you to have a break here especially with... Amanthea." she told Amaris.

                            "Hmph. This cafe is still open for us, ok? Plus I had her talk to me about something. R-Right, Amanthea?" Amaris asked Amanthea.

                            "E-Eh.. uhm.. mhm.." Amanthea just nodded.

                            Marisa giggles and joins them. Phoenix soon passes by and sees the three of them chatting and enjoying the break, he flinched when Amaris saw him and starting calling for him to come.

                            "Oii~ Phoenix~ Come join us here~" she called out.

                            Amanthea's face suddenly gets pale, "E-Eh?!"

                            Phoenix is now sitting beside Amanthea since Amaris told him to, he's just drinking his black coffee quietly while Amanthea is shaking a bit on her place.

                            "Don't worry~ He don't bite~ And I'm here so it's totally safe~" Amaris told her, giggling.

                            "Yes, yes... I understand that well but... Why does he have to be beside me?! Q - Q " Amanthea thought.

                            Phoenix glanced at her then looks back at his coffee.

                            "Well, this is my treat! So order whatever you want, Phoenix~" Amaris told him, smiling.

                            "The coffee's fine." he replied.

                            Amaris showed a puppy-like teary eyes at him, "Eehh...? Q ^ Q "

                            Phoenix looked at her and sighs, "...Fine. I'll get a slice of velvet cake." he told her.

                            Amaris smiled happily and called out for a waitress, "Miss~ One slice of velvet cake please~ Thank you~"

                            Marisa leans a bit closer to Amanthea and whispered while smiling, "Those two seems to enjoy, right? Ahaha~"

                            Amanthea smiles back and nods, "Yes..." smiling especially at Phoenix.

                            Spar Period

                            "Haaaa~!!!" Amanthea clashes her spear against Phoenix and seems to be at the advantage.

                            "She's getting better." Samuel said, chuckling. "Zaro's defense is getting good too... These kids improves so fast." he glanced at his time and called out to them, "Ok, kids! Come here for a sec!"

                            "Hey! We are not kids!" they replied back then they all approaches him.

                            "Since you guys knows that on Thursday is the Mock Battle, tomorrow I wont be looking after you because I'll be checking the arena if there are some damages." Samuel told them.

                            "Who will watch us then?" they asked him.

                            Samuel pondered for a moment and answered while a smile, "Stein will!"

                            The student's faces suddenly turn pale, "EHH??!! Why him?!" they asked.

                            Amanthea looked at Zaro and Aryn, "Who's Stein?" she asked.

                            "He's one strict and cold guy yet strong and smart." Zaro replied, Aryn nods in agreement.

                            "There was actually a rumor that Stein should be the one watching over Spear and Blades Class but they changed it to Samuel since he's more needed in the Ranged Class where Ivor is. Despite being a sword user, he is also familiar with the use of guns* so they let him watch that class instead." Aryn told her. "But I wonder who would watch his class if he's coming over here..."

                            "I'm guessing he'll let them train on their own. He always do that." Zaro replied with a sweatdrop and sigh.

                            Aryn chuckles, "Ah right, ahahaha.."

                            "Ok then, have your break time and we'll continue later." Samuel told them.

                            When the others fixed their things before leaving, Amanthea felt someone watching from the door but when she looked, no one was there. "Huh?"

                            Zaro looked at her and asked, "What's wrong?"

                            "I thought someone was watching from the door.." Amanthea replied with a nervous smile.

                            Zaro laughs a bit, "Ahahaha~ You must be hungry. Let's go to the Garden Cafe~ We're both free at the moment anyway, right Aryn?" he said nudging Aryn.

                            "Y-Yeah!" Aryn responded with a smile.

                            Garden Cafe

                            "So~" Zaro's smiling face turned into a glare while looking at Phoenix, "Why are you here?"

                            Phoenix eats his slice of velvet cake, "...can't I?"

                            Zaro's partner sweatdrops, "I-I invited him! Ahahaha... Sorry." he told him.

                            Zaro just clicked his tongue and drinks his tea.

                            Amanthea sighs, "Now my question is... Why is he beside me again?!" she thought, getting nervous again.

                            Aryn looked at her, "Ehr... Are you not in your appetite?" he asked.

                            Amanthea shakes her head, "I-I'm fine!" she replied, eating her chocolate filled croissant.

                            Aryn chuckled, "Ahaha, okay~"

                            Zaro glanced at his partner, "So... You'll be treating Phoenix?" he asked.

                            He nodded and replied, "He said it's fine~"

                            "I see..." Zaro mumbled, still glaring at Phoenix. "But why does he have to sit beside Amanthea?" he suddenly asked.

                            Amanthea fidgets, "Wah! He asked it!" she thoughts.

                            "Is it my fault for sitting in a vacant seat which is coincidentally beside her?" Phoenix asked Zaro, staring at him.

                            "Ugh." Zaro grumbled.

                            "Ah.. " Phoenix suddenly grins, "Don't tell me... Are you jealous?" he suddenly asked him.

                            Zaro and Amanthea suddenly turned red, "W-Wha--"

                            Phoenix then leaned against Amanthea, "By the looks of it, you seem to 'like' her."

                            Zaro glares more when he leaned on her.

                            "I kinda notice that too, to be honest~" Aryn told them, chuckling.

                            "Not you too!" Zaro exclaimed.

                            Phoenix sits straight again and drinks his coffee, "silly guy..."

                            Amanthea was still blushing then she glanced at Phoenix before finishing her croissant and tea.

                            ׺`( To be continued... )׺`

                            * about stein using the guns uhh.. its not true, just my made up story xD cuz at first, when I didnt see Stein's clear picture, i tot he's using a bladed-gun like ivor then soon, realizes, its only a blade ahahaha---

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                              Chapter 8; part 1

                              ■♀<M\TTT/ ( chapter 8 ) \TTT/M>♀■

                              In the next day, on their first period of Spear and Blades Class, Stein arrived with his cold look. For others, it's his usual expression but they also said that he can be a bit playful.

                              "The name's Stein for those who doesn't know me yet. I'll be monitoring your training for this day. Train well and I don't want anyone to be slacking around, got it??" Stein commanded to them in a very fierce tone.

                              The students stutters and went to their own exercises while Stein is watching each of them with his fierce and cold looking eyes.

                              Amanthea was jogging with the usual team, "Waahh... He's scary..." she cried out.

                              "I know, I know... Most of the students are scared of him." Zaro's partner said, chuckling a bit.

                              "But that's his best side. Ahahaha..." Zaro told them.

                              Aryn jogs past them, "Welp. Gotta jog, gotta jog!" he mumbled.

                              "Hey! This is not a race!" Zaro told him.

                              Phoenix and Janus stayed quiet while jogging behind them.

                              2nd Period, Spar Period

                              Stein watches them while they proceed with their training then he turned to Janus and Aryn, and to Phoenix and Amanthea. He sighs and mutters, "What is the Head Principal thinking?" He stood up and walked towards Amanthea and Phoenix. "You two, stop. I have a different task for the both of you, a special task." he told them.

                              The students begun to murmur, "Special training by Mr. Stein? Those two will suffer much... I wonder what's the special training for. Maybe for the Tournament? Wha-- Unfair!"

                              Stein glared at them and growled, "Don't mind us and continue with your training!!"

                              They flinched and continued with their training, he sighs and leads the two to a vacant space inside the room.

                              "Uhm..." Amanthea looked at Stein, confused of the situation.

                              Stein looked back then smiles, "Just a simple task." he said, bringing our an old gun. "You will just have to dodge my bullets." he sits then twirls the gun around his hand, "While you two are approaching me... Touch my shoulder and you win." he smirked.

                              "...Any style of fighting?" Phoenix asked.

                              "Yes. Fly, charge straight on, walk sneakily, run swiftly, teleport, anything." he replied then points his gun at them, "Ready?" the two prepares themselves, "GO!" he exclaims as he shoots at Amanthea.

                              Amanthea blocks it with her spear but more bullets are coming, Phoenix was simply standing. When Stein loads his gun with new sets of bullets, Amanthea quickly charge to him and dodges the next batch of shots. She strikes him with her spear but blocks it using his sword which was being held by his other hand. Stein tosses away the spear and at the same time, Phoenix disappears. Stein watches Amanthea get her spear then points his gun behind him, shooting at Phoenix who was sneaking there. He dodges the bullets and jumps upwards. Stein yawns a bit and continues to shoot at him but without looking and purposely missing a shot and only giving a paper cut on Phoenix'es cheek.

                              Phoenix backs away then feels a breeze pass him, it was Amanthea who was covered with a bluish flame, "HA~H!" she raised her spear and readies to strike him.

                              Stein smirks, "Wind Ascendance huh..." he mumbles and points his gun at her and shoots.

                              A smoke filled the area and as soon as it clears up, Stein's gun was pointing closely on Amanthea's forehead and her hand wasn't able to reach him.

                              "Ow~ Isn't that close? You're so reckles--" Stein felt a light tap on his shoulder, it was Phoenix.

                              Amanthea grins, "Being reckless is one of my advantages too sometimes~" she replied.

                              Stein chuckles then looks at Phoenix who was standing behind him, panting, "So you had that smoke as an advantage to sneak behind me again... I was so focused on Amanthea that I wasn't able to notice your presence... Phoenix~" he told him.

                              Stein pulls his gun back to its case then Amanthea asked, "So uhm... Did we pass?"

                              Stein pondered for a minute and replied, "Hm... No~" then chuckles.

                              "Eh why?" Amanthea asked.

                              "You two still lack something." he answered.

                              Phoenix walks back in front of him, "... And that is?"

                              "Hmm.. Let's see. I thought the both of you will work as a 'team' but instead, you acted on your own~" Stein replied with a smile.

                              Phoenix clicked his tongue, "Is that even necessary?" he asked.

                              Stein nods, "It is. Even if both of you are from a different classes or enemies, you need to learn how teamwork works for emergencies~" he told them.

                              "...No need." Phoenix said, arms crossed.

                              Stein stayed silent for awhile and said, "...Battle Royale."

                              The two looks at him so he continued, "That's the theme of next week's Tournament. Didn't Samuel tell you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

                              "He didn't." Amanthea replied.

                              "Tsk. That guy plans to tell you tomorrow?" Stein mumbles as he sighs.

                              Phoenix returned to the topic, "If it's Battle Royale, then we wont need any teamwork since its a 1 on 1 survival game." he told Stein.

                              "That's right but the Head Principal added a rule, 'First Sight Partner'." Stein said in a relaxed tone.

                              Amanthea blinks, "...First Sight..."

                              Then Phoenix glares at him, "...Partner?"

                              "The person you'll meet first will be your partner until you both reach the target destination. If they met another team while on their way, both teams will have to fight until the opposing team can no longer fight." Stein discussed to make it clear.

                              "wth..." Phoenix eyes twitches.

                              But Amanthea seems to like the rule, "Ooh~ So... what will happen if the pair reaches the target destination?" she asked.

                              Stein stood up before answering, "Ms. Claire will be waiting there, monitoring the students. If all surviving pairs reached the target destination..."

                              "They will fight each other until only 1 is standing... right?" Phoenix asked.

                              Stein smirks and nods, "And I got a feeling that the Head Principal already planned at who will be partners... Well, just my guess." he told them and smiles at both of them.

                              "Eh?" Amanthea's eyes widens and looks at Phoenix, "EH?!"

                              The students heard her exclamation and turned their attention to their place but since they can't hear what the commotion is all about, they continued with their training.

                              "So you're telling us that Phoenix would be my partner?!" Amanthea asked Stein, stuttering a bit.

                              "Oi, oi. Just a guess, you don't have to be so hyped about it. ._. " Stein told her.

                              "Butbutbutbutbut--- Why all of the people, it have to be him?! I'm already stuck in my whole semester in Spear and Blades Class with him!" Amanthea complained.

                              Stein laughs at Amanthea's reaction, "I think the Head Principal ships the both of you."

                              Amanthea blushes lightly then Phoenix just keeps an annoyed pokerface.

                              "Tsk. What nonsense are you talking about? The hell is he thinking?! Is he making fun of me?!" Phoenix asked Stein, annoyed.

                              Stein showed a pokerface too, "Oi, oi. The Head Principal is a girl... And I'm just joking LOL." he told him.

                              "T-This pirate..." Phoenix mumbles, eyes twitching.

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