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August Bonus Mall: Dark Edition!

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  • August Bonus Mall: Dark Edition!

    Bonus Mall Promotions: August
    Dark Edition!
    With the release of the Ancient Witch, we will celebrate the dark and mysterious forces in all their ways. Don't miss this special edition of our Bonus Mall!

    Senshi Release: Esther

    Esther was once created by God, but he forgot about her in a garden of Roses. When Esther wake up, she was curious about the world around her and tried to become close to humans. Because of people's greed and envy of her beauty, she was captured and remove from her freedom. Through thousands of years, Esther become resentful of the humans flaws. She mastered magic to revenge her ancestors and defend all vulnerable creatures.

    Dark Promotions:
    Esther won't be coming alone: Besides her senshi contracts, you will find Esther in the company of mounts, fashion, ornaments and other dark inspired fashion.

    The new promotions will be available from August 4 to September 7.