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[Login Reward] Monthly Prizes!

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  • [Login Reward] Monthly Prizes!

    [Login Reward]
    Monthly Prizes!
    Our server is based in mutual trust and loyalty. Reason why if you stay loyal to us we will reward it in the same manner. In order to return the comittment of our players, we came up with a new reward system: The Monthly Prizes. So basically, when you reach a certain milestone of online hours in your account during the same month, a prize is sent automatically to you account.

    In order to receive the prize you must reach 150 hours online. As said, this number is account and not character based. At the end of the month, you will receive one changing prize in the shopping cart of the item mall. Each month you will find different prizes.

    August's Prize is: 30-Day VIP Contract (Bound)
    A special consumable that increases your Character ExP, Class ExP, Loot Drop Rate, Max HP and MOV SPD. It has a duration of 30 days, and it can stack with other experience items.

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      No info about this month prize?


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        Originally posted by Hekiru View Post
        No info about this month prize?
        Don't be in such a rush!
        The details will be posted soon.
        Remember the prizes are sent on the first day of every month.


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          Hi, first thank you for everything

          I know the stuff we get it's just free and all, but I was wondering if we were really supposed to get 2 months in a row the same reward (Lucky Pack).
          Beside the fact that many of us consider it not useful at all, expecially if compared to the 30-Day VIP Contract, I felt like it was wierd to get 2 times in a row the same exact reward.

          Maybe we could get something like outfit/costumes reshuffling scrolls, or gear/accessories fortification scrolls (maybe like 10x basic, 5x advanced, 1x gold one, useful expecially for new players) or other stuff like that... or, if you really want us to only get the same 2 rewards, just alternate them: 1 month 30-Day VIP Contract, 1 month Lucky Pack and so on...

          So yeah, just wanted to know if this was some kind of error because with the upcoming new concent patch you forgot to chance the reward or if it was intentional ^^
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            If i may express my opinion.. yes some may say it's not that useful but not "not useful" at all. 30 day VIP would be like welcome pack coz it's the opening month for the game. i would love to get adv gear scrolls but no to costume.. it's already in AP/LP?Puzzle. I mean most people prioritize costumes already in shop. But let's wait and see.

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