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Server Maintenance 01/06/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 01/06/2020

    Server Maintenance on June First.

    Patch Notes:
    - New Server Host: During this week's maintenance, we will be changing the server host and moving the game into a new and improved PC. Since this type of maintenance includes important backup proccesses to protect your account data, keep in mind it will be a longer maintenance than usual. We will inform you in forums as soon the server is back and ready to play. Given also the extension of today's maintenance and it's importance, other pending tasks (like Monsters Crusader, Promotions Change) will be delayed for future schedules.

    New Promotions:

    AP Store: Sweet Edition
    With the release to the game of "The Sweetest" Costume Set, the AP Store will be devoted to fashion, senshis and acccesories with a sweet side. Including Sundae Boats, Desert Trucks, Maid Costumes, and much more.

    LP Store: To the Stars and Beyond
    Our Loyalty Store will be devoted to the stars. Libra and Ram will be added in store so we can check our astrology reports. Alythia, Charlotte and Chronos will take us up to space. This promotion will also include mounts, fashion, and more.

    [New Astral Puzzle: Ney's Edition]
    The cute Shiba Inu will make her puzzle debut this week and she will be in the company of adorable, fluffy, flowered, oriental styled friends. Including Golden Mounts, New Year Esther, Merry Lele, Lele, Kunoichi, Miko Senshi Contracts and much more.

    New Bonus Mall: Gemini Introduction
    Gemini ís Hitomi and Koto are the most famous twin sisters of the Zodiac Monastery. Their cute appearance and their favorite lace dress always make passers-by look back. However, their personalities are not as cute as they look, because their favorite things to do are-evil, play, drama! They like starting problems and playing jokes on everyone else and is hard to tell when they are speaking seriously. Their wit and strength makes them two opponents very hard to defeat, and when they are working together it's almost impossible to do it. Regardless, real problems begins when they are fighting each other.

    AP and LP Promotions will become available tomorrow and will be available for two weeks.

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    Many thanks


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      thank u Aura
      mean crusade reward will change tomorrow also ????


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        Originally posted by HellsOlivia View Post
        thank u Aura
        mean crusade reward will change tomorrow also ????
        No Oli, but we will change it this month.
        I suggest you don't claim rewards until the change is done; the goals like always change automatically.


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          Hi Aura I just get into the game but rage mode still here can u fix it please thank u


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            I can't believe this Capybara error has been around for all these years on my client. I remember that one of the reasons why I stopped playing was because of leveling other classes without main quest and Capybara error that happened randomly while playing. This was really stressful.
            I tried some tips that my friend recommended me. Hopefully this will work and the crashes will stop.

            Last edited by Souji「薄桜鬼 」; 06-02-2020, 06:03 PM.