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Server Maintenance 05/03/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 05/03/2020

    Server Maintenance on March 5th.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fixes to 1 Day Loot Charms of different qualities (I, II, III, IV and V, Tradeable and Non Tradeable).
    - Multiple translations added to the game, including Awakening content.

    New Astral Puzzle [New Year Edition]
    On this week's Astral Puzzle we will celebrate the Chinese New Year. The gorgeous Esther will host the celebrations with her brand new kimono and her beautiful presence!
    - New Year Esther's Senshi Contracts (Tradeable and Non Tradeable)
    - New Year Esther's 120% Speed Convertible.
    - Firecrackers and Asian Ribbon Hair Accessories.
    - Emperor and Empress Costume Sets.
    - Deadly Gueisha and Asian Spy Costume Sets.
    - Festival Kimonos Costume Sets.
    - Hold My Beer Costume Weapon.
    - New Year Beast Pet.
    - Fireworks.
    - 2018, 2019 and 2020 Celebration Accessories.
    And more!

    New AP and Promotions:

    AP Store: Flowered Edition
    In our AP promotion for this week the gorgeous and friendly Lilith will debut her beautiful, layered and filled with flowers costume. Her costume set will become available together with her senshi contracts, we will also get a new beautiful fairy inspired ornament and spring inspired items filled with a blossoming vibe.

    LP Store: Caterpillar Edition
    The little and friendly girl will make her Loyalty debut! During this week Caterpillar Senshi Contracts will be available together wonderful-wonderland related fashion.

    Bonus Mall: Blue Ocean
    Release of the beatiful protector of the waves: Mysore.

    [Mysore comes from the warm southern waters. Although she is a princess of the country of the sea, her personality is quite approachable; Mysore is often surrounded by various marine life. For her people, she is the gentlest listener and even if it is a trivial matter of life, she always responds gently. Mysore often hears her people telling her about the big and small things on the land outside, which makes her curious about the human world; occasionally, she will change into human clothes and walk around towns and take the opportunity to learn new things. Mysore's liveliness and kindness also attracted people to approach her, which made her make many close friends on land.

    Mysore is not only a good listener but a good companion of humankind. She is also the patron saint of maritime travelers. When an accident occurs at sea, Mysore will always help the isolated people at sea. She has become the faith of sea travelers.

    Perhaps because they are also from the sea, Mysore and Emilia have been close friends since they first met. Whenever the two are get together, Mysore always her music plays gracefully and Emilia sings. /color]

    AP and LP Promotions will become available this Friday (March 6th) and they will last for six day, until March 12.

    Bonus Mall Promotions will also come this Friday and they will be available through all March.

    New Monster Hunt Prizes:
    Server Goals are full about Astral Crystals this month! You will be able to win amazing amounts by completing the Server Challenges.
    On the Guild Goals, you'll be able to win amazing exp boosters so you can really work on your char and class this month!
    And on the Solo Goals, you'll be able to win several amounts of 1 day treasure charms, so farming is more rewarding than ever.

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