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[New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] January 20th

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  • [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] January 20th

    Astral Puzzle and Promotions Change

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Fashion Enchantment Cards]
    This week our astral puzzle and promotions will be fully devoted to help you gear up and become stronger. In the Puzzle, you'll find all classes of enchantment cards for head pieces, body costumes, face accessories, back ornaments and costume weapons.
    - ATK S Cards for all different type of items.
    - Unidentified S Cards.
    - Different kind of A Cards and unidentified A Cards.
    - Unidentified B Cards.
    - Regular ATK enchantments for all pieces of fashion.
    - Unidentified regular cards.

    New AP and LP Promotions: Consumables
    The AP and LP store will have different kind of goodies that will be perfect for gearing up, leveling up, farming and more.
    - 50% discounts in Superior, Legendary, Advanced and Regular Evolution Scrolls.
    - 50% discounts in EXP items.
    - 50% discounts in Loot Charms.
    - 50% discounts in senshi rerolls.
    - 50% discounts in backpacks.
    - 50% discounts in senshi gems.
    - Ancient Skill Manuals and feathers of evolution.
    - Senshi Evolution Crystals and Sublimination Crystals.
    - 5-Star Senshi Evolution Gems and Transfer Scrolls.

    Promotions will become available on this Monday (January 20th) and they will last for seven days.

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    Wow this is great! Thank you so much Aura!

    Time to get my butt back to grinding! Hurray~ <3

    Jewel Rozelle
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    Jewel Sapphire
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      thank you very much it is very nice to see the books of the golden skills in the shops, thank you for the great effort


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        thank you very much Aura is Christmas after Christmas again


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          any chance to see these in stores or the puzzle?