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Server Maintenance 02/12/2019

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  • Server Maintenance 02/12/2019

    Server Maintenance on December 2nd

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Male Power Edition]
    During this week's Astral Puzzle, we will pay tribute to the hot males inside Meridia. Between senshis and a fully male costume Puzzles, our manly meridians will take the spotlight for seven days.
    - Introduction of Vladimir's Senshi Contracts to the Puzzle.
    - All male contracts: Ivor, Aryn, Bishamonten, Blast, Stein, Amber, Duo and Duet.
    -Clothes for a Dark Lord:
    Count of Meridia, Janus's Costume Set, Ivor's Costume Set, Dark Lord Costume Set.
    - Dark Accessories:
    A glass of wine, Janus's mask, Mischievous Wings.
    And much more!

    New AP and Promotions:

    AP Store: Sweet Summer Edition
    Introduction of new Mounts: Ice Cream and Coffee Trcks.
    Introduction of Golden Banana Split Sundae Boat.
    Strawberry Cream and Bana Split Custom Sundae Boats.
    Summer Skady, Summer Rin and Emilia's Senshi Contracts (both tradeable and non).
    Summer Skady inspired Costume Sets for Females and Males.
    Sweet summer accessories: ice cream lolipops, golden fish, and more.
    Summer glasses and blushes.
    Swimming Suits.

    LP Store: Halloween Edition
    Introduction to the Loyalty Store of Halloween Alice Senshi Contracts.
    Dark Belle Senshi Contracts.
    Dark Starry Serena Senshi Contracts.
    Dark Serena's Mount.
    Michelle's Storm Cloud Day Mount.
    Dark Michelle Costume Set and weapon.
    New Halloween Costumes: Jack O Lantern and Halloween Kitty Costume Sets.
    Dark Belle Costume Set and Car of Pain.
    Halloween Accessories: Ornaments, Face and Hair Accessories.
    Broomisticks and Moon Mounts.
    Halloween-ish Costume Sets: Vintage Charlotte, Gothic Lolita, Little Witch, Ace of Spades, Neko Lord.

    Bonus Mall: Christmas Edition
    Introduction to the game of a new senshi: "Merry Lele"
    Christmas Carol Senshi Contracts.
    Christmas Lore Senshi Contracts.
    Asian Christmas Costume Sets.
    New Christmas accessories: hat, face accessory and costume weapon.
    Christmas accessories: ginger bread cookie, christmas cane, deer hairbands, and more.
    Christmas Costumes: including Red Velvet Dress, Cozy Sweater, Holy Holidays Costume Sets.
    Christmas Mounts: Nono Dogs, Lore's Sleighs.

    AP and LP Promotions will become available on this Monday (December 2nd) as soon maintenance ends, and they will last for one week.

    Bonus Mall Promotions will be available through all December.

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    thank you Aura


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        Yay~ Thank you Aura! <3

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          when will update the new episode?


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            probably next year