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[New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] November 15th

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  • [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] November 15th

    Astral Puzzle and Promotions Change

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Wonderland Edition]
    During this week's edition of our Astral Puzzle, we will travel from Meridia to the magic Wonderland. Inspired by the classic take of -"Alice on Wonderland"- we will be inspired with a puzzle full of senshis, costumes, sweets and tea. Either you are a Queen of Hearts or a Dessert Lover, this Puzzle will have all different kind of right items for you.
    - Release of "Halloween Alice" Senshi Contracts in Puzzle.
    - Meteor Senshi Contracts, both tradeable and non tradeable.
    - Shirley's Tradeable Senshi Contracts.
    - Alice's Tradeable and Non Tradeable Senshi Contracts.
    - Meteor Songs.
    - Meteor Costume Set and Accessories.
    - Alice's Costume Weapons and Costume Set.
    - Sundae Desserts Mounts.
    - Shirley's 5pm and Sweet Cup of Tea Mount.
    - And much more!

    New AP and Promotions:

    AP Store: Dark Magic
    On the AP Store we will have a special edition devoted to the underworld: the secrets of dark magic and the world of spells. This promotion will include Serena's Dark Moon mount, the Halloween Kitty and the Jack O lantern Costume Set. We will have fashion, mounts, ornaments and senshi contracts: it will include Dark Belle, Dark Serena, and Cocotte.

    LP Store: Party Time
    The Loyalty Store will be in a full party mode. The Featured Items for this week will include costume weapons, fashion, and senshi contracts aswell. Beer, champage, what you want to drink? Pizza, Turkey, what you want to eat? A time for kisses but also for slaps, so be extra careful. A time for music! Melody and Starwood will animate the party. Music Idols will appear and disappear from the scene. And if the show isn't complete enough, you better stay for the final stage: Grace will take the lead and entertain us with a wonderful magic show.

    Promotions will become available on this Monday (November 18) and they will last for one week.

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    Thank you so much as always


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      TNX very much


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        Thank you Aura! <3 <3 <3 Wahhh! Senshis!! *Q* And the mounts omg~ <3

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          thank you Aura


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            please Aura, can we have these crystals in promotion next time? ^^ thank you

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