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[New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

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  • [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    New Astral Puzzle and Promotions

    New Astral Puzzle [Red Riding Hood]
    On this week's Astral Puzzle, we will play in the forest like innocent Meridians and find a lot of adorable creatures in our way. Senshis, accessories, fashion and mounts for a special connection with nature.
    - Release of Red Leaf Senshi Contracts.
    - Cherry Costume Set.
    - Golden Magic Kitsunes.
    - Puppies and Kitties.
    - Piggy Costume Sets for female and males.
    - Amber, Lilith, Rita, Belle and Lele Senshi Contracts.
    And Much More!

    New AP Promotions: Skady's Love
    The Queen of Ice will be our inspiration for a special AP Promo. Both Skady and Summer Skady Senshi Contracts will be in store. Summer Skady Costume Sets, magical outfits and a lot of accessories to play in the snow aswell. Summer and Winter will collide!

    New LP Promotions: Dark Magic
    The Loyalty Store will be filled with spells. With Grace Senshi Contracts and the release of Michelle's Cloud Mounts, we will dress up and play with dangerous sorcery. Including Cocotte Senshi Contracts, magic fashion and buffs.

    Promotions will change on July 2nd.

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