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Server Maintenance 24/05/2019

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  • Server Maintenance 24/05/2019

    Server Maintenance on May 24.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fixes to several empty dropping bags, including pvp rewards, drops from new dungeons, etc.
    - Addition to the game of several translations, including buffs, skills, items, dialogues from NPCs, etc.
    - Fixes to 1 Day Super Charm Loots.

    Next week, we will be adding a few more fixes to the game. Plus, we will be changing the players requirement for Raid, Monster Hunt Prizes and Bonus Mall. Maintenance will take place on Friday 31.

    New Astral Puzzle [Fallen Angels]
    Available for seven days, until May 31. Our Puzzle from this week we will devoted to the devoted and sacred. With the release of a gorgeous new costume set for females and a brand new costume weapon, we will fill the tiers of the Puzzle with faithful and divine items.
    - Release of "Holy Destiny" Costume Set.
    - Release of Natasha's Vow of Angels Bow.
    - Release of "Good and Evil Feathers" Ornaments.
    - Natasha and Marisa Costume Sets, Ornament, Accesories.
    - Natasha Senshi Contracts.
    - Several angel-like ornaments, including some quite new models.
    - Mounts: Sakura Clouds and Loving Seats.
    And much more!

    Astral Puzzle Furnitures Special Ended
    Our special design of Puzzles devoted to give you easy furniture ended with last week's monstrous edition. But if you missed any, or you would want to see more furnitures puzzles, don't doubt to hit the comments!

    New AP and LP Promotions: Picnic Time
    Available from May 27. This monday, our players will be able to add one of the most pretty senshis's costume to their collection: Cherry Senshi Costume Set will be released in our AP Store. And with her costume, we will have a special set on both stores with food, casual wear, flirty accessories, pretty senshis, tasty mounts, and more! Including Cherry Costume Release on the AP Store, and the Sugar Star Dress in the LP Store.

    Crashes Fixes:
    We have added some measures to prevent further crashes during Raid and unpredicted crashes while palying the game. We will be monitoring the situation to see how the game responds to those fixes and to prevent this problem to continue in the future. Thank you all for the patience!

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    thank you Aura


    • #3
      Thank you so much .


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        thank you for your hard work Aura
        Please dont forget to fix the higher sacred Fragment please for the next maint thank you.


        • #5
          Aura all furniture are gone again after the maint


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            thanks for the maintenance, ... but


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              Yep all furniture gone. Also just quick note Senshi Charlotte shop box doesn't give anything, no astral fragments no nothing. Just a heads up so you guys know what to fix. Thanks


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                aura , hope you remember to fix sacred crystal , atk stats was wrong ....


                • #9
                  We are working on the problems with crystals/fragments. As for the issue with the houses, I will talk with the dev on Monday to see what we can do to fix it.


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                    lol today we get crash inside raid again
                    can you change also the nomber for gold desert please
                    Charm from lp shop and puzzle still not work
                    Last edited by HellsOlivia; 06-01-2019, 05:14 PM.


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                      how to unlock new skills?