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[New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

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  • [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    New Astral Puzzle and Promotions

    New Astral Puzzle [Consumables Special]
    Available for seven days, until May 14. We all are enthusiastic fashion collectors on Meridia, but sometimes, you need to work on what is truly important. If you are more concern about farming, evolving your gears, and progress your character, this one-week puzzle will be a perfect fitting opportunity.
    - Superior and Legendary Evolution Scrolls.
    - 1 Day Charms.
    - Single Use Charms.
    - Exp Items.
    - Sacred Fragments.
    - Buffs.
    And much more!

    New Astral Puzzle [Furnitures Special 3]
    You probable have been waiting for this furnitures special. One of the greatest Twin Saga's Furnitures collection will be fully available in our easy-friendly-astral puzzle. You already know the deal: very low rates on shards. All items have the same sucess rate. And to make things even more interesting, we are adding some fashion items too this time! And our special will be devoted to: Office Furnitures. From the house theme, to all those amazing looking decorations that will give your house such a proffesional look.

    New AP Promotions: Candy Land
    With the release of the Star Sugar Costume Set, everything will feel so flirty and sweet in our Featured New Items from the AP Store. Sundae Boats will also be available on a special collection of items devoted to the sweetest items in our storage. If you are wishing to look like a tasty meridian and you can't help yourself when it comes to candy, this edition of our promotions will be just perfect.

    New LP Promotions: She Loves me Yeah Yeah Yeah
    The Loyalty Store will be like a blossoming tree. Inspired by the gorgeous cherry blossom, this week's promos will be filled with gorgeous and romantic items, but also oriental-styled senshis and fashion. Sakura Blossom will be the main attraction of our puzzle, and between Blossom Costume and the Blossoming Set, everything will look pink and feminine. So let's grab some flowers!

    New Bonus Mall Promotions: A Magic Trick
    After her Puzzle debut, Grace is finally ready to land on the Bonus Mall. Her magic act will leave everyone shocked! So don't miss the show and add the gorgeous magical senshi to your collection. Both Tradeable and Non Tradeable versions of her contracts will be added together with amazing fashion and a few surprises.

    Promotions will change in May 8th.

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    thank you Aura


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        Cham from puzzle still don t work Aura


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          Originally posted by HellsOlivia View Post
          Cham from puzzle still don t work Aura
          Ok, so either of the charms work, the problem is definetely with the item. Still thank you for letting me know, it might be easier to fix now.


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            let us know when it is fix thank you Aura


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              Today all got dc in raid can you check it please Aura thank you