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[New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

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  • [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    New Astral Puzzle and Promotions

    New Astral Puzzle [Welcome to the Show]
    Available for seven days, until Mat 6. On this week's Puzzle release, it's some kind of magic! With the introduction of our wonderful senshi magician to the game, this edition will be filled with all kind of tricks.
    - Release of Grace Senshi Contracts.
    - Magic Cards Buffs.
    - Charlotte, Alythia, Dark Belle, Dark Serena, Cocotte and Michelle Senshi Contracts.
    - Alythia's Orb.
    - Illusionist Hats and Magic Trick Face Accesory.
    - Cocotte and Michelle Costumes.
    - Magic Academia Costume Sets.
    And much more!

    New Astral Puzzle [Furnitures Special 2]
    Another week, another furnitures special in our second puzzle. Just like last week, with heavy easy rates to jump to each tier! And on this week's edition, we have an all asian edition. With beds, decorations, house themes, and much more to bring an oriental vibe to your cottage and with some never released items, like the japanese dolls.

    New AP Promotions: A romantic feeling
    Available from April 30 to May 7. This week on our AP promotion we will bring you all kind of gorgeous and lovely items to celebrate love and spring in a special fashion. With the release of two new mounts and two new costume weapons, this week's feature items on the AP store will feel romantic, feminine and sweeter than ever!

    New LP Promotions: High Speed
    If you are more of a fan of dangerous sports and adrenaline, this week's promotions in the Loyalty Store will feel like a perfect fit. With all kind of dangerous rides and rebelious looks to play the part. Racing Sets, cars, bikes, and much much more! Available for one week also, from April 30 to May 7.

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    Thank you very much, I have been waiting for a long time, but the Ceilings are repeated and the decoration of the windows in the first round is missing
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      Higher Crystal from lp shop don t work


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        Thanks Aura,

        Can we have some supporting item like: Aceient Satr-Stone Reshuffle Scroll or Weapon EXP Crystal or Armor EXP Crystal...etc

        Thanks again.