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★ Discord Event ★ Our First Movie Day!

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  • ★ Discord Event ★ Our First Movie Day!

    [Discord Event]
    -August 27th, 2018 / 4 AM Server Time-

    This time We want to do something different, We wanna share some time with our players!
    The other day we had a lot of fun in our discord. It was really nice play together & listen to each other.
    So, We decided to do it often! That's why i created this event to invite you to join our discord and watch a movie together!
    Also, I'll raffle some ítems at the end of movie.

    1. You need to create an accoun in https://www.rabb.it/
    2. Once you created an account you'll be ready to watch the movie.
    3. I'm going to create a room on rabb.it to stream the movie.
    4. You'll have to join our discord and get into the lobby (voice channel).
    5. If you don't have a mic to talk is okay, you can join and write in the chat.
    6. I'll let you know once the Room is open to play the movie.
    7. The Audio Will be on english with spanish subtitles
    If you're not in our discord, join it here:

    3000 Gold
    Occultist Class Book
    Golden Skill Book
    Magic Green Stone x4 (mat to craft Golden weapon 85)
    Magic Cypress x3 (mat to craft Golden accesories 85)

    Since there are tons of movies to watch! We're going to create a survey to decide what type of movie we're going to watch!
    You must login into your Google account to answer.
    Based on your answers the movie is going to be picked!

    Complete the survey here:

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