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★ Summer Event ★ Vacation Time!

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  • ★ Summer Event ★ Vacation Time!

    Summer time is when you start talking with your Friends about where are you going to go relax of your daily activities.
    Meridians are looking for nice places to go this weekend! But it seems like the travelling agency is not open! Can you believe it?!
    They'll trust their instincts and find a very nice place to get some fun!

    -You need to find the perfect in-game location to visit.
    -You must take at least 3 pictures of it.
    -We want you to tell us what are you doing on the picture! You may tell us what exotic drink and meal taste on the trip!
    Or maybe you want to talk about the activity you have done there! Surfing maybe?

    Be creative!

    -You can edit your pictures

    1st Place - Summer Skady's Guides x 24
    2nd Place - Summer Skady's Guides x 20
    3rd Place - Summer Skady's Guides x 16

    Keep in mind that if someone else use the same location it doesn't mean that you cannot use it.
    The winners will be picked based in the screenshot quality, creativity and description!
    You may dedicate your post to a single location or more!

    You have until August 19th, 2018 to submit your entry!
    Winners will be announced on August 20th!

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    Yu Ji's Trip

    (just maybe based on a true story)

    I had planned to take Yu Ji on vacation in a great trip to celebrate his great progress in his studies to become a great dragon, unfortunately things in the shrine have not gone well, those furballs only complain of being attacked every day by Goblin armies and don't have donated anything in months, those ungrateful.

    so I only had the option of taking it to the capital of Meridia

    At least she looks happy


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      I spent the whole day to travel and find a place to stay for vacation using my trusty bike

      After arriving i immediately enjoyed a relaxing swim with my sweet otter

      And for some excitement i tried cliff diving

      ign : Crusch


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        This is Dadaum , a samurai trainee who practice in Forbidden White City.

        It is too cold to continue...So I decided to have a little break under warm sunshine

        Poor friend Jeff cannot come with me because he cannot deal with the heat, but I will get him a souvenir

        Getting tired on the way , so I drink a tropical fruit drink with honey and then sleep on my buddy's stomach.

        Finally I reach the Harbor ,quickly try some local grilled fish.Since everyone is dancing , let me show some skating skills

        A hidden beach , let swim ! ( Lifeguard yelling : Swim between the flags!)

        WOW the beach is warm and fun , I hope there will be another break .
        (Spend all money on drink and food , forgot to buy
        a souvenir to Jeff)
        (A story base on Bondi beach and the person who really want to go to swim right now)


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          Lunar's First Time Enjoy Summer

          Yahallo! I am LunarSelesia, after countless battling monster from other world, humans told me something about enjoying summer vacation, nyan~nyan~ guess i will try!

          I have friends with humans quite some time, and they actually bought me a dress? could this for summer vacation clothes? nyan~

          So i search in my place looking for the dress they bought for me
          Where is it?

          And ta daaaaah~~~nyan~

          Do they wear like this in summer? I heard they need swimsuit also.... but nyan~ i don't swim >.<, i can feel water but nyan~ i don't swim

          Sooooo, as my summer start, since i do not know much about this world, well nyan! ill just explore around to enjoy! perhaps i need someone guide me, well nyan~!


          Aaaaaaaaand destination reached! Up me go~~~~nyan~

          Oh Ya! They even provide a summer house so i can stay! Ima go check it out!

          OH HOH! So this is summer house? Looks old but looks amazing!

          ehehehehe nyan~ this flower arrrre pwetty~~

          *furrrrrr* is soooo chilly and relaxing~~~

          Aaaaand as the summer days goes go on, i go various places around the sea and is sooooo relaxing also some stuff happens nyehehe nyan~ i only person so i didnt do much, maybe if i can invite my friends so they can have fun and more fun! fun fun!

          This place is last place i wanna go, and look at the view~~~~~ is sooo pweeetty~~ nyan~

          And thus summer vacation is almost over, i went back my place! nyan~ although i didnt do much but atleast i get to explore! so maybe next time i can invite my bestie friends to play with me! nyehehehehe~~~
          Do you wan play with me in next vacation~~? Nyan~~

          IGN: LunarSelesia


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            Reinhardt's Summer

            IGN: Reinhardt

            My summer vacation experience was a blast I even got to experience a summer festival while I was at it. It all started when I was doing some research on some of the best tourist spots in Meridia and found out there would be a festival soon, so I decided I would attend.

            I took off in my favorite paraglider from the floating islands and headed for the festival.

            Upon my arrival in town, I decided to hit up the harbor and try my hand out in fishing. I had never tried it before, so might as well start with some new experiences. Didn't imagine I would land a huge catch on my first day.

            As Iwandered around the bustling town, I saw some yukata's being sold in the shops and decided to get myself one for the festivities. I ran into a beautiful girl wearing a yukata with flower designs all around. I approached her and made some chit chat.

            We spent the afternoon together visiting the festivities. It was funny seeing the waiter at this one place get frustrated by her indecisiveness when ordering. Seems she can't make up her mind on what she wants to try. So many things to choose from.

            We decided to see each other again over the summer. We went on many adventures, one of the most extraordinary ones being when we went underwater with Emilia. "~Under the sea~"

            The days went by and I grew fonder of her. I decided to try my luck and asked her to be my girlfriend. We visited a secluded beach Emilia told me about, the night couldn't have went better.

            She came over to my place and we had some cake and tea. She enjoyed the cats and they liked her too. The cats caused a little mischief but nothing too serious.

            She told me she hadn't tried alcohol yet but was intrigued by my collection of bottles and drinks. Made her a few drinks to try out, nothing too strong.We toasted to the best summer vacation yet and hopefully more to come.


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              Vulpine's Summer Memories

              IGN: Vulpine

              My vacation? Well, it all started with Blossom telling me about the local festival.

              I attended the local festival in a yukata Blossom had picked out for me. It was a beautiful white with flower designs all around. I'll have to remember to thank her. I ran into a guy at the festival entrance that called out to me, asking about what first timers should do at this festival. I told him it was my first time here as well so I had no idea to be honest. He suggested we stick together then, more fun with more people.

              I took him up on his offer and we visited some stalls together. There was this old man that called out to us to have our fortune's read. We approached him and he started telling us that our compatibility was good and we would make a good couple. Something any fortune teller would tell to a man and woman walking together of course.

              The old man gave us a good laugh and we continued on our adventure throughout the festivities. We eventually ended up at the bonfire and we danced and danced. Started thinking that maybe the old man wasn't a fake afterall.

              As the night went on, he bought us some fireworks and we set them off. It was such fun, the fireworks were very pretty too.Maybe we would see each other again after the festival.

              He asked me out a few times to go on some adventures with him after the festival. Blossom told me I should go and enjoy the summer.

              We went out a couple of times and even ran into Emilia when we were collecting shells. Apparently she had lost her pearl so we gave her a hand looking for it. Turns out a local animal had found it and brought it to her after a while.

              I started to get attached to him in more than just friends way. He asked me out on some dates, one night we went to this secluded area by the beach that had a stunning view. The night was beautiful and we could see the stars clearly, I'll never forget that night.

              He invited me over to his place and he let me borrow his kitchen. I cooked us up a meal for lunch time. Blossom told me the best way to a man's heart is his stomach.

              After we ate he asked me to sit down on the couch because he wanted to ask me something. I sat down and he asked me to close my eyes for a second. When I opened them again he was kneeling in front of me with a box in his hand. I looked inside and there was a beautiful ring. I told him yes!

              After some time passed we finally got married. That summer is one I'll never forget. I hope we can go on more adventures from now on.


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                IGN: Kjemi

                Every summer I would go on some kind of vacation, usually I would go visit my mom, but this year I wanted to do something special! I decided to go to Raywing Harbor and try to have the wildest time of my life...and I did.
                As an experienced traveler I knew that going only to the usual tourist places would be boring, so I made sure to go everywhere and try out everything.

                I went to the docks to enjoy the fresh sea breeze while watching the hustle and bustle of the ships. Following my kind nature I decided to ask if anyone needed help and before I knew it I was loading and unloading ships with the locals. It was so much fun and they gave me a uniform as a thank you gift! This was one of my favourite spots instantly and I made so many new friends.

                I also went to the lighthouse, to enjoy the view and get away from the buzzing town. I made sure to dress according to the weather and when I got there, the view was amazing. And there was no other person in sight. I could just close my eyes and forget all my troubles..One day I want to bring someone I love here.

                When I had to eat I went to the local baker, who I heard made the most amazing cakes. Being a real sweet tooth, I knew I had to try. And boy was I enjoying it. Never in my life had I tasted a cake more delicious. It just melted in my mouth and I could see all things good in the world. And the view from the cafe was amazing too! This really was the best vacation spot.

                As any fashionable girl I had to go shopping as well, and Raywing was happy to deliver. It sold me anything I wanted, from armor to weapons to even fireworks! By the time I was done, I'm surprised I even had any silver left!

                One of the days I was there it was so hot I just had to go for a swim. So I went to the docks and jumped in, swimming quite a bit away from the ships for safety before I started to play around. Diving and splashing. The cool water was just what I needed on that day.

                Sadly, no vacation can be perfect and along the way I managed to get injured. But, Raywing had one of the best healers on the job! Nurse Annie was so kind and careful, she fixed me up in no time. Honestly by the time she was done I felt better than I ever had.

                While in Raywing I had to also go see the bulbirds. There were so many of them! I made sure to pet as many as I could, and enjoyed watching the giant Corrigan hop around. The local farmers were very kind too and after helping them with their pumpkins the farmers wife made me one of the best pies I had ever tasted. There sure is nothing like the country life!

                Lastly....well one of the days I drank a little too much fruit cocktails. I don't really remember any of it, but appearantly I got married! Right in middle of the town by a water fountain I got married to a fella called Ivor. The pictures were great and he isn't bad looking, but I'm not sure what to do now exactly...one this is for sure though I'm going to watch how many delicious fruit cocktails I drink from now on.

                All in all I have come to the conclusion that if you want the perfect vacation, Raywing Harbor is the place to be. It has everything you could ever want and you're bound to have a vacation you will never forget! Unless you drink too much..


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                  IGN: AshleyS

                  A case of art imitating life.

                  I had considered going on vacation like everyone else however, I had an anxiety attack which put an end to that.

                  This led to me crying in bed for a few hours.

                  Then drowning my sorrows.

                  Ultimately I went back to playing games instead of trying new experiences.


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                    It was really hard to pick the winners guys! You're really creative!