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★In-Game Event★ Where is Michelle?

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  • ★In-Game Event★ Where is Michelle?

    Something happened to Michelle. She left the terracotage some days ago.
    We have been looking for her but the only thing we found was a short letter from her.

    It seems like She is trying to find some answers about herself. As We know everything has been so hard.
    We need to find Michelle and let her know that She is very important to us and We'll always protect her.

    1. Michelle will be walking around some maps. You'll have to find her.
    2. If you found Michelle You'll have to whisper her location (Map + coordinates) to GM Claire.
    3. The event will be in channel Marisa.
    4. It will be on August 6th, 2018 at 3:00 PM Server Time.
    5. You can find Michelle a max of 4 times.
    6. The event will last 1 hour and She will spawn randomly.
    7. She may spawn in high-low level maps.
    8. Only the 1st person that found michelle in that location Will get the reward. After that, She will spawn in a new map.

    I'm going to take note of all the players that participated. There will be a raffle!
    Everyone will have the chance to win an amazing furniture to decorate your terracotage!

    The winners can pick their favorite.

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