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♥ Valentin's Event ♥ Chocolate Adventure ♥

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  • ♥ Valentin's Event ♥ Chocolate Adventure ♥

    Forum Event:

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to connect with that special someone in your life.
    Whether you’re a man or a woman, surprise your loved one and celebrate Valentine’s Day in TwinSaga.to

    We want to have a very romantic day this Feb, 14th. That's why We have to start gathering the ingredients for our homemade chocolate since today!
    It needs to be aromatic, sweet, comforting, succulent, perfect. That's why it's not a easy task. We'll have to work together to create the best valentines's chocolate ♥

    Let's create the best choco recipe!

    To participate in this event you must create a choco recipe using ingredients that you can gather/find in Twin Saga.

    There are many kinds of chocolates that you can cook for valentin's day. I'll give you the options and you must to choose one and create your own recipe.

    Loosely meaning ‘obligation chocolate’, this gift is given to friends, bosses, family members, work colleagues or other men who the giver isn’t romantically involved with.
    It’s an obligation, for sure, but there’s more to it than that.

    In Japan, Honmei chocolate is reserved for a boyfriend, husband or lover – that special someone in your life that you want to shower with affection in the form of chocolate,
    cookies and other sweet treats.

    Let’s face it, we all love chocolate. Jibun-choco is the chocolate you buy and enjoy for yourself. Depending on who you ask, jibun-choco is actually the most important to many women (and men) on Valentine’s Day.

    Tomo-choco is ‘friend chocolates’ and is given by women to other female friends on Valentine’s Day – so no one is left out of the gifts!

    All ingredients that you're going to use must exist in TwinSaga
    If there is something that you need to get from a moob, you must to specify
    You must to choose one of the chocolates that are on details
    You can only create one recipe to participate
    You can add screenshots of the ingredients to make it looks like a recipe
    Your recipe needs to have "ingredients/directions"

    The best 3 recipes are going to receive:

    Golden Skill Book level 78

    All participants will get:

    Mysterious Ancient Golden Chest x10

    You have until Feb, 14th 2018 - 23:59 PM Server Time to post your recipe!

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    ☆°・:・For this Honmei-Choco recipe you'll need・:・°☆

    Angelic Chocolate

    Month Peach

    Spirit Blossom

    Sweet Egg

    Terra's Passion

    Pink Rose

    Magic Strawberries

    Caramelized Sugar
    Wash, cut and then blend together your Month Peach, Spirit Blossom and Sweet Egg.

    Fill a saucepan 3/4 with water, put it on your stove over a low heat, and place a good sized bowl on top.

    Unwrap your Angelic Chocolate and break it into smaller pieces, then put it in the bowl.

    Make sure to stir while the Angelic Chocolate is melting in the bowl, and add your Month Peach, Spirit Blossom and Sweet Egg mixture.
    Those ingredients will add the sakura colour and flavour to your chocolates ・°♡

    Add in your Terra's Passion, so your senpai will taste the passion you put into these chocolates ・°♡ (^ㅅ^✿)
    Stir the sakura chocolate mixture until all ingredients are completely combined, and then turn the stove off. Take care to not burn your chocolate!

    While your sakura chocolate mixture is still warm, carefully pour it into a sakura chocolate silicone mould and then put it in the fridge.

    Wash, cut and then blend your Pink Rose, Magic Strawberries and Caramelized Sugar ingredients together in order to make Rose Juice ・°♡

    Set the Rose Juice aside in room temperature in order for it to thicken a little.

    After being in the fridge for 3 hours, your chocolates are ready for decorating ・°♡
    Simply pop the chocolates out of the silicone mould, and decorate the top of the chocolates in the shape of kitty paw pads with the thickened Rose Juice you prepared earlier!
    It'll add a sweet rose strawberry flavour to your sakura chocolates \(^∀^)/

    With that, you are done with your delicious Honmei-Choco! Just be careful with how you package your chocolates, or your design could get ruined (◕﹏◕")

    ☆°・:・With one bite of these delicious and adorable sakura paw chocolates, it'll set you apart from the crowd and make your senpai notice you・:・°☆
    What are you waiting for? Make this recipe and steal their heart ♥! (✪ㅅ✪)b
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      Hello everyone. Here I bring a simple recipe but with a lot of "love" for the partner Homnei-Choco. "Loving" him/her or not everyone deserve love. So I decided to share my secret recipe that conquers any heart from its crush. Below all ingredients required


      Demonic Chocolate

      Wild Grapes

      Sentient Blossom

      Sweet Egg

      Rice Milk

      Caramelized Sugar


      First, make the yellow tahini. Toast the sentient blossom seeds in a small pan over a gentle heat until you can smell the sentient blossom aroma.

      Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and line two baking sheets with parchment. In a large bowl, beat wild grapes, caramelized sugar and 30ml of rice milk until pale and fluffy. Add the sweet egg and 80g of yellow tahini paste, and beat to combine. Add Demonic Chocolate chunks and beat until fully incorporated.

      Using your hands, put in form wings into about 20 pieces and place on the baking sheets. Press each ball lightly so it’s a little flatter, leaving plenty of room between them, as they will spread.

      Bake for 6-8 mins until still soft in the middle – they will harden as they cool. Leave to cool on the sheets for a few mins before transferring to wire racks to cool completely.

      After few minutes you can eat it.
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