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★Ingame Event★ Claire's Magic Store

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  • ★Ingame Event★ Claire's Magic Store

    [Ingame Event]
    Claire's Magic Store
    Date: 01/27/2018 - from 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM - server time
    Channel: Marisa

    I has been traveling around the world, I found many enemies to defeat on this adventure.
    Many Meridians asked me for help. Sometimes some monsters were invading the town. Also there were bosses destroying everything on their way.
    As a GM I must to fight to keep peace throughout the world. That's why I obtained many treasures from different places.
    Some of them are really rare also i have items that we use from day to day. I need to continue my adventure but I want to share this items with all Arcadia Knights.

    It will be your chance to get new items to get stronger.

    I will set my stall close to Arcadia's AH. You are going to find some rare items in my store but i'll have more in my inventory!
    Are you looking for a specific item? you may ask me, maybe i have it! -no whispers allowed- For all transactions the item will be announced in world chat

    What happens if someone else wants the same item? I'm going to auction it! The best offer wins.

    Also, i don't trust on regular mail system, so to get the item we'll have to trade.

    -Gear Formulas
    -Costumes, a lot of them!
    -Rare drops
    -Materials and more!

    Don't think it too much, start farming Gold today!

    *The base price it's going to be decided by GM Claire*

    -the location could change in that day, but it will be announced many times before/during the event-

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      make the event in PM :'(