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♥ New Year Event ♥ The last selfie of the year!

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  • ♥ New Year Event ♥ The last selfie of the year!

    This year is about to end, we have live amazing adventures together! Not everything has been perfect but the important is that we had never give up! I really apreciate you guys! And i want to say thank you for stay here supporting TS.

    Since 2018 is around the corner is time to take the last selfie of the year! it can be with your friends, alone, with your pet or senshi! Show us that beautiful smile that you all have!

    1. Take a your selfie
    2. Specify your IGN in your entry.
    4. Write a little description to say goodbye to 2017!
    5. You need to use a polaroid border in your picture
    (it should look like the ones in the banner)
    6. Submit it.

    -You can participate in the event with only one of your characters and one screenshot.
    -You must hide the UI (Press Alt+H ingame).
    -You must add a description to your screenshot.
    -You can semi edit the screenshot (colors correction, lights, shadows).
    -You need to add the polaroid border to your picture. To make it different! (you can find it ready to use at the end of this post)
    -You have until January 3rd, 2018 11:59 PM Server Time to post your entry.

    We are going to pick 5 winners!

    They are going to win a costume set (Head, Body, Back, weapon) choosen by the GMs ♥
    Also 1500 Gold for every winner!

    And since it is for say hello to a new year! We'll give a surprise gift to every participant!

    All the screenshots are going to be posted in our facebook fanpage^^

    Polaroid template click this

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    IGN: Amanthea

    2017 had been a very exciting year for me in the world of Twin Saga!
    The release of the new map, more fun events from our beloved GMs,
    and even if the game is not that crowded, it's still a great game!
    (I still love Phoenix btw)
    I'm not that active anymore but I do check the game for ranking and lp grinding
    when there's a new promo or Astral Puzzle~
    I also watch the Monster Hunt and do Solo one if I can finish it~

    I just did a simple description--
    Last edited by LadyFiona; 12-27-2017, 04:27 AM.

    AKPS: Pionya (active)
    LadyFiona (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
    FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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      Originally posted by LadyFiona View Post
      a question~
      where do we have to put the description? In the picture or just type it here?

      *I'll also edit my entry here*
      just type here~ ♥ i can't wait to see your entry^^


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        oki thankshh~ and it's done

        AKPS: Pionya (active)
        LadyFiona (semi-active)
        TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

        dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
        FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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          IGN: Catalola

          ☆・:・Here's to 2017, a year filled with memes and fun times with all my friends, a year filled with ups and downs, and a year filled with repairing my weapon at least a thousand times XD・:・☆

          !Bring it on 2018!


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            IGN: Haneul
            Caption: Started playing Twin Saga this 2017. Met new friends, a great guild [8bit forever!] and now I'm chillin here with my Christmas senshi - Lore!
            Cant wait to discover more bout Twin Saga on 2018!
            Last edited by Nessy Girl; 12-27-2017, 11:15 PM.


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              Originally posted by Nessy Girl View Post

              IGN: Haneul
              Caption: Started playing Twin Saga this 2017. Met new friends, a great guild [8bit forever!] and now I'm chillin here with my Christmas senshi - Lore!
              Cant wait to discover more bout Twin Saga on 2018!

              hello Nessy! to upload your picture you can upload your picture to https://imgur.com/ and copy the link from there instead of use your pc location ♥


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                IGN: Shaie

                A while ago I started to play this game, but I had no patience for questing.
                A few weeks ago I came back and THERE WERE CUTE CAT COSTUMES in the astral puzzle. As a crazy cat lady this was a sign that I have to play this game for longer! My guild is really nice too.
                I wish for 2018: cats, cats, cats, cats, fluffy things and as much fun as I have now ♥


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                  IGN: Yonalia
                  Its been 11 months since a good friend introduced me to this game, not even a full year yet but there's no way I can say that I regret ever becoming apart of this community.
                  In the time I have played this game I've met new friends and grown closer to a lot of them (not just Senshi's =w=) and have made many memories that I will never forget. Here's to a successful year and to the years ahead!

                  and hey, why not swing by for a refreshing drink, I'll save a seat just for you~


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                    IGN: JubeiChan
                    I am playing twin saga since beta testing and I really enjoy to play since the first day I join this server a few months ago and I meet new friends in my guild I wish Twin saga will survive another year .I wish to everyone a great year with happiness joy and love ....... and also new stuffs new djn's and new update to make that wonderfull game better and better .
                    special thank to the gm and staffs who care about this server
                    long life to Twin saga .to
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                      The Last Selfie of the Year


                      "A hurdle of trials is going to end (2017) and there awaits more tough challenges (2018)"

                      This year (2017) is the toughest year that I had, full of mistakes, heartbreak, pains and regrets...
                      The year where the things that I wanted to happen turns into a mere imagination only.
                      But despite of all negative things that happened there's always a positive things behind it, lessons and determination to stand up once again

                      to face another challenges (2018)
                      December 18 of 2017, I've started to play Twin Saga, indeed I've been playing it not that so long, but the fun and experience that I had is almost equal to a year, meeting new persons as well as joining a fantastic guild (8bit) and being able to chat and play with them, completed my 2017. I'm looking forward for 2018!


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                        IGN: Tsuki

                        2017 has had its ups and downs but it's been a good year for me =w= i've met
                        some good friends that i'm very happy to have met and it's all thanks to my
                        best friend.

                        ~Good luck to all participants~
                        A little bit of Monika in my life~ A little bit of Monika by my side~ A little bit of Monika's all i need~ A little bit of Monika's what i see~
                        Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika

                        Kittens and cats and cats and kittens.
                        Avatar done by the cutie Catalola~


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                          IGN: Zato
                          All we have to do is be grateful for what we've been through at 2017
                          Both good and bad things that happen to us
                          Goodbye 2017 and welcome 2018
                          Last edited by Zato; 12-30-2017, 04:38 PM.
                          IGN : Zato


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                            IGN: DoomCookie
                            2017 has been a bit of a slow year, I just recently came back to playing Twin Saga.
                            Cheers to 2018 being a fun filled year of many fun T.S. adventures.
                            I hope that everyone has a Happy New Years!
                            Can not wait to see what 2018 brings for everyone


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                              Not making an event entry as I don't really want the prize and I'd rather have others win
                              but I'd still like to share my memories. ;w;

                              I met so many wonderful people on Twin Saga in the past year. Not all of you stuck around, some of you came and went but I am happy to have been able to make so many fun memories. I think that all experiences, both good and bad are important and polish us into who we are in the long run. (oh boy, this is so cheesy, imma stop xD)
                              But anyway, thanks :3 To the staff, to all the current and past players that I was able to meet and especially to all my little 8bits ♥ ily guys!
                              IGN: Fio
                              Guild: 8bit