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[Halloween Event] Belle's Cursed Party!

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  • [Halloween Event] Belle's Cursed Party!

    As you've probably noticed, our little Belle got a whole new, scarier and more dangerous look!
    And to celebrate the occasion (I mean, she's the first Senshi to ever change clothes!
    Oh boy, the others Senshis must stink... Or do they have dozens of the same costume? Guess we'll never know) -,
    she decided to throw a Cursed Party on Halloween!

    But a Cursed Party, of course, needs some cursed guests!
    And that's why, in order to join the fun and enjoy some cursing and chill, Belle requested that all of her guests must wear an appropriate Halloween attire.

    Event Details

    ► You will have to select one of the currently available Senshis (excluding Cocotte) and give it a new, fresh Halloween look, like Belle's;

    ► You can use images and/or existing costumes (both in game and irl) as references - but if your design is original, you'll get more points;

    ► If you choose to use something as a reference or inspiration, you must credit it in your entry's post;

    ► Even though this is a drawing contest, the overall entry (and mostly the design) will be the main focus when judging;

    ► You can use any kind of materials in your entry, as well as add a description for context;

    You must add your IGN to your entry;

    ► Copying somebody else's idea will automatically desqualify yours;

    ► Your entry must be suitable for all ages.


    I will pick the 3 best entries, and each of the three winners will receive:
    DarkBelle's Contracts x10 + a costume of choice + an ornament of choice.


    November 9th - 12am server time.
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    Can I reserve a post with an idea/sketch and edit it later with the finished entry? Just don't want my idea to get snatched while I work on the drawing
    IGN: Fio
    Guild: 8bit


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      Originally posted by xFio View Post
      Can I reserve a post with an idea/sketch and edit it later with the finished entry? Just don't want my idea to get snatched while I work on the drawing
      sure thing!


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        Vampire Samuel joins the party!

        I've been drawing lots of female characters lately, so I badly wanted to choose a male one for this contest.
        The idea and inspiration was mostly by browsing through halloween-themed male characters
        and I tried to stay as well as possible true to Samuel's original outfit
        (e.g. the coat, pauldron, shape of the shoes and that vertical cloth with the cross)
        v v v

        c r e d i t s
        IGN Patterns used Background image Reference for Samuel
        Sangh 01 | 02 03 04

        full view for details here
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        Twin Saga ►► Sangh
        Kharybdis ◄◄ Aura Kingdom


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          gonna save me a spot too, so here's a wip of the skech i'm working on with the cute melody o3o"


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            Ghost Bride Eve

            IGN: Fio
            Bg ref used: click
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            IGN: Fio
            Guild: 8bit


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              little Goo-Go wants to join the party, too!
              With her fierce appearance she will not only steal your candy,
              but also find a way into your heart. So you won't be mad at her.

              My inspiration was the "typical" creepy-cute style.
              GoGo is an innocent little child and I didn't want her to dress up in a real creepy way.
              Her head depicts a big bonbon and the dress is decorated with stolen sweets.
              Her pose was highly inspired by her idle animation.


              Patterns used
              Halloween Pattern
              Lace Pattern

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              Twin Saga
              mainly occultist
              Aura Kingdom
              sorcerer / shuriken


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                Can it be only a sketch? It seems i dont have enough time for colors because i'm really slow :x


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                  to participate in the contest

                  melody taken from here https://ss.x-legend.co.jp/about/partner.php,
                  the background from the Internet
                  IGN Riana
                  unfortunately, when insert pictures not shown, therefore is the link https://prnt.sc/h5b5s2
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                    Lore in pumpkin dress perhaps?

                    Apologizes if there are sketches marks i dont know what happened, some pencil marks are just permanent e.e
                    The main idea was actually just sketches, but then idea strikes in mind that maybe i should color some parts

                    IGN : Theamilis
                    Credits :

                    Half of the shoe
                    Pumpkin skirt and the thingy around the neck
                    And a thousand apologies of the paper color because its already yellow, i dont feel confident drawing in white paper because it gets dirty so quickly
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                      Amazing entries so far! Keep 'em coming!


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                        IGN: Birb
                        Description: Do you know what TS lacks? Sparkly vampires.
                        Now you better hope that isnt your blood.
                        i'm fully prepared to lose lmao

                        blood ref
                        Contact me ♥
                        Aura Kingdom: Niige
                        Twin Saga: Birb


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                          IGN: Amanthea
                          Description: Since I can't do my own costume for Phoenix, I chose my second fave senshi which is Zaro~ My inspiration of making this drawing is literally Zack from the game 'Angel of Deaths/Slaughter'. The design of the scythe is actually just a made up but idk if there will be similar designs XD.
                          Reference: Angel of Slaughter Zack (my first plan is to make Zaro wear Zack's costume but I ended up with a Reaper in the end xD)

                          Zaro, The Reaper
                          his specialty is the red walls--

                          AKPS: Pionya (active)
                          LadyFiona (semi-active)
                          TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

                          dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
                          FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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                            Hi hi! Sorry for the delay! Here are the winners for the contest:

                            narasya, Airisviel & Uhseen!

                            Congratulations to the winners and specialy to everyone who participated! Please send me a forum pm with your prize choices.

                            As for the runner-ups, please contact me ingame for a special freebie! Your entries were so good it was super duper hard to pick just 3 winners!
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