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★Ingame Event★ Summoning Boss Event!

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  • ★Ingame Event★ Summoning Boss Event!

    [Ingame Event]
    Summoning Boss Event!
    Date: September 10, 2017 / 5 PM -server time-
    Channel: Amaris

    Event Description:

    Enemies are trying to invade this world. It's part of a big plan that they have been thinking about, but the didn't realize about something,
    We'll do everything to protect our world! It's time to fight together and make sure they won't destroy anything.

    Make sure to be there to make this challenge easier to complete!

    Event Details:

    -You MUST be in Raywing Harbor CH Amaris.
    -Some Monsters will invade this map. Since this a low level map, everyone can participate on this event.
    -Bosses could spawn in different coordinates. There won't be 2 or more bosses in differents places at same time.
    -The event could last up to 1 hour.


    After the event, GMs will raffle 1000 Gold!
    Only people who was in the event can participate in this raffle.
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    oh woa reminds me of the 'save aura' event xD interesting!

    Art by Daeyoung

    Pump - TFD trash


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      what kind of items will the boss give us?


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        Bosses will have their original drop nwn