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Story Writting Contest: The Story Begins...

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  • Story Writting Contest: The Story Begins...

    Story Writting Contest: The Story Begins!
    It has been a year since the world of Meridia saw the light of the Internet. And in all that time, we had countless adventures! But now, to celebrate the 365 days we have been together, we will ask you to imagine how everything started, for you...

    Event Details:
    - This is a story writting contest. Players who wants to participate needs to write an original, game related, story.
    - The topic of the story must center one of your characters.
    - The story must tell your character's first adventure in Meridia: it could be completely fictional or based in real life events.
    - You must use real characters to tell the story: your character's nick, NPCs, monsters or senshis can be included into the fictional tale.
    - The story most be based in the game, you can use story-side specifics or game facts to tell your tale.
    - The story most contain at least 4 paragraphs and no more than 16.
    - You must include your own character and at least two others characters into the story (they could be friends, NPCs, monsters, senshis, etc).
    - The scenario for the story must also be game related.

    Event Prizes:
    - We will select three winners in total. Each winner will receive:
    x10 senshi contracts of own selection + Fashion set (hair and costume piece) of own selection.
    We will also raffle x50 Astral Crystals between all the contestants.

    - You will have exactly one week (until August 31) to submit and/or edit your entry.

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    hi! A question~

    Are we going to submit the story in here or in the Stories/Writing/Fan fiction thread?

    *if it's here, I'll just edit this reply for my entry :3

    AKPS: Pionya (active)
    LadyFiona (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
    FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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      Originally posted by LadyFiona View Post
      hi! A question~

      Are we going to submit the story in here or in the Stories/Writing/Fan fiction thread?

      *if it's here, I'll just edit this reply for my entry :3
      Either of both are allowed. You can add the link here to the fact fiction section, or just add the entry here, and it will still be a valid entry.


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        Originally posted by Aura View Post
        Either of both are allowed. You can add the link here to the fact fiction section, or just add the entry here, and it will still be a valid entry.
        Oh okay! I'll just make a thread in the fan fiction section~ Thanks!

        AKPS: Pionya (active)
        LadyFiona (semi-active)
        TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

        dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
        FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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          IGN: Amanthea
          My entry! http://forum.aurakingdom.to/showthre...640#post154640

          AKPS: Pionya (active)
          LadyFiona (semi-active)
          TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

          dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
          FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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            And here's my entry~

            The frigid air whistled around me as I stepped forward onto the prow of the ship, it’s cool descent whipping my hair back over my pale skin as I stare into the horizon in a suitably noble and daring fashion.
            This is important you see, for I am Lamb, the newest (and the greatest!) hero the world has ever seen. And it is incredibly important that everything go perfectly right, for today is the day I begin my adventure to save the world!
            A shudder and an ominous creak from under my dramatic pose breaks my visions of grandeur and riches. I fervently hope that the rest of the world isn’t as wobbly as this darn old ship.
            I look up again, fixing my eyes onto the island that I would make my mark on as a great hero. Raywing Island. It’s shallow beaches and beautiful forests no doubt contained great evil that only I can suppress, I thought in anticipation.
            To embellish that, they had already given me a vital task only the strongest and most trusted adventurers/magicians like myself could handle. Escorting a VIP, the mayor’s own daughter!
            I almost snorted with laughter thinking about how easy it was going to be. Taking care of a little girl on a peaceful island was a great way of starting my illustrious career.
            Oh, and there was some talk about wolves, but honestly how hard could taking care of that be?

            I stumble off the ship, into the small harbour and take a moment to gather myself before meeting up with the mayor’s daughter and introducing myself as her new hero, the greatest champion and adventurer, Lamb.
            After breaking my dramatic pose I snuck a quick look at her, trying to gauge her reaction to my appearance. To my satisfaction, she seemed suitably awed, in a way only the rich could be, dainty mouth slightly open, eyes wide. I grin.
            Visions of the fame and gold for completing this job were already flooding my mind.
            After a few minutes of aimless chatter, we begin our trip through the thick forests of Raywing Harbour. Fina followed close behind me as I waved my weapon around in what I hoped was a professional and dramatic way.

            The uphill path provided no mercy to my poor, tired feet as I sauntered onwards, trying to ignore the cramps forming in my legs after that accursed ride on that leaky cauldron they called a boat.
            Suddenly I hear the gentle, constant whisper of the trees in the wind broken by something…stronger. It was ever so slight, but something about it sounded feral, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.
            I raise my hand and silently order Fina to stop, taking up my defensive stance and raising my weapon.
            The noises heightened. The bushes shuddered. I heard Fina’s quick gasp behind me as she watched in fear. I narrowed my eyes, mentally readying myself to jump at the slightest movement. The noises reached a crescendo.
            I hear Fina scream. Tensed and ready to go I twirl around and raise my weapon for the attack…
            A screech, a yowl and the Furval that had been hiding in the bushes leaps out and darts across the path, followed by four anxious cheeps as a group of Bulbirds hurriedly follow in its wake, bouncing along on their tiny fat legs.
            I laugh and bend down to coax the scared creatures and reassure them that we meant no harm.
            Lost in thought about how this island lived up to its amazing rumours, I turn around with a sheepish grin to Fina before realising her face had gone pale and her expression cold as she looked over my shoulder.
            Puzzled, I wondered if she was afraid of cats. Maybe she was allergic? Or maybe she ate expired Bulbird meat once…wait, do they even eat Bul-
            My thoughts were jerked from my mind by something sharp clamping onto my leg with a vice grip. Those are teeth, my panicked mind told me. Yup definitely teeth, I confirmed as the hold tightened on my leg, sending excruciating pain waves through my body.
            Hearing Fina scream again, I turn to face my attacker.
            As it turned out, a huge brown wolf had decided to snack on my gorgeous legs, and it seemed that he had brought friends to the show, with another brown wolf drooling nearby and a massive black wolf staring at the scene with something like disdain on his shaggy face.

            Did they have something against me? Did they think I was an ACTUAL lamb? I shake my fist in defiance towards the heavens, cursing my parents’ choice of name and the abject disaster it had brought upon my poor leg while simultaneously pulling out my staff and readying my spell of choice to deal with the situation. Flourishing my staff in between the wolf’s face, I watched as its eyes slowly moved up from my leg to the business end of the weapon now primed and glowing at it.
            I grin. A Firebolt erupts from the staff and blasts the wolf right in the kisser, throwing it backwards with a nice, satisfying yelp of pain.
            The injured wolf picks itself up and is joined by the other brown one, as the larger black wolf tilts its head with what seems like a hungry curiosity and observes the unfolding events.
            “Two on one, are you sure that it’ll be enough?” I remark insolently, and with much false bravado. I attempt to stand and strike a heroic battle pose for Fina’s sake, who was still standing behind me with her hands to her mouth in shock.
            The wolves turn to each other in a moment of hesitation before gathering themselves and catapulting towards me with angry snarls and growls.
            “Do you think fire is all I have up my sleeve, or my staff in this case?” I comment casually, twirling my staff in intricate movements and preparing the arcane energy needed for my next spell, “I guess you’ll just have to find out!”.
            A hiss, and Rampant Winds explode from the staff, blowing back the wolves and sending them tumbling to the ground. They dusted themselves from the ground and squeaked, running into the woods while a second Firebolt lapped at their tails, chasing them away.

            I know the job isn’t done just yet. I turn to face the head honcho, the boss, the huge black wolf with eyes of fire staring right at me. I take a deep breath, staring him right back.
            He stares at me, I stare at him. Fina stares at us both. The good ol' good, bad and the ugly moment from the movies is happening, me being the good one of course, and you can guess who the other two are.
            A bulbird rolls by like a tumbleweed with a squeak. Well, this is awkward. As I'm about to open my mouth to provoke the black wolf, to my surprise, Fina steps in and gives the wolf a big ol' karate chop between the ears.
            I don't know which one of us is more confused by this, me, or the wolf.
            The wolf’s expression breaks and it collapses into tears, running away through the woods. I actually feel bad for the poor thing. As I stand still looking bamboozled, Fina runs towards me.
            "Are you alright? How's the wound?"
            I nod and say I'm just fine, for tis but a scratch. I put away my staff, Fina gives me a warm smile and we continue our journey.
            I grin at her and take her hand, slowly hobbling up the hill, ready to continue the epic journey of the great hero Lamb, and her underlings. On a sidenote, my leg still hurts.
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              Siblings Spotted!

              IGN: Katiepie

              As the sea breeze flowed inland, the gentle waves glided across the water and lapped against a pair of worn out feet. Katiepie took a deep breath of the salty air and stretched her arms above her head. The day’s toils had worn out her recovering body from the clash on the island. Thinking back on it only made her more tired, so she sat on the edge of the pier and closed her eyes.

              Not much time passed before she heard the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps behind her. She begrudgingly opened her eyes and glanced over her shoulder to see two small children standing not too far from her. They seemed to be in conversation, so she turned her view back to the sea. Unfortunately, the kids were speaking louder than necessary, and Katie could not help but overhear.

              “Your birthday’s coming up soon, Lorena. Anything you want?” Asked a boyish, chirpy voice.
              The girl replied, “Can I really have anything, Hans?”
              “Haha! Why don’t you tell me, and we’ll see?” The boy challenged.
              Lorena hesitated a moment before speaking up. “Well… Nina’s mama is really pretty. It makes me wish our mama was still here…”
              Katie suddenly felt an ache in her heart. “These children don’t have a mother, oh poor babies,” she thought to herself.
              Hans thought briefly before confidently replying “Mama, huh? If it’ll make you happy, I’ll do everything I can to find her. It’s been such a long time that I wonder if I’d recognize her face. Even so, I promise to do my best.” Katie couldn’t help but feel admiration in this little boy’s dedication to his sister.
              “Yay! Then we won’t be teased for being orphans anymore!” Lorena cheerily exclaimed but only brought another ache to an eavesdropper’s heart.

              Having come to a conclusion on Lorena’s birthday gift, the two children began to set off on their journey. Katie stood up and brushed off her bottom. She turned around to gaze upon the backs of two children firmly holding hands and walking determinedly as they disappeared into the crowd. Her heart yearned to reach out to them, but she knew that she had her own journey to partake in. She looked back once more towards the sea’s horizon as the sun began to set. With newfound resolve, she faced the crowd and began walking towards her own future.
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                [I changed the original story line slightly, If you don't mind ^^]

                Today was they day I'd board the ship and set out to Meridia, to fulfil an adventure untold - I say untold, yet I've been having the strangest dreams as of lately about blue light, two colliding goddesses and a war that broke through a world that, to me did not exist until now. My mother and father told me stories of this place when I was younger, and how adventures alike would visit these lands of unspeakable mystery. They talked about the mystical senshi's in which were contracted to the adventurer's - and this entirely boosted my desire to go.

                Its been 15 years, and over those years I have been told countless tale's of this very place to which I now begin anew. Upon the ships arrival I felt a feint butterfly within my stomach, It was like I was dreaming all over again. And it was not long before my approach was noted by a maiden named Fina. Upon introducing myself Fina's eyes seemed to wander to the pouch I was carrying, and it appeared that she had noticed my weapon of choice to bring - Though it was not really a weapon, it was more so my sceptre, an item in which to me - allowed me to escape the reality of existence.

                For now, I was an apprentice mage, and my skills still had their flaws, But despite this, my sceptre still made me feel that little more powerful. Although a beginner, I aim to thrive and become a Cleric upon reaching Adept. Helping people, having the ability to heal and revive was a keen interest of mine.

                Raywind Island, Not Harbor? Murmuring to myself I realised I was drifting in and out of reality, again! Shaking my head briskly, I reached into my bag to show Fina my scepter to which she was mesmerised by. I felt at one point she was slightly envious of my ability to wield such an instrument. The maiden did attempt to grab it, but expectantly I briskly placed it back into my pouch. With a huff the lady turned around, and I quirk a smile in amusement. Fina then turned around to face me again, only to forcefully grab my hand and drag me forwards, mumbling about some wolves that had been pestering her Uncle.

                As we venture through the forestry of Raywind, the path begins to unwind as we voided deeper within. Although the birds we're chirping happly to themselves, I felt something was amiss being how empty this place seemed.

                We stopped dead in our tracks after a brief moment of peace, And then Fina noticed something - Strange animals seemed to be dancing and chatting in their own language, and I couldn't help but giggle. Approaching them with caution Fina paused a second time, turning herself left - I followed suit only to notice a pack of wolves had interrupted natures accord. Pesky things! They always seem to be in the way! Fina stepped back in shock only to beg me to help get rid of these pesks.

                It was then that I knew, this was going to be no ordinary adventure - I was going to cross obstacles and foes like this quite frequently within the lands of Meridia. Reaching into my pouch I grabbed my sceptre swiftly, swirling it around I awaited the wolves first move - to which I reacted instantaneously. I felt a burning sensation within my gut before launching myself forward with all my force. And before I knew it the wolves whimpered in defeat, scurrying away with their tails tucked between their legs.

                Turning my gaze right, Fina seemed almost lost in the scenario - And then began telling me about 'Ultimate Moves' To which I shook my head at, to me? My reaction was mere protective instinct. I brushed the dust off my dress and we continue onward to find a soldier named Samael. Turning the corner there was some conflict ongoing near a large purple portal of sorts. Shaking my head, I pinch myself to see whether or not this is in fact a dream and to my amazement it was not. It was really happening - a battle of soldiers and maidens was happening right in front of my eyes. I felt powerless until a child like elf, dressed in blue appeared out of nowhere.

                There was speak of legendary knights in which ventured the realms of Meridia - and apparently I was now one of them. But I knew nothing but tales? What was I supposed to do? For now I would fight, until this magical child could find the time to explain what was happening to me. It was my beginning, not my end, and I will give it my all. Samael began to fall in defeat from the battle, but he began chanting something. And to my surprise, what he was in fact doing was getting us away from the Island which now appeared too be crumbling at our very knees. He sacrificed himself to save others, and that to me is a true knight of honour.

                Perhaps one day I can become one of them, but until then I must battle and journey my way through Meridia - Starting with Raywind Harbor.

                IGN: Adorabeezle
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                  Thank you to everyone who decide to join the event, and also thank you for your lovely entries!
                  Given the small amount of contestants tho, I decide it would be truly unfair to leave only just one person outside the winning spots.
                  And, because of the same reason (since every who joined actually won something) I have also decided to suspend the astral crystals raffle to another event.

                  I will ask Amanthea, Lamb, Katiepie and Adorabeezle to send me in private message their fashion choices and selected senshi.
                  Prizes will be send as soon I have everyone's answer.