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★Ingame Event★ Find the imposter!

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  • ★Ingame Event★ Find the imposter!

    Some Citizens and monster has been moving from one city to another, even some items are in the wrong place! I don't like that kind of situation, everything must be in the right place >.<
    I won't lie, it is too hard for me try to fix this by myself. I have been working hard with Aura and the others GMs to improve the server :'3 that's why i need your help to find the wrong item/npc/monster to send it back to the correct place. May you help me please?

    1. The Event will take place this Sunday, August 27th, at 19 hours (server time).
    2. You will have to guess my target. It can be an npc, a monster, an elite monster, objet or even a boss.
    3. You will have to ask me questions about my target but can only be answered with "Yes" or "No"
    4. The first one to guess the name of the npc/monster/thing will win. There will be a total of 10 targets, and the same person can only win once.
    5. I will say in world chat in wich map my target will be.

    There will be 10 rounds, that means we'll have 10 winners!
    Every winner will get the option to ask fro x10 Senshi Contracts of his/her favorite Senshi!

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      Happy Birthday

      Beatifull Event Claire <3


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        Thanks for the event. Hope there are more to come <3


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          Originally posted by Solares View Post
          Beatifull Event Claire <3

          Thank you! lets have fun together!

          Originally posted by Khrys View Post
          Thanks for the event. Hope there are more to come <3
          You're welcome! :'3 I'm sure there will be more!


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            Nice event

            I can't participate ( Bad hour ) but good luck for the participants

            Wasuta's passport stamped
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              ebemt! *-*

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              LadyFiona (semi-active)
              TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

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