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The Technical Issues section stands for actual >TECHNICAL< problems and not bug reports, keep that in mind before making a new thread.
In case you want to report bugs, please do it in the correct section which is Bugs Report.

Sample of Technical problems:
Launcher related problems:
-Launcher crashes
-Error/Bug report window
Client related problems:
-Missing textures
-Client crashes

Sample of bugs:
*Can't accept quests
*Can't use item
*Items not translated

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NPC <Kentaro Princess> Mikozani

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  • NPC <Kentaro Princess> Mikozani

    So i just come back to the game about 6 month after I used to play it and now i have noticed that i cannot progress with my main quest from where i left it.i think its because of a missing npc "<Kentaro Princess> Mikozani" in Emerald Star Peak .

    Can any one guide me to the solution if there is any.thanks

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    Hello! Kindly make use of a separate image hosting site such as https://imgur.com/ as the forum uploads screenshots as thumbnails and become extremely small.

    As for the quest, you need to go to NPC Fallen Wizard Chu at X:396, Y:648 if abandoning and accepting the quest does not work.


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      Thanks for reply