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The Technical Issues section stands for actual >TECHNICAL< problems and not bug reports, keep that in mind before making a new thread.
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Launcher related problems:
-Launcher crashes
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Sample of bugs:
*Can't accept quests
*Can't use item
*Items not translated

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[Solution] Missing Lancer Rune Fix

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  • [Solution] Missing Lancer Rune Fix

    Credit goes to Lind. This is actually posted in the pinned messages of #lancer chat in AK.to Azuria Community Discord. Posting it here as well so I can direct players to it instead of typing it out every time.

    Method A

    Reset UI and then switch channels. But if this doesn't work for you...

    Method B

    1. Make sure you close the game before doing this.

    2. Open User.ini in your game folder and find [LanceTacticWnd]

    3. If the position has a different text after the = sign or if it doesn't exist in the User.ini at all, you can copy this one.

    Alternatively, you can download this file and replace the User.ini that you have.
    Note that your current User Interface may be moved around as well.

    4. Save the User.ini and run the game.
    If it doesn't save due to permissions, copy your User.ini file from Program Files onto your Desktop, edit as needed, and then move it back into the folder.
    Last edited by Jewel; 01-13-2020, 04:59 AM. Reason: added Method A

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