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Random TP to spawn point after DC

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  • Random TP to spawn point after DC

    The context:
    I was running achieve OW candeo and argus, finished candeo runs, came out, was gonna TP back to town and portal to argus. Then I got DC'd. Fast foward 18 mins or so, after log in attempts then finishing up argus runs, its was 10:3x server time and reset of multi+solo 2x each wasnt until 11 pm server time.
    I decided to use this time to go do some eido wish cooking, and while I was in the middle of it, I got TP'd to Emerald Star Peak. Weirdest Part? There was no cd on the TP skill.
    One can only assume the bug had something to do with casting a TP then being DC'd, the same way one DC's inside a dgn then gets ported to overworld map spawn point after a DC. But then...whyd it take 20+ mins for the bug to appear?

    *side note: I have discord pm'd Joan about DC issues (post Win 10 update on November 13), and it seemed temporarily better but now its back. There seem to be other Win10 users who experience intensified connection issues with the game recently due to the update as well.

    Edit: It seems that if the game crashes, even if not in a dgn now, it just auto spawns me in S5 map
    Edit 2: After being DC'd again, I magically have been given the detention/fail captcha debuff, noice, how is my char slated for captcha when im not even logged in?
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    maybe its captcha bug? it teleports you if you fail, no? for the random tp thing. e.e though one of my friends said he got tped in the middle of dg. e.e he levelled up then got tped. don't think you get captcha while in dg though, at least you shouldn't.

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      If someone gets crashed due to level up lag/delay, while being in a dgn, and if alone,
      then yes, they shud be TP'd to overworld spawn point.
      The problem was that I was TP'd from an overworld to my spawn overworld, from SSD raisin gathering directly to Emerald Star Peak.

      captcha bugs r not new either...but this kind of interaction from giving someone a captcha while they were offline/frozen while not even killing mobs/ hitting objects is new to me.