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[Behavior Report] Infractors & Infractions List.

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  • [Behavior Report] Infractors & Infractions List.

    [Behavior Report]
    Infractors & Infractions List
    In order to keep both reporters and infractors notified about their case and the rest of the community informed, I've created this list that will display all future infractors, the reasons behind the punitive action taken, and the punitive actions themselves described. But first of all, a few reminders to all the community.

    1) Server Rules
    Our server currently has a list of rules that must be follow equally by all of our players. Despite of that, not all of our rules have the same punishment, and each case is corroborated and analyze before a punitive action is taken against the offender. All of our players agreed to follow our rules at the moment of creating an account in our server, if you have read them or not. But we do encourage our players to read our rules, in order to prevent possible punishments. Remember, our most important Rule is still the use of common sense. Just because something isn't described in the Server Rules doesn't mean its allowed. In the presence of doubt, always contact a staff member first.

    2) How to Report a Player
    We don't only have Rules for players to follow, but to report them in case they don't. Actions won't be taken unless you follow the right reporting procedure. All reports must be submitted with evidence, we only accept clear, non-altered and unedited screenshots and/or videos as evidence. Reports must be submitted with aprox time and the date of the offense. Reports are always anonymous, reason why the name of the offender can't be display on the Thread's Title. Read carefully how to report a player before making a report, to prevent you and us waste unnecessary time.

    3) Procedure
    Not all infraction calls for the same type of punishment. Our server has the "3 strikes" policy, in which players are given 2 opportunities to rectify their behavior before losing access to their accounts permanently. On the first infraction, players will receive a warning, in the form of an ingame mail. On their second infraction, players will receive a temporal ban. The time of the temporal ban can escalate, from 24 hours to 1 month, regarding the level of infraction they committed. On the third infraction, the account will receive a permanent ban.

    There are exceptions to this procedure, and it depends on how serious the infraction itself is. In most case scenarios, discriminative comments, attempts of scamm, selling gold or items for real money and bug exploits will receive a permanent ban without warning. Serious offensive language could receive a permanent ban without warning (mostly when they're more focused on harrassment of a single player).

    As we ask players to use common sense we also do, reason why the intention behind the infraction (if proven) is taken into consideration at the time to decide the punitive action taken against the infractor.

    4) The List
    On this thread you will be able to find the name of players that have been already warned, players that have already received a temporal ban, and players who has been permanently banned. Next to the character's nickname, a general description of the infraction will be given (and in case of temporal bans, the time will be also detailed).

    Warnings doesn't have a caducation time. So if you appear on the Warned List, keep in mind you already lost one opportunity and next time you commit an infraction, the action taken against you will be far more serious. In case you want more details about why you was added to the List, you will have to contact a Staff Member by Private Message in our forums.

    - Warned Players -
    Click Here to see the Full List.

    - Temporal Bans -
    Click Here to see the Full List.

    - Permanent Bans -
    Click Here to see the Full List.

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    - Warned Players -
    If you appear on this list, it means you have been warned by a staff member (ingame or in forums) about a committed infraction. Once you have been already warned, you can receive a temporal or a permanent ban if you commit another infraction, but you won't be warned anymore.

    - BornToSpin (offensive language in World Channel).
    - IndraSenpai (Offensive Language)
    - eN (Offensive Language)
    - SniperFang (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Xyo (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Reinsoftd (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Naomia (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Shironidas (Spreading false rumors)
    - LightYagami/MisaAmane_ (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Yoka (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - victorangel (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - fakerino (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Mitsunarii (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Kippa (Disrespectful Behavior and Public Harassment)
    - Pump (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - AdrianKawaii (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Lass_Isolet (Offensive Language)
    - Nouille/BotUser (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - ONOFF (Offensive Language)
    - Uhtred_ (Racism)
    - Arrizty (Offensive Language)
    - Honolulu (Offensive Language)
    - iHaveApen/KunMuay/EdekDok (Harassment and Explicit Content) - Last Warning
    - Gauvain (Explicit Content)
    - Riruko (Racism)
    - Lavalord (Racism)
    - Choumanie (Racism)
    - TheFlash (Racism)
    - VALAK (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Gionni (Racism)
    - Spankmepls (Racism)
    - RagMonstro (Explicit Content)
    - RazzleD (Racism)
    - Shoenryuu (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Nemar (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Yodaime / Rhysse (Disrespectful Behavior & Racism)
    - Back (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Ephaxy (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Pwingle (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - 871 (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - FBIDriveBy (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - NekoStuck51 (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - HomuRa (Scamming)
    - 8848 (Harassment)
    - MEA (Harassment)
    - nekO (Harassment and Explicit Content)
    - MidnightLily (Trolling and Harassment)
    - iHug (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - SHIKIKAN (Offensive Language)
    - MizuhoH (Offensive Language)
    - Grimmjow_ (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Caton
    (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Sharus (Disrespectful Behavior)
    - Abby (Offensive Language)
    - Eysxe (Offensive Language)
    - Maayonesa (Disrespectful Behavior)
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      - Temporal Bans -
      If you appear on this list, its because you have been already warned or your infraction was serious enough to receive an account suspension. Next to your nickname, the reason behind the temporal ban and the time when it will be lifted will be detailed. On a future infraction, the punishment received will be a permanent ban.

      - Mitkuni (Offensive Language).
      - BestBardKak (1 week ban - Market Scam)
      - FearMe (Speed Hacks in STH. Ban lifted: 05/06/2017)
      - Wizze (Speed Hacks in STH. Ban lifted: 05/06/2017)
      - KiLLi4N (Rude and disrespectful behavior towards Staffs member. Ban lifted: 09/06/2017)
      - SameTbh (Speed Hacks. Ban lifted: 11/07/2017)
      - Death_Crazy (Disrespectful Behavior, public harassment, massive spamming. Ban lifted: 07/08/2017)
      - KuroNekot (Rude & Disrespectful Behavior. Ban lifted: 04/09/2017)
      - AoKiii (Rude and disrespectful behavior towards Staffs member. Ban lifted: 17/10/2017)
      - Nyes (Speed Hacks. Ban Lifted : 29/03/2018)
      - LoliJtbz (Speed Hacks. Ban Lifted: 06/11/2019)
      - UIquiorra (Speed Hacks. Ban Lifted: 06/11/2019)
      - Reigan (Speed Hacks. Ban lifted: 23/12/2019)
      - Kaskobi - (Speed Hacks. Ban lifted 21/01/2020)
      - SilverSword (Disrespectful Behavior. Ban lifted 21/01/2020)
      - RAPIST (Character Ban for Inappropriate Nickname. Ban lifted after intent of name change.)
      - HateKidPvssy (Character Ban for Inappropriate Nickname)
      - Lass_Isolet (Explicit and Offensive Language in Multiple Instances. Ban lifted: 04/01/2020)
      - EneaAstrea (Bugsplatting Navea. Ban lifted: 26/02/2020)
      - Holocaust (Character Ban for Inappropriate Nickname)
      - Reguii (Speed Hacks in Divine Trial. Ban lifted: 09/04/2020)
      - Hiragana (NSFW In-game Avatar)
      - YD_Baishi (Speed Hacks in Divine Trial)
      - XessXD (Speed Hacks in Divine Trial)
      - Lexivor (GM Impersonation)
      - Eysxe (Offensive Language in Multiple Instances)
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        - Permanent Bans -
        If you appear on this list your account has been permanently banned, which means you won't be granted with acess to your account anymore. Permanent Bans aren't IP sided, but they aren't lifted under any circumstance. The reasons behind a permanent ban are multiple, a player could have ignore previous warnings, or the offense can be serious enough to be worthy of an account termination. Although the general reasons behind it are described next to your nickname, you can contact a staff member to ask for more information about the reason behind it. Still, the ban won't be lifted.

        - Shemie (Insults, Offensive Language and Discriminative Remarks).
        - Aoisdana (Bot Fishing)
        - ALAN (Bot Fishing)
        - YunaIesca (Bot Fishing)
        - TaeKayDono (Bot Fishing)
        - Ascensionx (Bot Fishing)
        - Leviathan (Bot Fishing)
        - BadGuys (Bot Fishing)
        - Tensky (Bot Fishing)
        - Jay_Kun (Bot Fishing)
        - xYoshino (Bot Fishing)
        - Onailime (Bot Fishing)
        - Icut (Bot Fishing)
        - Astropia (Bot Fishing)
        - 2Ice6Tee (Bot Fishing)
        - Ia (Bot Fishing)
        - oNia (Bot Fishing)
        - Arugak (Bot Fishing)
        - Erolz (Bot Fishing)
        - Seito /Bot Fishing)
        - Dareka (Bot Fishing)
        - Azun (Bot Fishing)
        - LovelyGirl (Bot Fishing)
        - MyLovelyGirl (BotFishing)
        - Etchy (Bot Fishing)
        - iCia (Bot Fishing)
        - Lovelyz (Bot Fishing)
        - Selamatpagi (Bot Fishing)
        - XeX (Bot Fhishing)
        - MarkLaxa (Bot Fishing)
        - Yukuriuddo (Bot Fishing)
        - Evaro (Gold transfer from bot fishing)
        - Caduceus (Bot fisher owner)
        - WD (Bot fisher owner)
        - Elapse (Bot fisher owner)
        - Atonwind (Bot Fishing)
        - BachuchaY (Trading items to DOTA items)
        - zBlue (Insulting a staff member)
        - Dobee (Bot Fishing)
        - Zenjiruchi (Bot fishing)
        - PetMaster (Bot Fishing)
        - TroIl (Bot Fishing)
        - StikXx (Bot Fishing)
        - zMashiro (Bot Fishing)
        - Yoori (Bot Fishing)
        - Mist_ (Bot Fishing)
        - iCut (Bot Fishing)
        - Evrel (Bot Fishing)
        - Suisaiseki (Bot Fishing)
        - Dearan (Bot Fishing)
        - poi (Bot Fishing)
        - angeldarkp (Bot Fishing)
        - zNanatsu (Bot Fishing)
        - xDazTer (Bot Fishing)
        - Sammer (Bot Fishing)
        - KaguyaHeo (Bot Fishing)
        - kurosaki (Bot Fishing)
        - PaoPao (Bot Fishing)
        - Ralphin (Bot Fishing)
        - DeathSkullz (Bot Fishing)
        - CabeUbud (Bonus Points Scam)
        - RollingPin (Bonus Points Scam)
        - Johannabels (Bonus Points Scam)
        - Bleeh (Account Selling)
        - Arkhannace (Bot Fishing)
        - LaVida (Bot Fishing)
        - Yahoo (Bot Fishing)
        - Heinze (Bot Fishing)
        - Micae (Bot Fishing)
        - Limo (Bot Fishing)
        - Popeye (Bot Fishing)
        - Rurii (Bot Fishing)
        - Restricted (Bot Fishing)
        - Knowledge (Bot Fishing)
        - Poor (Bot Fishing)
        - WLZ (Bot Fishing)
        - HunterSon (Bot Fishing)
        - Limm (Bot Fishing)
        - ManGhost (Bot Fishing)
        - DebrahBR (Bot Fishing)
        - NyanCatNyan (Bot Fishing)
        - kingpoy (Bot Fishing)
        - Hakase (Bot Fishing)
        - beb (Bot Fishing)
        - Takeu (Bot Fishing)
        - Quetz (Bot Fishing)
        - HaRdc0rE (Bot Fishing)
        - AnnaYuria (selling gold for real money)
        - Keis (selling account for real money)
        - Cydonia (Serious insults and discrimination)
        - DanielCZ (Account Buying)
        - CakeyChan (BP Scammer)
        - HakkeN (Bot Selling)
        - xAkito (Account Selling)
        - Klaaad (Account Scamming)
        - FieryCrys (Bot Fishing)
        - KriLua (Bot Fishing)
        - Massamune_ (Account Selling)
        - DariusUchiha (Speed Hacks)
        - Raiquia (PvP Botting)
        - CRuStYsama (Trading DOTA2 items for gold)
        - Lancelote (Bot Fishing)
        - Seriouscost (Bot Fishing)
        - Vadjula (BP Scammer)
        - Rayno (Bot Fishing)
        - Artoriusx (Bot Fishing)
        - Pineapple (Gold Buyer)
        - Marionett (Bot Fishing)
        - Lavalord (Rude & Disrespectful Behavior)
        - Huggies (Account Buying)
        - KingGray (Gold Selling)
        - XanderLou (AP/BP Scammer)
        - KamiYuuki (Card Botting)
        - Real_Life (Bug Abuse)
        - Ano (Bug Abuse)
        - Garyle (Bug Abuse)
        - Emy87 (Bug Abuse)
        - Estela (Bug Abuse)
        - KanekIIIIi (Bug Abuse)
        - MegaPressure (Bug Abuse)
        - LittleLuci (Bug Abuse)
        - LiBra (Account Selling)
        - Punks (Account Selling)
        - Stazzy (Disrespectful behavior)
        - Antoniella (Account Selling)
        - KosemKawai (Disrespectful behavior)
        - Kleid (BP Scammer)
        - vewe (Account Buying)
        - Tipssy (Trade Scam)
        - Arehateru (Bug abuse, disrespectful behavior, racism, and harassment)
        - Grab (Bug abuse, disrespectful behavior, racism, and harassment)
        - Tumakki (Account Selling)
        - Ru (Account Selling)
        - Yoka (Account Selling, Speed Hack)
        - Yodaime (Account Selling)
        - Deah (Account Selling)
        - Romeow (BP Scammer)
        - Ronita (BP Scammer)
        - SamWiseDumb (BP Scammer)
        - Ilanara (BP Scammer)
        - SamWiseDumb (BP Scammer)
        - iwnl (BP Scammer)
        - Ilarisa (BP Scammer)
        - Nanitora (BP Scammer)
        - Coiors (BP Scammer)
        - DoudouAima (BP Scammer)
        - Ewu (Account Selling)
        - soralasthope (Account Selling)
        - RagMonstro (Disrespectful behavior with multiple warnings)
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