How to Report A Bug:
All Bugs should be reported following this procedure:

- Bug Description as Title.
For example: Fame Quest "Treasure Hunt"
Include in the thread:
In case of quest, level, area and starting NPC.
In case of a monster not working propperly, level, full name and area.
In case of item, full name, level, and item specifications.
In case of drop, monster it drops it, level and area, full name of the item and level requirements.
In case of skill, full name and class.
In case of a particular problem on your character, include the name and the problem description.

- Bug Details.
Try to answer the following questions:
This happened to you once, several times or always?
Did this happened to other players?
It worked before but now it doesn't?
What are the bug specifications? For example, a monster doesn't spawn. The monster spawn but doesn't respond. You can't deliver a quest. You don't get the items to complete it while killing monsters. The item specifications are wrong. The item doesn't work propperly because. A skill doesn't respond or cause damages. An item haven't drop after x attempts.

Keep in mind a detailed bug report help us to locate the problem and solve it faster.

How to Report a Player's Behavior

- All player's behavior infractions must be submitted in the Behavior Section and not by pm.
- All reports must have screens attached as evidence, date and time of the infraction itself (you must include your GMT in case you aren't using the server time)
- The name of the infractor must never be added in the Thread's Title, but in the thread's content.
- Add a description of the problem with your screen, keep in mind different infractions calls for different punitive response.
- All submitted screen must be unedited and can't be cropped.
- A false report will end up on a punitive action to yourself.
- Keep in mind the Behavior Section isn't for you to use as your personal vendetta. Actions taken are decided by the staff only.
- Behavior Section works with a confidentiality agreement; only the thread creator and the staff can see the content of the report.